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Chillicothe (Alma),OH 9-25-99

Davey Johnson of Greensburg,PA ended the 1999 STARS National DirtCar Racing League season Saturday the same way he started the season in Florida, in victory lane. The two-time STARS champion grabbed the lead at the drop of the green flag and never looked back driving the Rocket Chassis/Malcuit Racing Engines/Hoosier Tire No. 79J B.A. Malcuit Racing Inc. Monte Carlo to a $10,000 payday in the "2nd Annual K-C 100" at K-C Raceway near Chillicothe,OH. Mike Balzano finished second nearly 1.5 seconds behind Johnson with Chub Frank third. Balzano entered the event only 10 points behind Frank for the runner-up spot in the 1999 STARS points and by finishing ahead of Frank ended up tied for the spot. However,according to STARS rules Frank receives the runner-up spot in points by having a quicker time trial lap, .058 seconds, than Balzano. Steve Shaver finished fourth with Jackie Boggs fifth. Rounding out the top ten were Donnie Moran, 18th starting Keith Berner, 15th starting Mike Wilson Jr., 24th starting Jason Montgomery and John Mason.

Johnson immediately powered into the lead from his outside front row starting berth with Balzano, Frank, Moran and R.J. Conley trailing. Shaver worked his way past Conley for fifth on lap 7 as the top four cars ran nose to tail. Before lap 8 could be completed Doug Dodd spun off of turn two bringing out the first of nine yellow periods in the 100 lapper. One lap after going back to green Shaver moved past Moran for fourth as Johnson, Balzano and Frank opened some distance. Moran worked his way back past Shaver on lap 11 with lapped traffic coming into play on lap 15. Johnson carefuly worked his way through the back markers allowing Balzano to look for a way past the leader as Frank fell back from Balzano by a few car lengths. Johnson and Balzano worked their through the backmarkers but the track opened up in front of them on lap 25 as the yellow flag reappeared for a Greg Lucas turn two spin. Caution again on lap 35 for a Mason spin in turn two slowed the pace with Conley grabbing fifth from Shaver on lap 37 before another caution on lap 42 when Tim Hitt slipped off the track in turn four.

The yellow again quickly replaced the green on the restart as Wilson spun in turn four. Four more laps were recorded before Randy Boggs stopped in turn four with a dead distributor bringing out the yellow flag one more time. Johnson, Balzano and Frank pulled away from Moran on the restart with Shaver shuffling past Conley on lap 47 and then taking fourth from Moran on lap 49. At the halfway mark the top ten runners were Johnson, Balzano, Frank, Shaver and Moran followed by Conley, Bart Hartman, Jackie Boggs, Rodney Combs and Aaron Scott. Balzano dogged Johnson for the next several laps but just couldn't find the room to make the pass for the lead.

Conley's solid run ended on lap 56 when he slipped off the backchute of the track bringing out another caution. Hartman headed pitside at this point with a broken radiator. A long green flag stretch saw Combs drop from the race on lap 59 with a broken rear-end with Johnson opening some distance on Balzano by lap 65. J. Boggs motored past Moran for fifth on lap 66 and seven laps later Balzano closed on Johnson as the leader entered lapped traffic. Balzano again challenged Johnson for the lead but the caution waved again on lap 77 when Larry Bond spun off of turn two. Three more laps were completed before the yellow waved for Barry Bragdon who suffered a broken left front suspension with the yellow making it's last showing on lap 82 when Conley lost the handle spinning in turn four. The final 18 circuits went off without a hitch with Johnson putting a nearly 2 second lead on Balzano who battled with Frank for the runner-up spot. Johnson cruised underneath the checkered flag with Balzano exiting turn four with Frank a car length behind.

The $40,000 purse drew 54 drivers to the high-banked 3/8ths mile with Moran setting a new track record in qualifying with a fast lap of 13.784 seconds. Moran claimed a BORLA EXHAUST heat race victory as did Combs,Balzano and Jackie Boggs. Balzano scored the ISKY RACING CAMS dash while Hartman and Scott Peltz copped the PRO SHOCKS "B" Mains. Craig Leist qualified for the 15th starting spot in the main event but engine problems prevented him from starting the race giving Jason Montgomery a starting spot as the first alternate. In the second PRO SHOCKS "B" Main, Rick Shannon of Circleville,OH flipped off of the backchute ending up over 100 feet from the race track. Shannon was taken to the hospital for a check-up which revealed a broken shoulder as his only major injury.

STARS National DirtCar Racing League RACE REPORT (for 9-25-99)

RACE NO. 31-1999 SEASON-"2ND ANNUAL K-C 100"


$38,000 PURSE-$10,000 TO WIN-100 LAP FEATURE

(Showing Finish Pos.,Start Pos.,Car #,Driver,Laps,Purse,Reason Out)

