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Muskingum County Speedway

 JULY 24, 1999


Farmer Picks Up Win #2 in AMRA Modifieds
Altiers, Garrett Take Street Stock Checkereds

By: Dustin Jarrett


Dresden, OH (7/23/99) – 106 cars in three classes stuffed the pits Saturday night at the Muskingum County Speedway.

The Late Model feature saw 18 fast cars take the green flag with fast qualifier and first heat winner Tye Long grab the early lead with Tim Penley, Courtney Clewell, and Greg Baumberger in tow. Scott Peltz looked to join the lead pack as he caught the group by clamping his car to the bottom of the speedway. Peltz’s good run came to an end on lap 5 when a left rear tire went flat on his #15 bringing out the race’s only yellow.

On the restart, all eyes were on consi winner Jeff Boyd as the Hanover, OH native had worked his way up to 5th after starting 16th. On the next circuit, Boyd shot past Baumberger for fourth and grabbed second on the next lap after darting past both Clewell and Penley. Boyd then closed in on race-leader Long as the front two were slightly separated from the rest of the field.

With Long and Boyd on the bottom the speedway, Baumberger then found the high side of the track to his liking as he tracked down the front duo by the tenth circuit. The front three cars could have been covered with a blanket when Boyd decided to also try the high groove. After side-by-side racing for two laps, Boyd completed the pass on Long on lap 12 as Long contended with Baumberger for 2nd.

Boyd, meanwhile, began to slowly drive away from the pack and, by lap 16, caught the backmarkers. With no more cautions to tighten the field together, no one could catch Boyd he powered his MasterSbilt Race Cars #z28 into victory lane for the first time on 1999. Long held on for second with Baumberger third, Penley fourth, and Clewell fifth.

The AMRA Modified feature began with Jerry Farmer storming into the early lead leaving Jason Altiers and Mark Luning to battle for second. The field was slowed on lap 3, though, when Dana Hall spun in turn 2.

The restart saw Farmer, Nashport, OH, again pull away from the competition. Four circuits later, on lap 7, the yellow waved once again for a spin in turns 1 and 2. With the field bunched back together, Farmer held the point on the restart as Rick Hite joined the battle for second. Farmer continued to distance himself from the rest of the field and, on lap 12, used lapped traffic to separate himself further from the second place battle.

As the laps ticked away, nobody had anything for Farmer as he put the Forest Huff Chassis sponsored #75 in winner’s circle for the second time this year. The battle for second was taken by Altiers, however he was disqualified after the event for not stopping on the frontstretch after the race was over – an AMRA rules violation. Second spot was awarded to Luning with Hite, Larry Moran, and Rob Stambaugh completing the top 5.

In the first Street Stock feature, Matt Altiers grabbed the lead at the drop of the green flag while Gary Hamilton, Brian Nethers, and Mike Ankrom raced for second. A caution on lap 3 kept the field close, and on lap 4 Nethers’ good run came to end when he lost the handle in turn two and collected Tim Riley and Jason Hindel.

On the restart, Altiers stayed out front and pulled away from second place Hamilton. On the 7th circuit, Hamilton spun in turns one and two bringing out the caution. Altiers showed the way on the restart with Ankrom now in second and Jason Graham in third.

The second half of the event went caution free enabling Altiers, Baltimore, OH, to build a healthy lead over Ankrom, who had his hands full with Graham. Graham continuously looked for a way around Ankrom but could never complete the pass. When the checkered flag waved, Altiers’ Pizza Cottage sponsored #33a was the first to cross the stripe with Ankom, Graham, Mike Kineer, and Terry Phillips rounding out the top 5.

Feature #2 for the Street Stocks found outside pole-sitter Sam Lovejoy get the lead on the start with Mike Burley, Pat Garrett, and Larry Jarrett following. Garrett was able to sneak by Burley on lap 2 with Jarrett moving past on lap 3. A yellow for Randy Fortune on lap 5 slowed the field and helped keep the field close to Lovejoy.

The restart saw the top three pull away just a little bit from the rest of the field. Garrett looked for a way around Lovejoy as Jarrett looked to the inside of Garrett. Garrett pulled even with Lovejoy several times and finally completed the pass on lap 9 as Jarrett looked to follow.

