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 4 September 1999

Steve Inch




                                       Co vert Takes LM win 

MECHANICSBURG, PA - Bobby Weaver of Hellam stormed to his first win of the season in Saturday night’s 30-lap Super Sportsman Labor Day Holiday championship at Silver Spring Speedway.

            “I lost my brakes at about the halfway point,” Weaver announced to the crowd in Victory Lane. For the veteran driver, who was at the wheel of the Gary Wolford Excavating No. 71, the win marked the 15th of his career at the track.

            Jason Covert of Orbisonia powered to his second win of the season and of his career in the 20-lap Late Model main event, while Dene Light of Lebanon captured the checkered flag in the 20-lap Street Stock feature.

            Sutliff Automotive Group sponsored the 10-lap Street Stock Cash Dash, which was won by Scott Dellinger of Carlisle. Both Dellinger and race fan Bruce Reed of Muir were the recipients of a $625 bonus from Sutliff as part of the season-long promotion.

            Silver Spring Speedway will present the 24th Annual Late Model 50 in addition to a complete program of Super Sportsman racing this Saturday, September 11 beginning at 7 p.m.

            Outside front row starter Chris Reed powered into the lead at the start of the Super Sportsman Championship event. Polesitter Tim Wike trailed Reed for the first lap before third-place starter Scott Snyder moved into second.

            Bobby Weaver, who started fifth, made his winning pass by Reed on the fifth lap with a exciting move around the top of the race track in turns one and two. The event’s first caution flag unfurled on lap six when Frankie Herr’s racer rolled to a stop in turn one.

            When the race resumed, Weaver led Reed, Snyder, eighth-place starter Leroy Martin and fourth-place starter Chuck Landis back to the flag. Martin appeared to have a fast race car when he took third on the seventh circuit and then advanced to second on the eighth lap.

            The battle for second allowed Weaver to stretch his lead to nearly a straightaway by the halfway point. Tenth-place starter Danny Hager began to show a lot of speed in the second half of the race when he powered into third and was followed by ninth-place starter Donnie Beaver and 19th-place starter John Stoner.

            On the 26th lap, both Hager and Stoner moved into second and third, respectively, and set their sites on Weaver. Hager ran out of time when Weaver took the checkered flag by a half straightaway. Stoner, who was the event’s Timber Wolf Racing Hard Charger, finished third, while Donnie Beaver and 15th-place starter Carmen Perigo completed the top five.  

            In the Late Model feature, polesitter Tommy Reed led the first lap until fourth-place starter Dave Sokoloski moved into the lead. By lap seven, tenth-place starter Jason Covert advanced to second and set his sites on the leader.

            On the following circuit, Covert passed Sokoloski for the lead with an outside move in turn four. Once in front, Covert began to pull away from the field.  Meanwhile, a close battle for second unfolded between Sokoloski, 18th-place starter Gene Wrightstone and fifth-place starter Ed Jones.

            At the checkered flag, Covert was victorious over Billy Wampler, who drove into second with two laps remaining. Jones, 13th-place starter Jeff Leiphart and Wrightstone completed the top five.

            Outside front row starter Greg Foster drove into the lead at the start of the Street Stock feature. Foster was trailed by polesitter Sam Gipe for the first nine laps before fourth-place starter Randy Askey took over the runner up spot.

            At the same time, Dene Light, who started 12th, moved into third on the ninth circuit and quickly took the lead on the following lap. In the final laps of the race, the top three drivers—Light, 13th-place starter Joe Krick and 14th-place starter Gerry Stutting—broke away from the pack.

            Krick attempted to pass Light along the inside lane but to no avail. Then, with two laps remaining, Stutting moved into second. Light took the checkered flag over Stutting, Krick, Tim Fedder and Gipe.



Super Sportsman - 57 Entries

30-Lap Championship: 1) 71 Bobby Weaver 2) 5G Danny Hager 3) 4 John Stoner 4) 10 Donnie Beaver 5) 2A Carmen Perigo 6) 66 Leroy Martin 7) 7 Russ Mitten 8) 12 Howie Locke 9) 49 Bobby Howard 10) 340 Smokey Snellbaker 11) 8 Rich Eichelberger 12) 3 Frankie Herr 13) 14 Chris Reed 14) 16 Paul Troutman 15) 42 JR Fry 16) 59 Steve Wilbur 17) 17S Scott Snyder 18) 90 John Provenza 19) 34 Chuck Landis 20) 6M Craig Morrow 21) 50 Jerry Wolfe 22) 28 Keith Prutzman 23) 22 Mark Smith 24) 57 Dave Myers 25) 1W Tim Wike 26) 21 Dave Neuman

Heat Winners: Tim Wike, Frankie Herr, Rich Eichelberger, Bobby Weaver, Smokey Snellbaker

Consolation Winners: JR Fry and Mark Smith

Late Models - 37 Entries

20-Lap A-Main: 1) 15 Jason Covert 2) 1W Billy Wampler 3) 29 Ed Jones 4) 91 Jeff Leiphart 5) 10 Gene Wrightstone 6) 11 Dave Sokoloski 7) 75 Scott McCann 8) 22 Mark Billet 9) F1 Jim Shuttlesworth 10) 9 Carl Graves 11) 116 Charlie Kope 12) 2 Scott Richwine 13) 43 Ron Little 14) 51 Dave Graber 15) 17 Brad Kling 16) 1 Scott Lebarron 17) 76 Dave Eitnier 18) X Pat Beard 19) 55 Bud Witmer 20) 4 Ken Riland 21) 12 Sterling Kinard 22) 41G Eric Gable 23) 33 Harold Beinhower 24) 43A Tommy Reed

Heat Winners: Tommy Reed, Dave Sokoloski, Pat Beard

Consolation Winner: Harold Beinhower

Street Stocks - 45 Entries

20-Lap A-Main: 1) 111 Dene Light 2) 16 Gerry Stutting 3) 15 Joe Krick 4) 34 Tim Fedder 5) 98 Sam Gipe 6) 29F Greg Foster 7) 4A Randy Askey 8) 33 Joe Whitely 9) 0 Todd Bowersox 10) 64 Stan Wanner 11) 95 Kirby Sites 12) 2R Rod Clouser 13) 40 Ron Yancoskie 14) 11 Craig Morgan 15) 32 Scott Dellinger 16) 8 Sam Leonard 17) 18 Brian Allan 18) 69 George Eash 19) 4C John Greider 20) 11A Ron Adams 21) 07 Mike Breneman 22) 28A Butch Kennedy 23) 7 Mike Leonard 24) 21 Roger Leaman 25) 31 Bob Dellinger 26) 12 Bill Deardorff

Heat Winners (Top 15 In Points Locked Into A-Main): Sam Gipe and Eric Foster