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Last Name: Todorow

First Name: Rick

Car Number: 93

Hometown: Quakertown, Pa

Owner: Isabel Todorow


Chassis 1: Viper

Chassis 2:

Chassis 3:


Other bodystyle:

Engine Builder: Doug Myers Race Engines

Crew Chief: Tom Gallo

Date of birth:

Occupation: Owner of Juniper AutoBody

Married Yes: yes

not married:

Spouse Name: Isabel

Children : Yes

Sender last name: Vees

Sender first name: Rich

Address: 552 State St

City: East Greenville

State: Pa

Zipcode: 18041

Phone: 215 541 1452


email: rsvees@easy-pages.com

Website: juniper93.homepage.com

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Remote Name:

Remote User: -

HTTP User Agent: Mozilla/4.07 [en] (Win98; I ;Nav)

Date: 13 Oct 1999

Time: 21:32:12

Tracks Sanctions:

Grandview Speedway

Crew Members:

Dave Brown

Rich Vees

Steve Todorow

Jim Weinman


Juniper Auto Body

Children Names:

Steve 16

Lisa 13

Katie 8

where started:


Favorite track:


Best moment:




Other Info:


Connected how:

Member of crew. Could you add a link to his page above