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Mid-Atlantic Series - MACS
Indiana, PA 
October 8, 1999
By: Jeff Geesey

Johnson Rocket Rock Fall Fest Opener

The Mid-Atlantic Championship Series (MACS) strolled into Jack and Donna Lentz's Challenger Raceway, Indiana, PA, for their final two performances of the season, Fall Fest V. The twenty-first show of the season was dubbed Fall Stars-Challenge of the Champions Classic, which is a part of the three-day Fall Fest format. Sixty-six drivers arrived from seven states including Indiana, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. 

Davey Johnson, Greensburg, PA, nailed his first win with the Series since May 24, last year, marking his second career MACS win. Johnson powers a B.A. Malcuit Rocket, clad with Hoosier's. Davey's supporters include Rocket Chassis, Malcuit Engines, Carrera Shocks and Hoosier Tire. 

A super field of 24 was assembled through eight heats and three B Mains for the 35-lap A Main. A redraw among the top two finishers from each heat for the top 16 starting positions set Davey Johnson on pole flanked by Mike Blose. 

Johnson vaulted into the lead. Dutch Davies, in one of his best Series performances, was in second over Matt Urban, Blose, and Bob Wearing Sr. The field was hurling around the super smooth and fast surface at incredible speeds. By the third circuit, Chub Frank, a master of the Indiana County Oval, sat in fourth after starting ninth. Two quick revolutions later, Frank was in third and bearing down on Davies. 

With Johnson still in firm command on lap 8, Frank blew past Davies into second. The new top five formation was Johnson, Frank, Davies Urban, and Wearing. The first of two cautions flew on lap 11. This gave Frank a chance to gain a tremendous amount of real estate that Johnson gained while clawing his way to the front. 

As the field regrouped, Johnson was still on point over Frank, Davies, Urban and Dave Satterlee, emerging into the top five from the eleventh starting position. On the restart, Johnson again flexed his Malcuit muscle keeping Frank at bay. One more lap was in the books before the second and final caution flew. Johnson continued to lead. The remainder of the top five remained unchanged. 

Lap 14 saw Satterlee displace Davies for third. The top three drivers were hooked up in a terrific battle as they were hurled around the track in an awesome driving display. The fans were absolutely thrilled as they cheered their favorites. Johnson, on lap 18, held off the charges of both Frank and Satterlee when Sam Stile appeared for the first time in the top five. 

Johnson breezed into lapped traffic on the twenty-eighth circuit. With seven to go, everyone was waiting for Frank and Satterlee, who had been racing the wheels off their mounts, to make their move on the leader. 

With five to go, Johnson held onto a tenuous lead over Frank, Satterlee, Davies and Stile. The remaining five revolutions saw Johnson fending off all challengers taking the victory over Frank, Satterlee, Davies and Stile. The next tier of five included Dick Barton, from eighteenth; Bart Hartman, from seventeenth; Mike Johnson; David Scott, from nineteenth; and Urban. 

MACS JRC winner was eleven-year old, Greg Wainwright, Clarksburg, PA. He received t-shirts and hats from Hoosier and McCreary Tire, plus an autographed photo of Davey Johnson, compliments of the Series.

Calico Coatings gift certificate winners were Davey Johnson $125.00; Dick Barton, was the event's hard-charger; however, he did not carry the Calico decal. The award was then given to David Scott (hard charger) $75.00; Steve Casebolt $50.00, Todd Andrews $50.00 and Scott Brode $50.00 

MACS Facts:
Series stats reveal 302 drivers participating in twenty-one events from twelve states including: Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. 

Twenty-seven of the top forty Series points drivers were present.

Top Ten in Points
1. 1C Lynn Geisler 1889 6. 11L Jeff Ferguson 1442
2. W11 Robbie Blair 1866 7. 112 Dave Padula 1384
3. 83R Scott Rhodes 1615 8. 30 Skeet Reckner 1287
4. 42 Todd Andrews 1557 9. 13 Jim Mazur 1242
5. 42B Scott Brode 1519 10. 28 Ed Carley 1238

Event: # 22
Fall Stars Challenge of the Champions Classic
Challenger Raceway, Indiana, PA

Hoosier Racing Tire/Stan Hover Racing
Heat #1 (10 Laps)

Car #DriverHometown

1.2SSam StileCharleroi, PA
2.2JMike JohnsonImperial, PA
3.18BJohn BritskyIndiana, PA
4.42BScott BrodeKeyser, WV
5.10GGary LyleHydepark, PA

