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 RESULTS SEPT. 4, 1999

In Hot laps Stacy Boles #11b broke a drive shaft going down the front stretch, cutting down a tire. Then hitting the turn one wall, riding up the wall putting the car up on the wall with the back end sticking up in the air about 10 ft and the nose of the car against one of the catch fence post. Stacy was Ok, but went to get xrays on his ribs, his right side was sore.

For a night than had a TN. Football game at home in Knoxville and a HAT show near by, TAZEWELL SPEEDWAY had 18 late models on hand and the stands were full of Fans. I guess that makes RACING IN TN. #1...

In Late Model action Fast Qual. Jack Trammell #90 jumped out front. With one lap on the board John Thompson #38 done a 360 with Glen Vanover #20v, Bill Reed #28 (yel),Harold Simpson #h17 spinning to miss Thompson, Floyd Self #IOU went to the high side rubbing the 4th turn wall to miss Thompson. Track officials sent Thompson to the rear of the field. On the restart it was Trammell, Jeff Treece #11, Bryan Hendrix #5, Jason Trammell #91, Mark Leach #66. Behind them very quickly Self and Vanover...Ricky Rogers #144, Reed...Thompson and John Neal #41 were side by side for 2 laps. Lap 3 a caution for debree and Billy Gordon #g7 rubbed the front stretch wall. Lap 5, Reed, Vanover, Self made it 3 wide. Laps 7, 8, 9 Rogers and Self...Vanover and Thompson were 2 wide. Lap 11 Self spun in turn 4, on the restart it was Jack Trammell, Treece, Hendrix, Leach, Self. Lap 12 Treece was under Trammell going for the led. Lap 18 saw Sam Williams #12, Thompson,Bill Ogle #1 three wide. Lap 29 Treece and Simpson got together in turn 4 and Simpson spun. On the restart it was Trammell, Ogle, Leach, Hendrix, Jason Trammell. Lap 30-31 saw Thompson and Reed door to door. Lap 33, Treece and Leach were racing for the 2nd place side by side and slid up into the wall in turn 2. Lap 38 Leach again touched the wall in turn 2 and Thompson spun. Track Officials sent Thompson to the rear for the 2nd time and on the restart Thompson crossed it up and hit the cone. On the restart of lap 38 Hendrix passed Treece for 2nd.At the Checkered it was Jack Trammell taking his 1st Win of the season, followed by Hendrix, Treece, Jason Trammell, Leach.

Fast Qual. Jack Trammell 12:26, Treece 12:49, Thompson 12:50, Jason Trammell 12:65, Hendrix 12:66

1. Jack Trammell #90/Stinger/Total Construction
2. Bryan Hendrix #5/Stinger/Simm's Mkt./Advanced Tramission
3. Jeff Treece #11/Fast Race Cars/D & D Engine and Mach.
4. Jason Trammell #91/Warrior/ Total Construction
5. Mark Leack #66/Stinger
6. Bill Reed #28 (yel)/Fast Race Cars/Clemens Engines/DieCast Diegest/UPS
7. Bill Reed #1/Warrior
8. Glen Vanover #20v/Warrior/Vanover and Son Concrete Finishers
9. John Neal #41/Warrior/Neal Trucking and Farms
10. Harold Simpson #h17/Rayburn/Simpson Mining/Epps Chevy
11. Rick Rogers #144/Fast Race Cars/RaceScan
12. John Thompson #38/Warrior/App. Mach./Giles Ind./Long John Silvers
13. Floyd Self #IOU/Murphy SkateLand/Franks Auto Repair
14. Billy Gordon #g7/Rayburn/Gordon Construction
15. Troy Eads #52/Eads Auto Sales/Tammy and Co.
16. Sam Williams #12/Warrior/Advanced Transmission
17. J. Harrell Smith #28 (Blk)
18. Stacy Boles #11b/GRT/Advanced Transmission

In Thunder and Lighting Action Marlin Bull #8, beat Bubba Long #10 in to the first corner with Mike Hodges #2 (wht) along side of Long. Lap 9 saw David Gamble #2 (yel) spin
on the front stretch and hit the inside wall. On the restart it was Bull, B. Long, Hodges, Mitch Houston #22,Randall Self #91. Gamble was able to restart on the rear of the field. On the restart Houston tryed the low side under Hodges at the same time Hodges was trying the low side of B. Long, 3 wide for 2nd place. Lap 18-19 it was B. Long and Hodges in a battle for 2nd, with Houston on their bumper. Lap 22 Houston passed Hodges for 3rd. At the checkered it was Bull, B. Long, Houston, Hodges, Self.

