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Hagerstown Speedway

SEPTEMBER 19, 1999



HAGERSTOWN, MD - Charlie Schaffer seems to get hot with the fall special events, Sunday was no exception as the Hampstead driver picked up his first win of the year in the 40-lap Richard "Boney" Bonebrake Memorial at the Hagerstown Speedway Sunday afternoon. Richard Clipp of Hagerstown scored his third win of the year in the 25-lap late model sportsman Summer Championship postponed from August 13th and Mike Yeakle of Clear Spring notched his first win in the regularly scheduled 20-lap late model sportsman feature. The pure stocks had two feature events with Dave Rice Jr. of Greencastle, PA recording his third win in the 20-lap Summer Championship and Smokey Pharo claiming his third win of the year in the 15-lap feature. Sean Dawson also turned the hat trick with his third win of the year in the Ernie's Salvage Yard 4-cyl pure stock main event.

The track championships for all four divisions went down to the final point races. Nathan Durboraw needed to finish 14th or better to claim his seventh track championship, instead he came up one spot short finishing 15th after going to the rear twice as Roy Deese Jr. of Odenton is the new late model track champion. It is Deese's first track championship in his first full year at Hagerstown and he will receive a $8,000 check from Promoter Frank Plessinger at the Awards Banquet on December 11th. Wayne Walls Jr. of St. Thomas, PA registered his fourth straight championship in the late model sportsman division, Jeff Bennett of Chambersburg, PA notched his first track title in the pure stock division and Bryan Miller of Hagerstown made it four in a row in the 4-cyl pure stock division.

In the 40-lap Richard Bonebrake Memorial, Andy Anderson jumped out to an early lead from his fourth starting spot as Charlie Schaffer started back in sixth. Schaffer moved into second on the fourth lap as Anderson enjoyed a 10 car length lead. A caution on lap 16 wiped out Anderson's large lead, but he was able to easily pull away from second place Schaffer on the restart. Ten laps later on lap 26, Anderson rolled to a stop with overheating problems turning the lead over to Schaffer. Once in front, Schaffer was never seriously challenged as he cruised to his first win and a $2,500 payday. Roy Deese started started 10th and slowly picked his way into second on the 26th lap, but was unable to track down Schaffer as the runner-up finish was good enough for the track title. Richard Irwin had his best finish of the year in third with Bill Palmer next across the finish line. But Palmer was disqualified after he came across the scales light moving everyone up a notch. Jeff Robinson was next with Rodney Franklin passing D.J. Myers and Rick Workman on the final lap for fifth. Myers and Workman were next with 22nd starting Brent Smith eighth. Larry Wright charged from 24th for ninth and the Ernie's Salvage Yard and Timber Wolf Smokeless Tobacco Hard Charger Awards. C. S. Fitzgerald finished out the top ten. Heat winners for the 36 late models were Durboraw, Franklin and Anderson. Kenny Pettyjohn and Brad Omps won the consolations.

Durboraw started 11th and was running in the top ten with his seventh track title in the bag when he made contact with Kenny Pettyjohn on lap 27 sending him to the rear for the restart. Durboraw was back up within a couple spots of winning the track title again when he made contact with two laps remaining on lap 38 wiping out any chance of a track title.

In the 25-lap Summer Championship late model sportsman feature, Travis Beaver took the early lead from the outside pole as Richard Clip started back in eighth. Clipp worked his way to fourth by the second lap and advanced two more places on lap four when Scott Palmer and Mike Yeakle spun out while running second and third. Beaver set the pace on the restart with Clipp in second. On lap 11, Clipp pulled even with Beaver and the two raced side-by-side for three laps before Clipp pulled in front on lap 15. Once in front, Clipp pulled away to a 15-car length win. Darryl Burkholder came from tenth for second and Wayne Walls Jr came from 17th to third and the St. Thomas Towing Hard Charger Award. Beaver and Devin Friese rounded out the top five. The next five spots went to John Giannone, Bob Friese, Donnie Farlling,Mike Walls and Palmer.

