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12 September 1999

Steve Inch 



SELINSGROVE, PA -  Fred Rahmer appears to be ready for the 17th Annual National Open this coming weekend after driving to a convincing win in Sunday night’s 25-lap Sprint Car feature at Selinsgrove Speedway.

            For Rahmer, at the wheel of the Hamilton Motorsports No. 77, the win marked his seventh of the season and 44th of his career at the speedway.

            Scott Haus of Hamburg drove to his second win of the season in the 20-lap Late Model main event, while Donnie Murphy of Minersville also captured his second win of the year in the 12-lap Pro Stock feature

            Todd Shaffer of Millerstown and Steve Campbell of Sunbury clinched the Sprint Car and Late Model track titles, respectively, with their finishes in Sunday night’s racing action.

            Selinsgrove Speedway will present the 17th Annual Alexander Family Dealerships National Open for Sprint Cars this Saturday, September 18, beginning at 7 p.m. Also competing will be the Pro Stocks in a championship event. The raindate is Sunday, September 19 at 6 p.m.

            Fourth-place starter Joey Borich made an exciting move on the first lap of the Sprint Car feature to take the early lead. Borich quickly “checked out” from the field in the first three laps, until a caution flag for Mike Erdley regrouped the field.

            For the restart, Borich had second-place starter Troy Whitesel and polesitter Curt Michael restarting behind him. When the race resumed, Borich maintained the lead, while 14th-place starter Keith Kauffman powered into third.

            By lap eight, Borich, Kauffman and 11th-place starter Fred Rahmer broke away from the field and began to encounter slower traffic. After racing side-by-side for more than a lap, Rahmer passed Kauffman for second on the 12th lap.

            On a lap 13 restart, Rahmer made a successful bid for the lead with an inside pass by Borich coming off turn two. Once in front, Rahmer began to streak away from the field.

            A close race for second unfolded between Borich and Kauffman, until a violent collision in turn one sent both drivers flipping on the 22nd circuit. Both drivers escaped injury in the spectacular crash.

            For the final three laps, Rahmer drove away from the field and posted a straightaway victory over Curt Michael, Todd Shaffer, Brook Weibley and Dave Ely.

            Polesitter Tim Gray powered into the lead at the start of the Late Model feature. Gray was chased by fourth-place starter Chas Shellenberger for the first five laps before Shellenberger took the lead on lap six with an inside pass in the second turn.

            Also on lap six, Carl Billet, who started ninth, advanced to second and set his sites on the new leader. A lap later, 11th-place starter Bobby Croop moved into third and made it a close three-car battle at the front of the pack.

            At the halfway point, 10th-place starter Scott Haus began to show his colors and horsepowered his way into the third spot. On the 14th circuit, Haus took the lead with an outside pass in turn four.

            Once in front, Haus began to drive away from the field, posting the victory ahead of Billet, Croop, Shellenberger and Steve Campbell.

            Outside front row starter Joey Keister took the lead at the start of the Pro Stock feature. Keister was trailed by polesitter Scott Dunham for the first three laps before eighth-place starter Donnie Murphy moved into second.

            Keister led through lap nine, when Murphy found enough speed to power underneath him in turn two for the lead. In the final two laps, 19th-place starter Tim Krape attempted to reel in the leader but ran out of time.

            Murphy took the checkered flag ahead of Krape, Keister, point leader Dave Brouse, who was involved in a first-lap tangle and able to rejoin, and Kyle Bachman.



Sprint Cars – 28 Entries

25-Lap A-Main: 1) 77 Fred Rahmer 2) 07 Curt Michael 3) 88 Todd Shaffer 4) 32 Brook Weibley 5) 77E Dave Ely 6) 53 Shawn Keen 7) 88H Lance Dewease 8) 6 Chris Knopp 9) 77T Jess Thomas 10) 29 Von McGee 11) 57 Ron Kramer 12) 88F Joey Borich 13) 7 Keith Kauffman 14) 3 Bob Bennet 15) 17B Troy Whitesel 16) 3X Mick Waistowski 17) 40 Ed Fischl 18) 0 Andy McKisson 19) 117 Mike Erdley 20) 7M Todd Hestor 21) 87 George Suprick 22) 1 Jeff Shepard 23) 9 Rod Stroup 24) 5G Todd Rittenhouse

Heat Winners: Todd Shaffer, Curt Michael, Brook Weibley

Consolation Winner: Dave Ely

Late Models – 29 Entries

20-Lap A-Main: 1) 1H Scott Haus 2) 43A Carl Billet 3) 98 Bobby Croop 4) 40 Chas Shellenberger 5) 2 Steve Campbell 6) 27 Jim Yoder 7) 21 Chris Shuey 8) 45 Eric Hons 9) 00 Mike Bingaman 10) 17 Kenny Dickson 11) 2J Jeff Rine 12) 32 Jeff Smith 13) 21D Dan Stone 14) 06 Mike Lupfer 15) 7 Dale Kerstetter 16) 3 Tim Wilson 17) 9N Rick Neff 18) 27X Brett Schadle 19) 77S Donnie Schick 20) 15 Scott Flickinger 21) 10 Pen Kester 22) 91 Tim Gray 23) 21K Kory Sites 24) G3 Jim Gearhart

Heat Winners: Tim Gray, Dale Kerstetter, Chas Shellenberger

Consolation Winner: Mike Bingaman

Pro Stocks – 22 Entries

12-Lap A-Main: 1) 19 Donnie Murphy 2) 07 Tim Krape 3) 00 Joey Keister 4) 6-Pak Dave Brouse 5) 99 Kyle Bachman 6) 70 Matt Johnson 7) 85 Scott Dunham 8) 12-Pak Gary Kerstetter 9) 115 Troy Miller 10) 24 Ray Rothfuss 11) 25 Gerald Kratzer 12) XR7 Jerry Blauch 13) 77 Tom Krape 14) 28 Dave Inch 15) 48 Matt Drum 16) 66 Scott Dorman 17) 20 Tony Rocuskie 18) 44 Bruce Drum 19) 1 Harry Bell 20) 98 Tracker 21) 11 Jake Buck 22) 77 Billy Shipman, Jr.

Heat Winners: Joey Keister and Dave Brouse