Fast Qual. Bull 13:48, Long 13:61, Hodges 13:66, Houston 13:78, Jason Long 13:91.

In Modified Street it was a mind game! As Leonard Bray #17 wrapped up the Track Championship last week after a protest, on the car that was leading the points was found illegal. Bray was to start on the inside of the front roll. Bray lined up and just as they were ready to pull out Bray pulled to the pits and loaded his car.Protecting his Championship from being protested or taken out of the race by another car. Like they say use your head. Almost the same thing happen last year with another driver. There is more compition in this class than all the rest.

On to the Racing action it took 3 complete restarts before we had a lap in. 1st start Brian Smith #7 had a flat, 2nd restart Jack England #24 spun. The 3rd time was
a charm Smith took the led from his 4th starting spot. Lap 3 saw Rick Welch #18 touched the wall in turn 2 and England and Chuch Thode #m44b spun. Restart of lap 3
Welch and Jerry Hurst #12 spun in turn 4 and Hurst hit England. On the restart it was Smith, Rex Coffey #0, Chris Brooks #88, Allen Mayes #40, Anthony Morgan #26.
Lap 4 Morgan moved in to the 4th place then crossed it up and fell back to 7th place. Lap 5 it was Smith, Coffey, Brooks, Mayes, Darrell Saylow #9. Lap 6 Welch moved back
up in to 5th. Lap 8 Thode done a 360 but no caution, Lap 12 saw Morgan, Mayes, Welch 3 wide. Lap 16 Saylor spun in turn 2. Restart it was still Smith, Coffey, Brooks,
Morgan up to 4th and Mayes in 5th. Lap 16 restart Morgan passed Brooks for 3rd. Lap 17 it was Morgan passing Coffey for 2nd. On the white flag lap Brooks spun in turn
2. At the Checkered it was Smith, Morgan, Coffey, Mayes, Saylor...But wait its not over Morgan pulls to the flag stand and puts up $500 for Smith engine to be torn all the way down. It didn't take the tech. man long to find the motor of Smith's illegal. Giving the win to Morgan.

Fast Qual. Coffey 14:30, Bray 14:36, Brooks 14:36, Smith 14:37, Mayes 14:60

Pure Street action with one lap on the board Ralph Yount #19 spun. Restart Jonathan Miracle #50 passed Buster Cupp #28, then Miracle spun coming off turn 4. Restart it was
Tony Horton #56, Marty Bain #808, Bobby Bean #7, Cupp, Jerry Collett #10. Lap 3 Collett moved in to the 4th place. Lap 4 Cupp, Charlie England #57, Jack England #44
got together on the back stretch. Lap 4 it was Horton, Bain, Bean, Collett, and Mitch Fergerson #06 moving in to the 5th place. Restart Yount spun in front of Jesse
Hoover #3 and Gary Harville #27 coming off turn 2. Lap 5 Cupp spun, restart it was Bain below Bean and behind them it was Fergerson below Miracle, side by side and bumper
to bumper. Lap 7 Cupp lost a wheel on the front stretch.Lap 9 Collett and Mircle passed Bean. Lap 9 thru 13 it was a battle between Collett and Miracle running side to side on lap 13 Miracle cleared Collett for 3rd. At the Checkered it was Horton, Bain, Miracle, Collett, Fergerson.

