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Mid-Atlantic Championship Series (MACS)

Indiana, PA
October 17, 1999
By: Jeff Geesey

The Mid-Atlantic Championship Series (MACS) for super dirt late models visited the Challenger Raceway, Indiana, PA, for the Series grand finale, Fall Fest V. The Lentz family welcomed 55 late model drivers back after rain moved into the region last weekend causing postponement of the meet. 

MACS drivers showed their appreciation to the fans as they greeted them Sunday with a highly successful, hour long, driver's autograph session. 

Twenty-year veteran, Lynn Geisler, Cranberry Twp., PA, notched his fourth, and undoubtedly, biggest win of the season capturing the 75-lap, $10,000 to-win, Fall Fest V finale. This was his third win on the year at the Indiana County oval; also marking his sixth career MACS win. The victory clinched the MACS Point Title for the 48-year old. Lynn drives a Pontiac Grand Prix/Rocket, powered by Rhodes Performance, and mounted with Hoosier's. Lynn's sponsors include #1 Cochran Pontiac Automotive; Budweiser; ARL, Kenworth Motor Truck; Marshall Stamping; Tri-State Hose; Anderson Equipment; Bolea Oil Products; HOTSY; and AFCO Racing Products.

Five heats Saturday, and three B Mains on Sunday, narrowed the starting field to the best 24 drivers for the A Main. The top two drivers from each heat redrew for starting positions. Dave Norton and Les Hare comprised the front row, with eventual winner, Lynn Geisler, in eighth.

Norton snared the early lead holding off the challenges of Hare, Mike Blose, Bob Cessna, and Nolan Dalton. Hare needed three circuits to grab the top spot as the field was dazzling the crowd with a superior performance of driving skills. Dalton became Hare's top contender on the sixth revolution with Norton, Blose and Geisler rounding out the top five. 

In a fabulous series of moves, Geisler vaulted into second on lap eight and began to dog the leader. Hare was matching Geisler's every maneuver. They were awesome. Geisler was in position to make his drive for the lead when coming to the stripe on lap 13, Geisler grabbed the top spot from Hare as Dalton moved into the second slot. Just two cautions slowed the action during the entire event. The first appeared on lap 15 for John Venable, who had an excellent run extinguished after he looped his mount in turn two. The top five on the restart were Geisler, Hare, Dalton, Norton and Blose. 

Geisler again picked up the mantle of command as he forged a slight lead over Hare as he engaged lapped traffic. By lap 20, the top five had taken on a slightly new complexion as Geisler continued to lead over Hare; Dalton; Ron Davies, from ninth; and Blose. Hare's reign in the runner-up spot soon ended. Dalton, in a slick move, made his way into second on lap 21. Geisler waded into lapped traffic for the second time on lap 24. At the same time, Matt Urban forged his way into the top five, from his twelfth place start, relegating Blose to sixth. 

The second and final caution waved on lap 26 with Geisler, Dalton, Hare, Davies and Urban comprising the top five. This standing remained unchanged until lap 37, when David Scott, after transferring from one of the B Mains and starting nineteenth, exploded into the top five, moving Urban to sixth. With 40 laps gone, Geisler led over Dalton, Hare, Scott, and Davies. Geisler set an absolutely torrid pace as he was lapping cars with seeming effortless abandon. 

With 15 laps to go, Geisler held a firm lead with four lapped cars between himself Dalton, David Scott, Bob Close, from thirteenth; and Dave Satterlee, from twenty-third. Geisler had built a significant cushion between himself and the other four runners when the five-to-go signal was given.

The final five laps were uneventful for the leader as he worked his way through the field lapping sixth place. Nineteen cars still in competition. The top five at the checkers were Geisler, Dalton, Scott, Close, and Satterlee. The next flight of five included Hare, Urban, Ryan Markham, Davies, and Sam Stile. 

Saturday's MACS Junior Racer Club (JRC) winner was eleven year old, Kody Hill, Indiana, PA. Sunday's JRC winner was five-year old Kyle Bronson, Archbold, OH. They each received t-shirts and hats from Hoosier and McCreary Tire, as well as a hat from Slavic Custom Racing Shirts and Decals. The Series provided Sunday's winner with a MACS checkered flag. Also, Chad Gates won the autographed 1:24 scale Bart Hartman car.

Calico Coatings gift certificate winners: David Scott $125.00; Dave Satterlee (Hard Charger) $75.00; And Mel Minnick; Bob Wearing, Sr.; and John Flinner each received $50.00  

Event: # 22
Fall Fest V
Challenger Raceway, Indiana, PA

Hoosier Racing Tires/Stan Hover Racing
Heat #1 (10 Laps)
Car # Driver Hometown
1.24X Dave Norton Shinglehouse, PA
2.40L Les Hare New Park, PA
3.2S Sam Stile Charleroi, PA
4.55 Bob Wearing, Jr.Renfrew, PA
5.M1 Mickey Wright Albion, PA

Slavic Custom Racing Shirts and Decals
Heat #2 (10 Laps) 
Car # Driver Hometown
1.D2 Nolan Dalton Morgantown, WV
2.5M Ryan Markham Ashland, OH
3.1U Matt Urban North East, PA
4.83R Scott Rhodes Somerset, PA
5.3 David Scott Garland, PA