Driving for injured Pete Weaver, Mike Yeakle quickly set the pace from the pole in the regularly scheduled 20-lap late model sportsman feature. Richard Walls worked his way into second from his seventh starting spot on the tenth lap, but was unable to mount a serious challenge to the leader as Yeakle picked up the win. Richard Walls was second with Wayne Walls Jr. , Richard Clipp and Darryl Burkholder making up the top five. Devin Friese was next with Daryl Kendall coming from 18th for seventh and St. Thomas Towing Hard Charger and Checker-Flag Lube Center Award. Donnie Farlling, Eddie Cornett and Mike Walls completed the top ten. Heat winners for the 19 cars were Devin Friese and Yeakle.

In the 20-lap Summer Championship for the pure stocks, Keith Reed set the early pace as Dave Rice Jr started back in seventh. Smokey Pharo moved into second on the eighth lap and took over the lead a lap later when Reed lost power. Rice moved into second on lap 11 and the two raced side-by-side from lap 16 until lap 19 when Rice made contact with Pharo to take the lead. Rice pulled away on the final lap to win by three car lengths over Bruce Leibowitz and Kenny Dillon. Steve Long came from 20th for fourth and the Turner Bowling Centers Hard Charge Award and Rick Stouffer rounded out the top five.

Craig Carbaugh led the first five laps in the regular 15-lap pure stock feature as Smokey Pharo started back in sixth. Keith Reed took over the lead on lap six as Dave Rice and Pharo closed in on lap 12 when the caution was waved for Jim Snyder. On the restart, Pharo took the lead and held off Rice for the win. Steve Long, Jason Smith and Dave Mikolajski completed the top five. Heat winners for the 26 cars were Rice, Ronnie Dennis and Pharo. Kenny Dillon finished eighth after starting 18th for the Turner Bowling Centers Hard Charger Award.

Sean Dawson started fifth in the 4-cyl pure stock feature and took the lead on the fourth lap and never looked back as he picked up the win over Larry Baker, Eric Mellott, Dean Holmes and Marcus Van Meter. Holmes and Baker won the preliminaries for the 14 4-cyl pure stocks. Ronnie Garlock was the Pit Pass Collectibles Hard Charger Award winner.

Following a bye in the schedule, the super sportsman will join the late models in a special double-header program sponsored by Ewing Oil on Sunday afternoon, October 3rd. The late model feature will be the 44-lap Ronnie McBee Memorial that was postponed because of Hurricane Dennis on Labor Day weekend. The super sportsman is an open wheel car that races every weekend at the Silver Spring Speedway in Mechanicsburg, PA and has a very strong and loyal following. Racing will begin at 1:30 P.M. with gates opening at 11 A.M. Both features will pay $2,500 to the winner.


LATE MODELS: (Heat 1) 1. Durboraw; 2. Foster; 3. Palmer; 4. Irwin; 5.Berneisel; 6. Burkholder. (Heat 2) 1. Franklin; 2. Bonebrake; 3. Robinson; 4.Fitzgerald; 5. Workman; 6. Wicklein. (Heat 3) 1. Anderson; 2. Myers; 3.Shaffer; 4. Deese; 5. Davis; 6. Miller. (Consi#1) 1. Pettyjohn; 2. Hare; 3. Gray; 4. Sheckler. (Consi#2) 1. Omps; 2. Smith; 3. Wright; 4. Plessinger.

40-LAP RICHARD BONEBRAKE MEMORIAL: 1. Charlie Schaffer; 2. Roy Deese Jr.; 3.Richard Irwin; 4. Jeff Robinson; 5. Rodney Franklin; 6. D.J. Myers; 7. Rick Workman; 8. Brent Smith; 9. Larry Wright; 10. C.S. Fitzgerald; 11. Ernie Davis; 12. Frankie Plessinger; 13. Doug Burkholder; 14. Brad Omps; 15. Nathan Durboraw; 16. Wesley Bonebrake; 17. John Wicklein; 18. Jesse Sheckler; 19.Kenny Pettyjohn; 20. Andy Anderson; 21. Les Hare; 22. Jerry Foster; 23. Tim Gray; 24. Jeremy Miller; 25. Jim Bernheisel. DQ: Palmer. DNQ: Paxson;Elksnis; Tomblin; Dorsey; Harr; Walls; Rowe; Gassman; Bryner; Sather.

