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OCTOBER 24, 1999



HAGERSTOWN, MD - Rodney Franklin had a perfect weekend as he led every lap to win the 150-lap Turbo-Blue Racing Gasoline 25th Anniversary Hub-City National 150 at the Hagerstown Speedway Sunday afternoon. Franklin pocketed $13,750 in prize and lap money for his fourth Hub-City National 150 win. Franklin's third win of the season increased his leading career win total to 110. Gary Stuhler , who has won every major event at Hagerstown except the 150, stayed on Franklin's bumper the final 50 laps, but was unable to overtake the winner.

Franklin set fast time in time trials on Saturday to earn the pole with a time of 20.945 seconds. Chub Frank was second. "I couldn't make any slip with Gary (Stuhler) right there," said Franklin. "I had to keep the car from getting out from underneath of me. I knew if I could beat Chub(Frank) to the front, I would be in good shape. I was a little worried at the end as the track got slick knowing how good Gary is on slick track. But it worked out for us."

On Saturday afternoon, following the qualifying events, Steve Campbell of Bloomsburg, PA, representing the Selinsgrove Speedway, won the 25-lap Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic Race of Champions.

In other action, Herk Armel of Winchester, VA won the 25-lap late model sportsman/open competition semi-late feature, Eugene Conley of Hanover edged Kim Ramer at the finish line to win the 20-lap pure stock main event and Sean Dawson of Stephenson, VA scored his fourth win in the 4-cyl. pure stock main event.

Rodney Franklin and Chub Frank raced side-by-side at the drop of the green with Franklin pulling in front as the two cars pulled off the second turn. Franklin quickly set the tempo pulling several car lengths in front as the rest of the field stacked up behind Frank. While Frank tried to keep pace with Franklin, Nathan Durboraw, Gary Stuhler and D.J. Myers was lined up right behind waiting to make the move. Stuhler was the first to make a move. On lap 20, a hole opened under Durboraw as he entered the first turn. Stuhler quickly slipped underneath to take over third bringing Myers with him as Durboraw dropped back to fifth. On lap 32, Myers dropped out with a flat moving everyone from fourth on back up a notch. As Franklin worked on a comfortable lead, Stuhler was working on Frank for second. On lap 45, Stuhler finally was able to get a run off the second turn to take second from Frank. Durboraw followed as Frank dropped back to fourth. At the end of the first fifty laps, it was Franklin, Stuhler, Durboraw, Frank, Davey Johnson, Dick Barton, Lynn Geisler, Booper Bare, Rodney Combs and Richard Irwin.

The top three of Franklin, Stuhler and Durboraw pulled away from the field as the second 50-laps got underway. Each time the front trio closed in on slower cars, a caution flag was waved wiping out the large gap that Franklin, Stuhler and Durboraw had built over the rest of the field. At the end of 100-laps, it was still Franklin in control over Stuhler, Durboraw, Frank, Johnson, Barton, Combs, C.S. Fitzgerald, Bare and Charlie Schaffer. Franklin led the field to the green to start the final 50 laps with Stuhler and Durboraw right behind. On lap 113, Franklin and Stuhler opened some daylight over Durboraw with the rest of the field another 15 car lengths back. As Stuhler kept pace with Franklin, several of the top ten cars were beginning to drop out with flat tires. Combs, Fitzgerald and Barton all became victims of flat tires. On lap 147, Durboraw's left rear tire blew apart while running third. With Stuhler on his bumper, Franklin drove the final three laps flawlessly to pick up the win. Frank finished third with Johnson fourth and 22nd starting Bob Close fifth. Bare was next with 27th starting Frankie Plessinger seventh. Combs recovered from a flat on lap 114 to finish eighth, with Scott Haus ninth and 26th starting Jim Bernheisel completing the top ten. Heat winners for the 60 cars were Durboraw, Stuhler, Barton, Myers, Combs and Geisler. Bernheisel won the C-Main and Brent Smith was the B-Main winner. Franklin set fast time of 20.945 second with Frank second at 20.963 seconds.

In the late model sportsman/semi-late feature, Pete Weaver grabbed the lead from the out side pole as polesitter Herk Armel followed. Armel pulled even with Weaver on the fifth lap with Weaver losing control and the lead in the third turn. On the eighth lap, a red flag was waved when Randy Zechman and Tommy Deavers crashed on the backstretch destroying both cars. Both drivers walked away uninjured. Armel picked up the pace on the restart and was never seriously challenged as he led the rest of the way for the win.