Lias Tire Racing Division/McCreary
Heat #3 (10 Laps)
Car # Driver Hometown
1.43SMiles StitzingerWarren, PA
2.V2 Ron Davies Warren, PA
3.04 Bob Close Eldred, PA
4.9I Rick Isadore Cyclone, PA
5.79 Dave Satterlee Rochester Mills, PA

King's Jewelry/ARTCARVED
Heat #4 (10 Laps) 
Car # Driver Hometown
1.5 Mike Blose New Bethlehem, PA
2.01D John Venable Gerry, NY
3.34B Bob Bertges Plum, PA
4.K1 Rob King Connellsville, PA
5.11MLRich Gardner Waterford, PA

Fox's Racing Engines
Heat #5 (10 Laps) 
Car # Driver Hometown
1.1C Lynn Geisler Cranberry Twp., PA
2.21B Bob Cessna Cherry Tree, PA
3.30 Skeet Reckner Wauseon, OH
4.1P Rodney PhillipsPunxsutawney, PA
5.33 Carl Billet York Haven, PA

King of the Hill (10/16/99)
Car # Driver Hometown
1.2S Sam Stile Charleroi, PA
2.1U Matt Urban North East, PA
3.1C Lynn Geisler Cranberry Twp., PA
4.D2 Nolan Dalton Morgantown, WV
5.04 Bob Close Eldred, PA
6.40L Les Hare New Park, PA
7.V2 Ron Davies Warren, PA
8.34B Bob Bertges Plum, PA
9.K1 Rob King Connellsville, PA
10.21BBob Cessna Cherry Tree, PA
11.01DJohn Venable Gerry, NY
12.30 Skeet RecknerWauseon, OH
13.43SMiles StitzingerWarren, PA
14.5M Ryan Markham Ashland, OH
15.5 Mike Blose New Bethlehem, PA
16.24X Dave Norton Shinglehouse, PA

PRO Shocks
B Feature (15 Laps)
Car # Driver Hometown
1.55Bob Wearing Jr. Renfrew, PA
2.3 David Scott Garland, PA
3.75MMel Minnick Connellsville, PA
4.61 Dan Armbruster Erie, PA
5.43 Tom Decker Tyrone, PA

Bazell Oil
B Main #2 (15 Laps)
Car # Driver Hometown
1.1PRodney Phillips Punxsutawney, PA
2.19JRAllen DellingerNiles, OH
3.W1 Bob Wearing Sr.Callery, PA
4.2J Mike Johnson Imperial, PA
5.03E Doug Eck Corry, PA

MMI Racing Products
B Main #3 (15 Laps)
Car # Driver Hometown
1.M1 Mickey Wright Albion, PA
2.40D Dutch Davies Warren, PA
3.93X John Flinner Zelienople, PA
4.9I Rick Isadore Cyclone, PA
5.11R Rusty Whitmore Franklin, PA

A Main (75 laps)
Car # Driver Hometown
1.1C Lynn Geisler Cranberry Twp., PA
2.D2 Nolan Dalton Morgantown, WV
3.3 David Scott Garland, PA
4.04 Bob Close Eldred, PA
5.79 Dave Satterlee Rochester Mills, PA
6.40L Les Hare New Park, PA
7.1U Matt Urban North East, PA
8.5M Ryan Markham Ashland, OH
9.V2 Ron Davies Warren, PA
10.2S Sam Stile Charleroi, PA
11.40D Dutch Davies Warren, PA
12. 55Bob Wearing,Jr. Renfrew, PA
13.21B Bob Cessna Cherry Tree, PA
14.83R Scott Rhodes Somerset, PA
15.43S Miles StitzingerWarren, PA
16.M1 Mickey Wright Albion, PA
17.42B Scott Brode Keyser, WV
18.19JRAllen DellingerNiles, OH
19.30 Skeet Reckner Wauseon, OH
20.24X Dave Norton Shinglehouse, PA
21.5 Mike Blose New Bethlehem, PA
22.34B Bob Bertges Plum, PA
23.01D John Venable Gerry, NY
24.1P Rodney Phillips Punxsutawney, PA

Car Count: 55 Lap Leaders: 1-2 Norton; 3-12 Hare; 13-75 Geisler Cautions: 15, 26 Time of Event: 19:54
Hard Chargers
Start Finish Advanced
Dave Satterlee 23 5 18
David Scott 19 3 16
Ryan Markham 18 8 10
Dutch Davies 21 11 10
Bob Close 13 4 9
Lynn Geisler 8 1 7

Upcoming Events
January 22, 2000
MACS Banquet, Rustic Lodge, Route 286 Indiana, PA

MACS Facts: Series stats reveal 314 drivers participated in twenty-two events.

Top Ten MACS Driver Points

1. Lynn Geisler 1989
2. Robbie Blair 1927
3. Scott Rhodes 1699
4. Scott Brode 1594
5. Todd Andrews 1557
6. Jeff Ferguson 1487
7. Dave Padula 1443
8. Skeet Reckner 1367 
9. Jim Mazur 1303
10. Ed Carley 1238

Sam Stile won the Saturday night $2,000 King of the Hill event. Nolan Dalton finished in the runner-up spot. 

Thanks for your support and cooperation.

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Matt Geesey Sec./Treasurer 724.463.0453
Jeff Geesey P.R. Director 724.465.2222
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Website http://www.macsracing.com
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