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July 5, 1999
by Darin Stewart
BIlly Moyer of Batesville Arkansas, in the Petroff Towing/J&J Steel/Burroughs Diesel/Clements Racing Engine/GRT, won the $5000 for the UMP Summernationals in La Salle Illinois on Monday Night.
Moyer, who took the lead on lap 4 of the feature had his hands full at the end of the 40 lap event, as Zanesville Ohio driver Rick Aukland, behind the wheel of the 10-10-220/GVS Racing/Ringers Resource/Draime Racing Engine/Rayburn, dialed long distance, and nearly connected.  Aukalnd,actually led going into turn 3 on the white flag lap, pushed up a bit, and Moyer squirted back by on the bottom of the race track to take the win, his fourth of the series. Rounding out the top ten were, Dennis Erb Jr,Bill Frye, Steve Tyne,Frank Reaber, Tony Izzo,Tim Hamburg, Kris Patterson, and John Gill.
44 Late Models took times, with Tony Izzo Jr setting fast-time.  Steve Tyne won the dash, while Billy Drake, Billy Moyer Jr, Frank Reaber, and Frank Heckenast took the heat wins.  The semi features were captured by Jeff Hartzell, and Sam Epling.
Attrition took it's toll on front-runners throughout the feature.  Tony Izzo Jr, in the Jeff's Engine Masters/Bart Wheels/Rhyne Racing Engines/ GRT dropped out while running 3rd late in the race with transmission problems.  Izzo, who had been driving the entire feature one handed- due to the transmission not staying in gear, said it finally gave up.  Gibson CIty, Illinois driver Kevin Weaver,aboard the Eaglin Motorsports/Terra International/Elrod Grain/Aqua IV Car Wash/HP Competition Engine/ Mastersbilt was running 4th when he spun around in turn two,and he pulled in following that excursion.  Young sensation Shannon Babb of Decatur IL, was running int he 7th position in the 10-10-220/GVS Racing/ Triple A Diesel Service/ G&C Enterprise/Jay Dicekens Engine/Rayburn, after going back to the pits following a lap one caution for a tire change.  Under a yellow flag, Babb pulled off with an overheating motor, and parked it for the evening.  Billy Drake, aboard the Steidinger Construction/Wells Family/Larry Shaw Race Car, pulled in early as well, wiht motor problems, after starting 7th in the feature.
Feature Results
21-Billy Moyer
99-Rick Aukland
28-Dennis Erb Jr.
66-Bill Frye
99-Steve Tyne
7-Frank Reaber
166-Joe Izzo
57-Tim Hamburg
O-Kris Patterson
75-John Gill
5-Bret Sievert
5-Jeff Hartzell
28-Sam Epling
19-Garrett Slager
29-Mike McCarthy
18-Shannon Babb
16-Tony Izzo Jr.
B-12-Kevin Weaver
23-Ted Loomis
9-Billy Drake
17-Corey Turner
99-Steve Tyne