Gary Beward was second with Darryl Burkholder holding off Daryl Kendall for fourth. Paul Crowl rounded out the top five. Finishing out the top ten were Weaver, George Dixon, Sterling Kinard, Dave Swanger and Billy Beachler. Armel and Weaver were the heat winners for the 22 cars.

Kim Ramer took the early lead from the pole with Eugene Conley starting back in eighth. Several cautions kept Ramer from running away from the field as Conlee worked his way into second on the 10th lap. On lap 15, Conley pulled even with Ramer, but Ramer held off the challenge. On the final lap, Conlee edged in front of Ramer by inches to take the win. Chris Clark, Joe Zelem and 22nd starting Johnny Harr rounded out the top five. Heat winners for the 30 cars were Ronnie Dennis and Ramer.

In the 4-cyl pure stock feature, Sean Dawson grabbed the lead from the pole, but lost the lead to Sonny Williamson on the sixth lap dropping back to third. On the next circuit, Greg Gunter moved in front for a lap before Dawson regained the lead on lap nine. Dawson led the rest of the way to take the win over Gunter, Williamson, Ronnie Buck Jr and Mark VanMeter. Heat winners for the 23 cars were Dawson and Larry Baker.

In the Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic Race of Champions, Chris Shuey grabbed the early lead from the outside pole as Steve Campbell started back in fifth. Campbell wasted no time getting to the front taking the lead from Shuey on the second lap. Roy Deese charged from ninth to second by the fifth lap and began to pressure Campbell for the lead. But Campbell held off the challenges of Deese for the next 20-laps to take his first career win at Hagerstown. Following Campbell and Deese were Shuey, Gerald Davis, Gary Stuhler, Lou  Bradich, Lynn Geisler, Bob Close, Matt Urban and Ron Little Sr.

Next weekend, Hagerstown will present another two-day show, the Octoberfest 350, the final race of the century. More than $100,000 in prize money has been posted with $10,000 going to the winner of the 100-lap late model feature, the 100-lap big and small block modified features and the 50-lap super sprint feature. Qualifying is set for Saturday, October 30th with 350 laps of feature racing on Sunday, October 31st. Race time each day  is 12 noon.

RESULTS: TIME TRIALS: 1. Rodney Franklin, 20.945; 2. Chub Frank, 20.963; 3. Nathan Durboraw, 20.993; 4. Gary Stuhler, 21.077; 5. Richard Irwin, 21.145; 6. D.J. Myers, 21.166; 7. Rodney Combs, 21.286; 8. Jeremy Miller, 21.368; 9. Roy Deese, Jr. 21.386; 10. Bob Close, 21.397; 11. Dick Barton, 21.429; 12. Doug Burkholder, 21.444; 13. Kenny Pettyjohn, 21.479; 14. Lynn Geisler, 21.520; 15. C. S. Fitzgerald, 21.582; 16. Davey Johnson, 21.612; 17. Scott Haus, 21.644; 18. Booper Bare, 21.649; 19. John Mason, 21.665; 20. Todd Andrews, 21.698; 21. Jack Pencil, 21.703; 22. Charlie Schaffer, 21.713; 23. Gerald Davis, 21.739; 24. Lou Bradich, 21.754; 25. Terry Neitz, 21.821; 26. Matt Urban, 21.855, 27. Steve Campbell, 21.863; 28. Brent Smith, 21.900; 29. Jeff Leiphart, 21.947; 30. Larry Wright, 21.976; 31. Les Hare, 21.992; 32. Mike Altobelli, 22.006; 33. Jesse Sheckler, 22.021; 34. Wesley Bonebrake, 22.029; 35. David Scott, 22.046; 36. Bill Palmer, 22.070; 37. Scott Andrews, 22.073; 38. Carl Billet, 22.169; 39. Alan Sagi, 22.170; 40. Chris Shuey, 22.191; 41. Devin Friese, 22.193; 42. Duane Woolford, 22.204; 43. Marvin Winters, 22.220; 44. Jeff Miller, 22.226; 45. Tim Gray, 22.237; 46. Brian Ruhlman, 22.242; 47. Dave Troutman, 22.242; 48. Tommy Armel, 22.248; 49. Jim Bernheisel, 22.257; 50. Lance Lauffenburger, 22.299; 51. Chris Harr, 22.373; 52. Jeff Teets, 22.419; 53. Eric Hons, 22.473; 54. Don Gross, 22.475; 55. Doug Crawford, 22.591; 56. Frankie Plessinger, 22.604; 57. Robby Smith,  22.690; 58. Dale Kerstetter, 23.141; 59. Tim Wilson, 23.198; 60. Jeff Masden, 23.643.

