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Driver Profile

Matthew Hayes                    #69

 Hometown:  Thayer, Missouri

Chassis 1:  Rayburn                    Chassis 2 :  Warrior

Engine Builder: Custom Race Engines

Owner:  Matthew Hayes

Sponsors:  Jones Glass Company  

Crew Chief: TJ Steed

Crew Members: Ron Fuller

Hometracks and Sanctions: West Plains Motor Speedway, Batesville Speedway and some UDTRA events

Birthdate: 8/28/69

Not married             Children:  Brent 8  and Corey 7

Occupation: Auto Glass Technician

Favorite Track: West Plains because the Gibsons are wonderful people

Started racing when and where: 1993 Batesville and Crowleys Ridge in Arkansas

Best moment in racing: First feature win

Achievements:  Just being able to afford it


  Profile 9/28/99