1. (2) #79J Davey Johnson 100 $10,080 Running

2. (1) #E1 Mike Balzano 100 $5,100 Running

3. (4) #1* Chub Frank 100 $3,050 Running

4. (5) #30 Steve Shaver 100 $2,040 Running

5. (8) #4B Jackie Boggs 100 $1,500 Running

6. (3) #99 Donnie Moran 100 $1,460 Running

7. (18) #96F Keith Berner 100 $1,340 Running

8. (15) #07 Mike Wilson Jr. 100 $1,200 Running

9. (24) #21M Jason Montgomery 100 $1,140 Running

10. (12) #72 John Mason 100 $1,000 Running

11. (20) #24 Rob House 100 $940 Running

12. (9) #71 Delmas Conley 100 $800 Running

13. (6) #71C R.J. Conley 100 $735 Running

14. (13) #10 Larry Bond 100 $650 Running

15. (22) #68 Tim Hitt 100 $640 Running

16. (10) #33 Aaron Scott 100 $550 Running

17. (21) #77 Barry Bragdon 79 $540 Suspension

18. (7) #0 Rodney Combs 59 $500 Rear-End

19. (16) #75 Bart Hartman 55 $540 Radiator

20. (23) #32L Greg Lucas 50 $540 Handling

21. (11) #17 Randy Boggs 46 $500 Ignition

22. (17) #15 Scott Peltz 35 $540 Tire

23. (25) #9F Mark Frazier 24 $540 Cooling

24. (19) #43 Aaron Bapst 24 $540 Engine

25. (14) #12D Doug Dodd 12 $500 Handling


YELLOW FLAGS: Ten-Laps 7,25,35,42,42 (RS),46,56,77,80,82


LAP LEADERS: One-Johnson 1-100



PROVISIONAL STARTERS: Hitt,Lucas,Frazier;Montgomery added when Craig Leist



FAST QUALIFIER: Moran 13.784 secs. (New Track Record)

BORLA EXHAUST Heat Race Winners: Moran,Combs,Balzano,J. Boggs

SCOTT PERFORMANCE WIRE Heat Race Bonus Winner: None

ISKY RACING CAMS Dash Winner: Balzano

PRO SHOCKS "B" Main Winners: Hartman,Peltz


Qualifiying: 1)#99 Donnie Moran 13.784 (new track record); 2)#68 Tim Hitt 13.797; 3)#30 Steve Shaver 13.832; 4)#71C R.J. Conley 13.914; 5)#1* Chub Frank 13.921; 6)#32L Greg Lucas 13.925; 7)#E1 Mike Balzano 13.979; 8)#79J Davey Johnson 14.017; 9)#96F Keith Berner 14.030; 10)#0 Rodney Combs 14.045; 11)#D2 Nolan Dalton 13.047; 12)#07 Mike Wilson Jr. 14.086; 13)#71 Delmas Conley 14.088; 14)#17 Randy Boggs 14.100; 15)#72 John Mason 14.130; 16)#4B Jackie Boggs 14.150; 17)#75 Bart Hartman 14.203; 18)#33 Aaron Scott 14.241; 19)#W7 Thomas Ware 14.250; 20)#15 Scott Peltz 14.335; 21)#31A Adam Stevens 14.360; 22)#10H Paul Harris 14.402; 23)#1B Jerry Rice 14.430; 24)#George Lee II 14.432; 25)#51 Craig Leist 14.435; 26)#10 Larry Bond 14.441; 27)#RIII Brent Steele 14.469; 28)#77 Barry Bragdon 14.473; 29)#26B Tom Beam 14.503; 30)#13 Skip Watterman 14.542; 31)#3 Rick DeLong 14.565; 32)#18 Bob Adams Jr. 14.574; 33)#21M Jason Montgomery 14.582; 34)#03 Jeff Abrams 14.635; 35)#G2 Greg Oliver 14.642; 36)#72B Mo Beeler 14.642; 37)#24 Rob House 14.655; 38)#9F Mark Frazier 14.679; 39)#12D Doug Dodd 14.723; 40)#12 Chad Hina 14.735; 41)#9 Bud Frazier 14.747; 42)#04 Pat Novaria 14.778; 43)#37 Carl Coleman 14.823; 44)#5M Ryan Markham 14.903; 45)#73 Tony Throckmorton 14.922; 46)#43 Aaron Bapst 15.060; 47)#F45 Russ Frohnapfel 15.065; 48)#96 Paul Devoll 15.161; 49)#72H Jerry Hemming 15.297; 50)#58 Willie Bigham 16.087; 51)#P11 Tim Penley 16.204; 52)#2 Rick Shannon 16.218; 53)#03C Rob Campbell 16.268; 54)#83D Carl Dillow II 16.613

BORLA EXHAUST Heat #1: Moran,D. Conley,Frank,Leist,Hartman,Berner, House,Stevens,Beam,Throckmorton,Hemming,B. Frazier,Campbell, Montgomery (Top 4 advance to feature)

BORLA EXHAUST Heat #2: Combs,Scott,R. Boggs,Bond,Bapst,M. Frazier,Harris,Watterman,Novaria,Lucas,Dillow II,Bigham,Abrams,Hitt (Top 4 advance to feature)

BORLA EXHAUST Heat #3: Balzano,Shaver,Mason,Dodd,Dalton,DeLong,Steele,Frohnapfel,Coleman,Penley,Oliver,Ware,Rice (Top advance to feature)


Johnson,R.J. Conley,Wilson Jr.,Peltz,Lee II,Markham,Adams Jr.,Bragdon,Beeler,Hina,Devoll,Shannon (Top 4 advance to feature)

ISKY RACING CAMS Dash: Balzano,Johnson,Moran,Frank,Shaver,R.J. Conley (Finish determines first three rows of feature)

PRO SHOCKS "B" Main #1: Hartman,Berner,House,Montgomery,B. Frazier,Steele,DeLong,Hemming,Campbell,Stevens,Throckmorton,Dalton,  Coleman,Frohnapfel,Beam,NS-Penley,Oliver,Ware,Rice (Top 3 advance to feature)

PRO SHOCKS "B" Main #2: Peltz,Bapst,Bragdon,Harris,Adams Jr.,Hina,Bigham,Novaria,Devoll,Beeler,Dillow II,Lee II,Lucas,Hitt,Shannon,Watterman,M. Frazier,NS-Markham,Abrams (Top 3 advance to feature)