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X-1R You Pick the Winner of the DTWC Contest; 10-10-220 YOU MAKE THE CALL AND WIN $99


Jacksonville, Fl (Speedwire) X-1R in association with Thespeedzone.com have put together a contest for the upcoming Live Internet broadcast of the DTWC. The free contest allows fans to pick who they think will win the DTWC and for tie breaking purposes state how many total laps that driver will lead in the feature event. One Grand Prize winner with the correct winner and closest to the laps led, will win a Prize package from X-1R that includes : X-1R Team Racing Hat, X-1R Team T-shirt, X-1R Engine Treatment and a X-1R Sports and Hobby lubricant package. As an added bonus if a driver who is a team X-1R driver and wins the DTWC, the Grand Prize winner will also receive an official Driver T-shirt of the winner of the event. Drivers who are team X-1R drivers include: Skip Arp, Mike Balzano, Randy Boggs, Ray Cook, Rick Eckert, Terry English, Steve Francis, John Gill, Tim Hitt, Bart Hartman, Ronnie Johnson, Dale McDowell, Billy Moyer, Donnie Moran, Earl Pearson Jr., Bob Pierce, Russ Sheifler, and Wendel Wallace. To enter the contest submit one entry per person by e-mail from the X-1R contest page to Wayne@Thespeedzone.com. Include the driver you think will win the DTWC and the laps led, your full name,address and e-mail address. All entries have to been e-mailed in by 12:00 pm on Sunday October 17th. X-1R is a part of all forms of motorsports but through company representatives Chris Fornili and Tracy Groves X-1R Lubricants are now a major presence in dirt late models. Along with their involvement in dirt late models, X-1R has taken steps to help in the growth of dirt late models. X-1R was the title sponsor of the first ever "Live" Internet Broadcast of a dirt late model event earlier this year at the USA National 100 from Cedar Lake Speedway in New Richmond, WI. Then again at the World 100 X-1R sponsored the "Live" Internet broadcast and will be a part of the upcoming "Dirt Track World Championship" in October at West Virginia Motor Speedway. Their association with TheSpeedzone.com who does the "Live" Internet Broadcasts has given dirt late models a new market to expand into, not only to market their products but help the sport grow as well. X-1R products have been successfully tested in the motorsports field and have applied that technology to their automotive, sports and hobby lubricants as well. The giant retail department store chain Wal-Mart, now carries the X-1R lubricants in its automotive section. The same space and motorsports technology in X-1R lubricants can be found at your local store shelves as well. X-1R Performance Lubricants are the only lubricant in the world to be nominated to the NASA Space Technology Hall of Fame and are designated "Certified Space Technology." To learn more about X-1R products and the great people who run the company you can visit their web site at www.x1r.com X-1R is a company on the move with great products that are for everyone and endorsed by many of the top dirt late model drivers in the country!
 Pick the Winner of the DTWC and WIN the Grand Prize from X-1R!!!
Your pick____________ Your Name_______________ Your E-mail _________ Laps Led ____________ Address _______________

Send to Wayne@Thespeedzone.com

Contest is posted on the front page of our site also at www.Thespeedzone.com




Who will be the 20th Lap Leader at the DTWC feature race?10-10-220 Racing invites you to make the call. Pick the 20th lap leader in the Dirt Track World Championship feature race and you could take home $99! All you have to do is email your entry* to makethecall@thespeedzone.com. The first correct entry pulled after the 20th lap will win $99 on the spot! Check back here for the winning announcement. You'll always be a winner of great savings when you make the call with 10-10-220. It's easy -- just dial 10-10-220 + 1 + area code + number for every long distance call from home. You can talk up to 20 minutes, to anywhere in the U.S. and pay only 99 cents every time.  Go ahead, make the call!

*Entrants must be at least 18 years of age. Limit one entry per person.

You must include your name, address, telephone number and the name of the race to be qualified to win. The Full contest is posted on the front page of our web site at www.Thespeedzone.com. Or enter by e-mailing the information to Wayne@Thespeedzone.com

No purchase necessary, void where prohibited.

Make the Call special promotion 1999 - 10-10-220, all rights reserved.

Wayne Castleberry