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Ed Dixon Profile 


September 21, 1999

by Darin Stewart 

It has been said that once you leave, you can never go home again. Washington Missouri driver Ed Dixon has proved that theory wrong in a big way. After many successful years of racing both the AMRA modifieds, and the UMP late models( including a UMP National Championship in 1994) Ed set out in 1996 to conquer the world of the ARCA Supercar Series, with assistance from a longtime friend, only to return to the local racing scene.

After spending his whole life in the St. Louis Area, adapting to the constant travel,and time away from his family, and business, was difficult for Ed. While he made the transition as a driver, and fared quite well, there was no corporate sponsorship that came the teams way, and the deal ended after one year. With long-time friend Ken Schrader as the owner, the team was forced to cut back. " I know it was just a business decision, and looking back, I am glad it happened, as it has allowed me to be closer to home" stated Dixon. " While we had a great time of racing ARCA that year, it was really hard to be away from my family and home, and business that much" days Dixon. That business, Dixon Motors, a car dealership in Washington Missouri, is a source of great pride in Ed’s life. "It’s basically just me and a couple of salespeople, but it does real well for itself." Dixon said. Following the return from ARCA, saw Ed back behind the wheel of his white and blue #50 UMP late-model.. "We just basically started over and it took a little while to get things right." While 1997 was a decent year for most( several wins including an I-55 Summernationlas win) it wasn't what the Ed Dixon Motorsports team was accustomed to. In 1998, things started to shape up, with more wins, and more consistency, including a season ending victory at the Route 66 Raceway in Joliet Illinois, that paid $10,000 to win. What has transpired since then is something of a dream season.

Starting off in Florida with several strong runs only showed a peek at what was about to happen. Once the team returned home to Missouri, a schedule was planned to allow the #50 to participate in a s many local shows as possible, while allowing an occasional journey to other tracks. Since then wins have been frequent, and losing spells have been rare. An astonishing 26 feature wins, and track championships at Belle-Claire Speedway in Belleville Illinois, and I-55 Speedway in Pevely Missouri, have vaulted him into another title....UMP National Champion. While the season still has a couple of weeks left, Dixon has the tittle virtually locked up, with a lead of over 200 points. While the majority of Dixon’s season has been awesome, there have been a few downsides as well. A July roll-over at the Davenport Speedway, left the #50 looking a little ragged, but it ran very well the following couple of weeks. The disaster struck at I-55 in late July, as Dixon got tagged and was sent into the pit entrance wall head on and at full speed. The resulting accident was the hardest hit of Dixon’s career and left his car a mess. The engine had been pushed back a full foot. Ed himself, had been hurt but not serious. The resulting injuries were 2 broken teeth, and torn cartilage around his ribs. Ken Schrader, who was participating in the event claimed the only hit he had ever seen that was harder was the one from Bristol with Michael Waltrip. As the season came to a close, the one resulting problem from the accident was the fact, that there was no backup car. A new car is nearly finished, and should be ready for the end of the season stretch.

Ed Dixon, like many have deep-seated love of the sport. " I just like coming to the races and having fun. This deal is a team effort definitely. Without the help of my sponsors, and crew members, it wouldn't happen. Sure I would like to try some HAT races, and do some traveling, but right now we’re having too much fun doing what we are doing. Plus I love the feeling of passing someone, and some of those major series’ tend to be one-lane deals, and that isn’t my thing. I feel a special pride when the big-name drivers come into my area, and I can compete with them, and they know I am a threat to beat them. We know, and they know, that on any given night we could be the ones in victory lane. That alone is a very special feeling."said Dixon.

While Ed has concentrated primarily on his late-model, his old buddy from St. Louis, has put him in an ARCA car for both of the dirt mile races in Illinois. " We were pretty good up at Springfield, and we got a fourth place finish. At DuQuoin, we were even better, but we lost a cylinder, and still got a fourth place finish" said Dixon. Dixon is planning on running just those two shows again next year, and really doesn't foresee any major changes in his program right now.

Sponsors on the #50 car include: Dan Althoff Trucking, Casey’s General Store in Hermann Missouri, Sieve Contracting,

H.W. Herrell Dist.. Co.( Anheuser-Busch distributor),

DuPont Automotive Paint, Jeff Wade @ Webber Chevrolet, and many product sponsors as well. Their names adorn the white blue and orange #50 CJ Raybrn RaceCar, which is powered by a potent Russell Baker Racing Engine.

Wherever you go, when you see Ed Dixon, don't count him out, as he has proven his ability to compete with anyone on any level, and he is ready to race anyone...

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