LATE MODEL SPORTSMAN SUMMER CHAMPIONSHIP: (Aug 13) (Heat 1) 1. Kendall; 2.Beaver; 3. Clipp; 4. D. Farlling; 5. Giannone; 6. Cornett. (Heat 2) 1,Palmer; 2. R. Walls; 3. Weaver; 4. D. Friese; 5. Burkholder; 6. M. Walls.

25-LAP LATE MODEL SPORTSMAN FEATURE: 1. Richard Clipp; 2. Darryl Burkholder;3. Wayne Walls Jr.; 4. Travis Beaver; 5. Devin Friese; 6. John Giannone; 7.Bob Friese; 8. Donnie Farlling; 9. Mike Walls; 10. Scott Palmer; 11. Ed Hoffman; 12. George Farlling; 13. Randy Zechman; 14. Kenny Day; 15. Daryl Kendall; 16. Miek Yeakle; 17. Richard Walls.

LATE MODEL SPORTSMAN: (Heat 1) 1. D. Friese; 2. W. Walls; 3. Giannone; 4. Clipp; 5. D. Farlling; 6. Beaver. (Heat 2) 1. Yeakle; 2. R. Walls; 3.Burkholder; 4.M. Walls; 5. Palmer; 6. Hoffman.

20-LAP LATE MODEL SPORTSMAN FEATURE: 1. Mike Yeakle; 2. Richard Walls; 3.Wayne Walls Jr.; 4. Richard Clipp; 5. Darryl Burkholder; 6. Devin Friese; 7.Daryl Kendall; 8. Donnie Farlling; 9. Eddie Cornett; 10. Mike Walls; 11. Bob Friese; 12. John Giannone; 13. Ed Hoffman; 14. Travis Beaver; 15. Randy Zechman; 16. George Farlling; 17. Scott Palmer; 18. Kenny Day; 19. John Moser Jr.

PURE STOCK SUMMER CHAMPIONSHIP: (Aug. 13) 1. Calimer; 2. Price; 3. Evans; 4.Stouffer; 5. Frustaci; 6. Malott. (Heat 2) 1. Dillon; 2. Carbaugh; 3. Pharo;4. Reed; 5. Ecton; 6. Dennis. (Heat 3) 1. Rice; 2. Mikolajski; 3. Conlee; 4.Funk; 5. Leibowitz; 6. Bennett.

20-LAP PURE STOCK SUMMER CHAMPIONSHIP FEATURE: 1. Dave Rice Jr.; 2. Bruce Leibowitz; 3. Kenny Dillon; 4. Steve Long; 5. Rick Stouffer; 6. Jim Snyder;7. Smokey Pharo; 8. Ronnie Dennis; 9. Jeff Bennett; 10. Bill Ecton; 11. Kevin Price; 12. Tyler Horton; 13. Andy Frustaci; 14. Scott Daniels; 15. Gary Calimer Jr.; 16. Keith Reed; 17. Craig Carbaugh; 18. Randy Malott Sr.; 19. Eugene Conlee; 20. Hans Stamberg; 21. Kirk Evans; 22. Dave Mikolajski.

15-LAP PURE STOCK FEATURE: 1. Smokey Pharo; 2. Dave Rice Jr.; 3. Steve Long;4. Jason Smith; 5. Dave Mikolajski; 6. Gary Calimer; 7. Craig Carbaugh; 8. Kenny Dillon; 9. Jeff Bennett; 10. Bruce Leibowitz; 11. Rick Stouffer; 12. Kevin Price; 13. Kirk Evans; 14. Scott Daniels; 15. Keith Reed; 16. Andrew Frustaci; 17. Ronnie Dennis; 18. Jim Snyder; 19. Davey Stouffer; 20. Bill Ecton; 21. Randy Mallott; 22. John Elder.

10-LAP 4-CYL PURE STOCK FEATURE: 1. Sean Dawson; 2. Larry Baker; 3. Eric Mellott; 4. Dean Holmes; 5. Marcus VanMeter; 6. Jerry Field; 7. Ronnie Garlock; 8. Robert Holmes; 9. Sonny Williamson; 10. Tiffany Shoemaker; 11. John Rasp III; 12. Andy Holmes; 13. Brian Miller; 14. Jason Sarver.