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Port Royal

Chris Shuey Wins Late Model Open, Todd Shaffer Takes Sprint Feature, Donna Gray Leads the Way to First Powder Puff Victory

It was the Late Models night to shine in a $2,000 to win 30-lap feature at Port Royal Speedway Saturday night. When it was over, point leader Chris Shuey of Orefield stood in victory lane for his ninth career win at the Port.

Scotty Hams took of at the start with the third starting Chris in hot pursuit, with a tough running Scott Flickinger in third.

Haus led until a red flag occurred on the seventh circuit for two fans who had to leave by ambulances.

When the race resumed it was Haus in command of the event as Steve Campbell settled into third on the restart. At the halfway mark, Campbell suddenly slowed handing third to invader Andy Fries.

Haus looked like a sure winner until he went on the inside of a lapped car on the 22nd go round in turn two, his car spun bringing out the yellow sending Haus to restart on the rear of the field.

Now the 31-year-old Chris, an Engineer by trade, had the lead, with his engine was skipping as Mike Hess raced to third behind Fries.

The rest of the way was a two car race, but Chris nursed his BCR Construction #21 car home ahead of Fries, Hess, Brian Shuey and a steady run by Flickinger. Rounding out the top ten was another invader Ray Kable, Jr., Mike Atherton, Kory Sites, Mike Lupfer and Shane Garman. Campbell, Sites and Dave Kepner won the heats.

The winning driver said, "That was Scotty’s race tonight, I was in the right place at the right time. The motor started missing, but it held together. The fast track had a low cushion which made passing hard."

Todd Shaffer of Millerstown survived three red flags on lap one to capture his 64th career Sprint victory at the Port, tying him with Lance Dewease for second for all time victories.

Scott Gesford led the first lap over Will Cramer and Cliff Brian before all hell broke loose in turns one and two when no less than seven cars flipped causing three red flag stops. Getting upside down in order were Todd Hestor, Jess Thomas, Mike Wagner, Len Thompson, George Kulp, Gesford and Cramer, who had just returned after injuring his leg at another Speedway. The track surface was super fast.  

When the field settled down Brian held the point over Rod Stroup and Rod George. Shaffer who went to the rear in the third incident climbed to fifth on lap eight behind Gary Brazier. Brazier blew a left front tire and came to a stop for the final yellow on lap 11.

The 37-year-old Shaffer followed Brian for three more circuits before diving under Brian in turn three to take the top slot. Shaffer opened up a huge advantage over Shawn Keen at the end. A tie for third occurred between Stroup and George with Troy Camp in fifth. Rounding out the top ten were Brazier, Dave Hahn, rookie Pierron Reasner, Todd Rittenhouse and Thomas. Hestor and Stroup won the heats.

The heavy equipment operator Shaffer stated, "This track is like the old Port Royal surface. There was a lot of trouble up front, I don’t know why, I got in one and bent a wheel. The car was perfect in the second part of the race. Tonight was my night, the crew did a great job with the car.

In the only Powder Puff race this season, Donna Gray of Mifflintown, who started second, withstood a challenge from Teresa Kepner until Kepner spun on lap six in turn two. From then on it was all Gray as she sped away to the 10-lap feature win in a Mark Martin look-a-like #6 Caprice ahead of Jen Birosik and Heidi Hart. Rounding out the top five were Kathy Flickinger and Nikki Dalton.

Port Pits: There were 22 Sprints, 24 Late Models and 8 Ladles Powder Puffs at the track. New sprint drivers were Todd Rittenhouse, Jr. and Gary Brazier from Australia. First time Late Model racers were Andy Fries and Ray Kable, Jr. During the first Sprint heat, Keith Kauffman had something break in his front end causing him to drive right into the outer fence at the gate destroying the car. Keith was badly beat up, but otherwise unhurt. This Saturday at 7 p.m. the Sprints, Late Models, a Pro-Stock Summer Championship with $500 going to the winner along with Kids Big Wheel, Big Foot and Bicycle Racing will all be in action.

Sprint Feature: Todd Shaffer, Shawn Keen, Rod Stroup, Rod George, Troy Camp, Gary Brazier, Dave Hahn, Pierron Reasner, Todd Rittenhouse, Jess Thomas, Christine Karns, Keith McManus, Cliff Brian, Scott Gesford, Will Cramer, Ron Kramer, John Jackson, Mike Wagner, Len Thompson, George Kulp, Todd Hestor (DNS) Keith Kauffman.

Late Model Feature: Chris Shuey, Andy Fries, Mike Hess, Brian Shuey, Scott Flickinger, Ray Kable, Jr., Mike Atherton, Kory Sites, Mike Lupfer, Shane Garman, Scott Lupfer, Eric Kauffman, Jere Wierman, Don Schick, Rick Neff, Scotty Hams, Dale Kerstetter, Ken Dickson, Steve Campbell, Tony Adams, Dave Kepner, Tim Gray, Jeff Rine, Tim Wilson.

Powder Puff Feature: Donna Gray, Jen Birosik, Heidi Hart, Kathy Flickinger, Nikki Dalton,Teresa Kepner, Wendy Bear, Brenda Hutchinson