Slavic Custom Racing Shirts and Decals
Heat #2 (10 Laps) 
Car #DriverHometown
1.1CLynn GeislerCranberry Twp., PA
2.79Dave SatterleeRochester Mills, PA
3.34BBob BertgesPlum, PA
4.24XDave NortonShinglehouse, PA
5.11HDoug HortonMorgantown, WV

Lias Tire Racing Division/McCreary
Heat #3 (10 Laps)
Car #DriverHometown
1.1*Chub FrankSugar Grove, PA
2.1WBob Wearing Sr.Callery, PA
3.V2Ron DaviesWarren, PA
4.112Dave PadulaGreencastle, PA
5.82Andy FriesMercersburg, PA

King's Jewelry/ARTCARVED
Heat #4 (10 Laps) 
Car #DriverHometown
1.55Bob Wearing Jr.Renfrew, PA
2.5Mike BloseNew Bethlehem, PA
3.75Bart HartmanZanesville, OH
4.M1Mickey WrightAlbion, PA
5.14LDavid LyonsSugar Grove, PA

Fox's Racing Engines
Heat #5 (10 Laps) 
Car #DriverHometown
1.1UMatt UrbanNorth East, PA
2.19JRAllan DellingerNiles, OH
3.77RSteve RadichCollege Park, PA
4.59Bill CunninghamJefferson, OH
5.33Carl BilletYork Haven, PA

Carerra Shocks
Heat #6 (10 Laps) 
Car #DriverHometown
1.11MLRich GardnerWaterford, PA
2.40DDutch DaviesWarren, PA
3.3David ScottGarland, PA
4.64Tony RaneriJohnstown, PA
5.C9Steve CaseboltRichmond, IN

Stan Hover Racing
Heat #7 (10 Laps) 
Car #DriverHometown
1.79JDavey JohnsonGreensburg, PA
2.01John VenableGerry, NY
3.83RScott RhodesSomerset, PA
4.40LLes HareNew Park, PA
5.04Bob CloseEldred, PA

Calico Coatings
Heat #8 (10 Laps) 
Car #DriverHometown
1.28Ed CarleyFreedom, NY
2.93XJohn FlinnerZelienople, PA
3.28B Dick BartonAshville, NY
4.W11Rob BlairTitusville, PA
5.11LJeff FergusonBrownfield, PA

B Main #1 (10 Laps)
Car #DriverHometown
1.75Bart HartmanZanesville, OH
2.18BJohn BritskyIndiana, PA
3.C9Steve CaseboltRichmond, IN
4.82Andy FriesMercersburg, PA
5.8Russ KolesorWest Mifflin, PA

Bazell Oil
B Main #2 (10 Laps)
Car #DriverHometown
1.28BDick BartonAshville, PA
2.04Bob CloseEldred, PA
3.42Todd AndrewsEldred, PA
4.34BBob BertgesPlum, PA
5.14LDavid LyonSugar Grove, PA

MMI Racing Products
B Main #3 (10 Laps)
Car #DriverHometown
1.3David ScottGarland, PA
2.V2Ron DaviesWarren, PA
3.42BScott BrodeKeyser, WV
4.40LLes HareNew Park, PA
5.33Carl BilletYork Haven, PA

A Main (35 laps)
Car #DriverHometown
1.79JDavey JohnsonGreensburg, PA
2.1*Chub FrankSugar Grove, PA
3.79Dave SatterleeRochester Mills, PA
4.40DDutch DaviesWarren, PA
5.2SSam StileCharleroi, PA
6.28BDick BartonAshville, NY
7.75Bart HartmanZanesville, OH
8.2JMike JohnsonImperial, PA
9.3David ScottEldred, PA
10.1UMatt UrbanNorth East, PA
11.11MLRich GardnerWaterford, PA
12.19JRAllen DellingerNiles, OH
13.1CLynn GeislerCranberry Twp., PA
14.1WBob Wearing Sr.Callery, PA
15.01DJohn VenableGerry, NY
16.93XJohn FlinnerZelienople, PA
17.W11Rob BlairTitusville, PA
18.55Bob Wearing Jr.Renfrew, PA
19.24XDave NortonShinglehouse, PA
20.5Mike BloseNew Bethlehem, PA
21.28Ed CarleyFreedom, NY
22.18BJohn BritskyIndiana, PA
23.04Bob CloseEldred, PA
24.V2Ron DaviesWarren, PA

Car Count: 66 Lap Leaders: 1-35 Johnson Cautions: 11, 12 Time of Event: 16:59

Hard Chargers Start Finish Advanced

Dick Barton 18 6 12
Bart Hartman 17 7 10
David Scott 19 9 10
Dave Satterlee 11 3 8
Chub Frank 9 2 7
Rob Blair 23 17 6

Upcoming Events
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