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September 8, 1999

Jacksonville, FL (Speedwire) THESPEEDZONE.COM in association with Race Report Productions and Victory Lane Communications will broadcast the first ever "LIVE" Internet broadcast of the WORLD 100 from Eldora Speedway this Friday and Saturday September 10-11th. The broadcast is a combined effort to continue to increase the awareness of Dirt Late Model racing and make available an additional outlet for Dirt Late Model fans to stay up to speed on the sport.

The schedule of broadcasts for this weekend include:

Friday 1:30-3:00pm - A pre-race broadcast from the trade show/exhibit area at Eldora Speedway. THESPEEDZONE.COM will have a booth in the exhibit area where fans can come listen and watch at the track as our broadcast team Ozzie Altman and Donnie Helmly will do a pre-race show in the booth with several driver interviews, sponsor representatives and Earl Baltes owner of the famous Eldora Speedway. This broadcast will be played over the track PA system as well to provide entertainment for all the fans at the track. The broadcast will then be archived to our web site by 7pm that evening for fans to listen from their computers the pre-race broadcast.

Saturday 1:30-3:00pm - THESPEEDZONE.COM broadcast team again will do a pre-race show at the exhibit area recapping the qualifying sessions and heat race lineups as the teams prepare for the heat races later that night. More driver interviews and sponsor representatives will be included in this broadcast for fans to view and listen at the track in the trade show/exhibit area at the north end of the facility right behind the grandstands in turns three and four of the race track. Again this broadcast will be a chance for fans to see their favorite driver up close and listen to the broadcast at the track through the PA system. This broadcast will be archived to the web site as well by 7pm for fans at home to listen to on their computer.

Saturday 6:30 - till conclusion- THESPEEDZONE.COM will broadcast "LIVE" a pre-race show leading right into the first of six heat races. All six-heat races and both consolation races will be broadcasted "LIVE" on THESPEEDZONE.COM.

Then when the starting field is set, the first ever "LIVE" Internet broadcast of the World 100 will take place with lap by lap coverage and pit side reports all throughout the night. The WORLD 100 will be world wide on the web for the first time in the history of the event. Following the conclusion of the feature event we will broadcast a short post race show recapping the race and hopefully have the feature winner on air with some comments. This broadcast will archive to the web site for listeners to tune into the broadcast at any time. The broadcast will be archived to the audio page of the site for everyone who attended the event can log on and listen as well.

The broadcast can be heard through the Real Audio link (G2) version located on the broadcast page of THE SPEEDZONE.COM (http://www.thespeedzone.com).

From the link on the home page of the site, a special broadcast information page has been created with instructions on how to log onto the broadcast. A link to the free download of the software will be available on the broadcast page. This broadcast is a combined effort of a lot of people and sponsors to make this happen. This is cutting edge technology and without the support of all these sponsors it would not be possible. The Internet is rapidly growing everyday and exposing dirt late racing to this market can only help the sport grow. If you enjoyed the broadcast be sure and call or send the sponsors a note thanking them for their support of this new and exciting venture.

Sponsors of the Live Internet Broadcast of the World 100 include:

X-1R Performance Lubricants, 10-10-220 Long Distance Calling Service, GRT Race Cars, Suspension Technologies, Bilstein, Hypercoils, Racing Communications Inc., Best Motorsports, Duck Graphics, Muddslinger Magazine/Calendars, DTWC -Oct 16-17th, Southeast Motorsports and Tony Hammett Photography.

Additional sponsorship promotions will be surrounded around the World 100 broadcast at the event and through the web page Thespeedzone.com. Be sure and visit our web site at www.thespeedzone.com for all the details.

Point of contact for the World 100 Live Internet audio broadcast is Wayne Castleberry.

E-mail @ Wayne@Thespeedzone.com

(904) 215-1953

(904) 476-3306 cell phone

(904) 967-2665 pager