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Northern All Star

Jim Curry Takes Northern All-Stars Victory

For Immediate Release: Media Contact, Darin Stewart

Info Provided by James Esex

Charleston Speedway, Charleston, Illinois

(Sept.18 ) Jim Curry of Norman Indiana won his first Northern All-Stars Late-Model feature event of the season on Saturday night at the Charleston Speedway, in Charleston Illinois. Curry, piloting the T.J.’s Bar and Grill/Hoosier Part/ CJ Rayburn Monte Carlo, took the $2,000 first place money with the victory over a hard charging Kevin Claycomb,Steve Barnett, Steve Hillard, and Ernie Barrow. the win marked the 20th different winner in Northern All-Stars Competition, and was Curry’s 2nd career Northern All-Stars Win.


At the drop of the green flag, Ernie Barrow jumped to the lead and led the first two laps, while Curry was charging from his sixth place starting position. Curry was a man on a mission, returning to the 3/8 mile oval, that he had not visited in approximately 10 years. After taking the lead, Curry was not to be denied of his first feature win of the year.

At the halfway mark of the race, it was Curry in front of Claycomb, who had started next to Curry, with Ernie Barrow in third, and a fast moving Scott James in fourhte. James, would pass Barrow for place as he was Rocketing towards the fron, and while he psoed a serious threat to Curry and Claycomb, his night would end with a flat tire. Barrow then moved back into third, but Steve Barnett would pressure Barrow, and Barnett would take the spot on lap 19. Another driver making big moves was Steve Hillard, who started the race in 17th spot moved into fourth. When the white flag flew, Claycomb movedto within one-car length of the wily veteran, but to no avail. Steve Barnett, held off Hillard for third, with Barrow right on their tail.

The Northern All-Stars will now head to the Bluegrass of Kentucky for two $5,000 to win events. On Friday, September 24 at the Ponderosa Speedway in Junction City Kentucky, the points battle will heat up. Scott James took the victory in the last Northern All-Stars visit to the Speedway. on Saturday September 25, the Northern All-Stars visit the Lake Cumberland Speedway in Burnside Kentucky. Once again, Scott James won the previous visit at the speedway.

Charleston Rundown:

Top Qualifier: Greg Johnson 14.647

First Heat: Marvin Burton, Kevin Claycomb, Richie Hedrick, Tory Collins

Second Heat: Ernie Barrow, Jim Curry, Doug McCammon, Kirby Damery

Third Heat: Butch Smith, Steve Casebolt Jr., Scott James, Steve Barnett

Fourth Heat: Mike Munson, Greg Williams, Doug Ault, Brad Barrow

First Consy: Tory Collins, Greg Johnson, Steve Hillard, Kirby Damery

Second Consy: Steve Barnett, Jeff Martin, Scott Smith, Steven Godsey

Feature: Jim Curry, Kevin Claycomb, Steve Barnett, Steve Hillard, Ernie Barrow, Doug Ault, Tory Collins, Steven Godsey, Scott Smith, Greg Johnson, Mike Munson, Marvin Burton, Butch Smith, Richie Hedrick, Scott James, Greg Williams, Jeff Mattin, Doug McCammon, Cale Kern, Steve Casebolt Jr.