A lap 10 caution slowed the field and, when green came back out, Garret was on the point with Lovejoy and Jarrett in tow. Lovejoy moved past Garrett in turns 1 and 2 on the restart, only to have Garrett charge back around down the backstretch. Meanwhile, Freddie Jenkins moved into fourth and began to work on Jarrett.

Garrett, Reno, OH, maintained a small lead over the final five laps and held on to grab the win in the Reno Auto Sales sponsored #3. Lovejoy finished second with Jarrett edging out Jenkins for third and Tim Roe completing the top 5.

A regular racing program is scheduled for next Saturday at the Muskingum County Speedway. On Saturday, August 7th, Muskingum Co. will host their annual Street Stock Nationals. This year’s race will be a 40 lap, $2,000 to win event. For more information contact the Muskingum County Speedway.


Results Summary – 7/23/99



Fast Qualifier: Tye Long/17.825

Heat #1: Tye Long, Courtney Clewell, John Mallett, Paul Devoll, Shane McLaughlin

Heat #2: Tim Penley, Kevin Crawford, Sam Lovejoy, Skip Snider, Kevin Smith

Heat #3: Greg Baumberger, Scott Peltz, Chad Hina, Rob House, Brian Eaton

B-Main: Jeff Boyd, Charlie Maloney, Kyle Scurlock, Ron Dailey

Feature: Jeff Boyd, Tye Long, Greg Baumberger, Tim Penley Courtney Clewell, Paul Devoll, Chad Hina, Shane McLaughlin, Skip Snider, John Mallett, Rob House, Brian Eaton, Charlie Maloney, Kyle Scurlock, Kevin Crawford, Kevin Smith, Scott Peltz, Sam Lovejoy


Fast Qualifier: Jerry Farmer/18.263

Heat #1: Jerry Farmer, Aaron Morey, Steve Cunningham, Larry Moran

Heat #2: Jason Alteirs, Jeff Staggers, Larry Holbrook, Rob Stambaugh

Heat #3: Mark Luning, Rick Hite, Ken Riddle, Ed Robinette

Feature: Jerry Farmer, Mark Luning, Rick Hite, Larry Moran, Rob Stambaugh, Aaron Morey, Scott Zemba, Brian Dixon, Steve Cunningham, Ed Robinette, Larry Holbrook, Bruce Miller, Dick Holbrook, Jeff Stillwell, Rick Schmitt, Dana Hall, Jeff Staggers, Jeff Miller, Ken Riddle, Jason Altiers, (DNS – Barry Jacobs, Hod Brennan)


Heat #1: Matt Altiers, Tim Riley, Buzz Minton, Jason Hindel

Heat #2: Gary Hamilton, Roger Flanagan, Jason Graham, Glenn Lint

Heat #3: Brian Nethers, Mike Ankrom, Dave Lichtner, Mike Lehman

Heat #4: Mike Burley, Andy Parsons, Jim Ashcraft, Don Lewis

Heat #5: Sam Lovejoy, Freddie Jenkins, Tim Roe, Tom Cota

Heat #6: Pat Garrett, Larry Jarrett, Bill Zimmerman, Randy Fortune

B-Main #1: Terry Phillips, Doug Holler, Ralph Hayes, Tom Brennan

B-Main #2: Keith Staggers, Jim Goins, Craig Scott, Ernie White

Feature #1: Matt Altiers, Mike Ankrom, Jason Graham, Mike Kineer, Terry Phillips, Jason Hindel, Kevin Nethers, Terry Tucker, Buzz Minton, Roger Flanagan, Glenn Lint, Gary Hamilton, Dave Lichtner, Cecil Trussler, John Schneider, Tim Riley, Roger Adams, Brian Nethers, Ted Campbell, Mike Lehman, Doug Holler

Feature #2: Pat Garrett, Sam Lovejoy, Larry Jarrett, Freddie Jenkins, Tim Roe, Don Lewis, Tom Cota, Travis Dobbins, Keith Staggers, Jim Ashcraft, Jeff Trusler, Andy Parsons, Bill Zimmerman, Mike Burley, Jeff Bates, Bobby Cannon, Chris Bickle, Jim Goins, John Kuhn, Randy Fortune