It was Allen Wright taking the heat race win. In the feature Gabe Stooksbury #20 spun on the back stretch and hit the inside wall. Lap 3 Bill Blair #b87 slowed on the back stretch. Lap 4 Dee Cooper #26 while leading the race lost an axle at the end of the front stretch and the axle stuck in the track, with the tire up in the air like a
lola pop. Now that is a racing surface to race on when you can keep mositure in the track like that...On lap 5-6 it was Wayne Woodward #11 and Jeff Russell Side by side
with Woodward spinning coming off turn 2. Lap 6 Russell got under Robert Justice #4 to pick up a spot. Lap 10 it was "The Beaver" Keith Chapman taking the led from
Wright. At the Flag it was Chapman, Wright, Russell, Bobby Lovin #6, Robert Justin #4.

Powder Puff
It was time for the ladies to take to the high banks of THE TAZ. They line up the way they pull out on to the track. Seems like Amy Younce has her game plan down pat.
Amy is always the 1st to hit the track, but I beleive if we started her in the back Amy would find a way to the front. 9 ladies, on the front roll it was #10 M. Collett
and #81 Amy Younce, in row 2 it was #06 Misty Fergerson and #4 Diana Moore, row 3 #3 Diana Cheek and #52 Rosemary Whitaker, row 4 #50 Tammy Smith and #3 M. Hoover, row 5 #94 Amy Dobbs.

Lap 3 Smith spun in turn 2 and M. Fergerson losing fluid on the track. Lap 3 M. Collett got under Amy Younce and Yonce rode the turn 2 wall while Collett spun on the back
stretch. Lap 7 Moore passed Cheek for 2nd place. At the flag it was Younce, Moore, Cheek, Whitaker, Dobbs

1. Marlin Bull #8/Allison Food Mart/D.J.'s Bar and Grill
2. Bubba Long #10/S & J Machine/Cloud 9
3. Mitch Houston #22/English Mountain Spring Water/Tipton
and Houston Trucking
4. Mike Hodges #2 (wht)/Pug's Welding/S & J Mach.
5. Randall Self #91/Frank's Auto Repair/Murphy SkateLand
6. Jason Long #15/S & J Mach./Long's Race Cars
7. David Gamble #2 (yel)/D & D Engine and Mach.
8. Jerry Fuson #37

1. Anthony Morgan #26/C & R Trucking
2. Rex Coffey #0/Coffey Race Cars
3. Allen Mayes #40/C & R Trucking/Clinton Body Shop
4. Darrell Saylor #9/Family Cut
5. Chris Brooks #88/Sofa's and More/Long John Silvers
6. Shelby Wilson #4/
7. Chuch Thode #m44/J & S Auto Parts/Williamsonauto.com
8. Tim Hatfield #3
9. Rick Welch #18/C & R Trucking/Beason Racing Engines
10. Pete Rouse #57
11. Jack England #24
12. Jerry Hurst #12
13. Wayne Wolfe #8/Moddy Body Shop
14. Eddie Younce #81/C & R Trucking
15. Mike Vandergriff #23
16. Scotty Wilburn #3
17. Bryan Smith #7
18. Leonard Bray #17/Dixie Equip. and Tire/Smart
Transport/Petty Trucking

1. Tony Horton #56/Greasy Rock Auto Parts
2. Marty Bain #808
3. Jonathan Miracle #50/Eads Auto Sales
4. Jerry Collett #10
5. Mitch Fergerson #06
6. Gary Dobbs #94/C & R Trucking
7. Jesse Hoover #3/MoPawn/Advanced Check and Title
8. Charlie England #57
9. John Whitaker #52/Eads Auto Sales
10. Gary Harville #27
11. Bobby Bean #7/B & B Mobile Home Parts
12. Bo Hall #97/Home Steader Trailers and House Boats
13. Ralph Yount #19
14. Buster Cupp #28
15. Donnie Miracle #75
16. Bobby More Jr. #3
17. Bobby Moore #4
18. Jack England #44
19. Junior Cody #25

1. Keith "Beaver" Chapman #97
2. Allem Wright #27
3. Jeff Russell #117
4. Bobby Lovin #6
5. Robert Justice #4
6. David Lovin #28
7. Wayne Woodward #11
8. Dee Cooper #26
9. Bill Blair #b87
10. Gabe Stooksbury #20

1. Amy Younce #81
2. Diana Moore #4
3. Diana Cheek #3
4. Rosemary Whitaker #52
5. Amy Dobbs #94