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Driver Profile

Mark Leach          #66

  HometownClinton, Tennessee

Chassis:  Stinger           Bodystyle: Monte Carlo

Engine Builder: Custom Race Engines (machine work)  Sam Giles (assembly)

Owner: Sam Giles

Sponsors: Hard Blok engine filler ; Tractor World    

Crew Chief: Sam Giles

Crew Members: Shannon Alley ; Bailey Bunch   and Alan West

Hometrack: Volunteer and Tazewell Speedways

Birthdate: May 1972

Wife : Michelle            Children: None

Occupation: Firefighter

Favorite Track:  Tazewell because it has more than 1 groove, you can pass and run two wide and is extremely fast

Started racing when and where: Started in go carts as a kid and then to four cylinders at Wartburg Speedway, thn at age 16 drove limited late model at Atomic Speedway and won the third race ever in a limited late model. He worked at Byrd's speed equipment building Ultra Lite Race Cars in the early 90's.

Best moment in racing: In the starting four at Bulls Gap on Easter weekend of 1999 and racing with Scott Bloomquist, Billy Ogle Jr. , Scott Sexton, Vic Hill and others before cutting down a tire.

Achievements: Numerous feature wins , in the early 90's drove the Ultra Lite house car with teammate Dave Bilbrey, and won alot of features at Wartburg Speedway

  Information provided by Shannon Alley

  Profile 10/4/99