(Heat 1) 1. Durboraw; 2. Deese; 3. Fitzgerald. (Heat 2) 1. Stuhler; 2. D. Johnson; 3. Schaffer. (Heat 3) 1. Barton; 2. Irwin; 3. Haus. (Heat 4) 1. Myers; 2. Bare; 3. Burkholder. (Heat 5) 1. Combs; 2. Mason; 3. Winters. (Heat 6) 1. Geisler; 2. Miller; 3. T. Andrews. (C-Main) 1. Bernheisel; 2. Harr; 3. Teets; 4. Neitz. (B-Main) 1. B. Smith; 2. Close; 3. Campbell; 4. Braddich; 5. Urban; 6. Pencil.

150-Lap HUB-CITY NATIONAL: 1. Franklin; 2. Stuhler; 3. Frank; 4. Johnson; 5. Close; 6. Bare; 7. Plessinger; 8. Combs; 9. Haus; 10. Bernheisel; 11. Urban; 12. Davis; 13. Durboraw; 14. Barton; 15. Fitzgerald; 16. Schaffer; 17. Irwin; 18. Campbell; 19. B. Smith; 20. Scott; 21. Pettyjohn; 22. Winters; 23. Geisler; 24. Pencil; 25. Myers; 26. Andrews; 27. Davis; 28. Mason; 29. Burkholder; 30. Braddich; 31. Deese; 32. Miller.

25-LAP RACE OF CHAMPIONS: 1. Steve Campbell; 2. Roy Deese Jr.; 3. Chris Shuey; 4. Gerald Davis; 5. Gary Stuhler; 6. Lou Braddich; 7. Lynn Geisler; 8. Bob Close; 9. Matt Urban; 10. Ron Little Sr.; 11. Jack Pencil; 12. Jeff Teets; 13. Robby Garlock; 14. Scott Haus.

25-LAP LATE MODEL SPORTSMAN/SEMI-LATES FEATURE: 1. Herk Armel; 2. Gary Beward; 3. Darryl Burkholder; 4. Daryl Kendall; 5. Paul Crowl; 6. Pete Weaver; 7. George Dixon; 8. Sterling Kinard; 9. Dave Swanger; 10. Billy Beachler; 11. Bill Booher; 12. Ed Hoffman; 13. Terry Kline; 14. Richard Walls; 15. Eddie Laforme; 16. Donnie Stephens; 17. R.D. Clark; 18. Bob Friese; 19. Allen Brannon; 20. Tommy Deavers; 21. Randy Zechman; 22. Kelly Putz.

20-LAP PURE STOCK FEATURE: 1. Eugene Conley; 2. Kim Ramer; 3. Chris Clark; 4. Joe Zelem; 5. Johnny Harr; 6. Ronnie Dennis; 7. Terry Staton; 8. Jimmer Bookwalter; 9. Jason Smith; 10. John Bookwalter; 11. Kirk Evans; 12. Kevin Price; 13. Andrews Frustaci; 14. J.R. Rowe; 15. Dan Bookwalter; 16. Jerry Bookwalter; 17. Emory Rinehart; 18. Tyler Horton; 19. Bill Funk; 20. Dennis Lamb; 21. Pappy Cunningham; 22. Aaron Neuder; 23. Dave Mikolajski.

15-LAP 4-CYL PURE STOCK FEATURE: 1. Sean Dawson; 2. Greg Gunter; 3. Sonny Williamson; 4. Ronnie Buck Jr.; 5. Mark VanMeter; 6. Mike Kershner; 7. Led Bombay; 8. Dustin Hollinge; 9. Brian Buckler; 10. Kenny Harris; 11. Sam Smith; 12. Kirk Knable; 13. Robert Snedden; 14. Larry Baker; 15. Stephen Cowgill Jr.; 16. Larry Long; 17. Robert Happle; 18. Phil Boder; 19. Butch Helsel; 20. Michael Eash; 21. Matt Price.