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Mid-Atlantic Series - MACS

Indiana, PA 
September 25, 1999
By: Jeff Geesey

Doug and Linda Timmons, along with general manger, Dave Wilt greeted the Mid-Atlantic Championship Series (MACS) for the nineteenth show of the season at Winchester Speedway, Winchester, VA. On tap was the 36th Annual Winchester 200 featuring a two-day program of time trials, heats, dash, B Mains and a 100-lap finale paying $10,000 to-win plus lap money.
This year's rendition drew 61 drivers from 8 states including Delaware, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia. 

The undisputed dominator of this event is Greencastle, PA veteran Gary Stuhler. Gary notched his seventh "200" ('86,'87,'90,'91,'94,'95) crown, as well as the third MACS win of the season. Stuhler drives the Dale Beitler owned MasterSbilt, powered by a 415 Leggett, mounted with Hoosier tires. Gary's boosters include Duron and Reliable Painting, as well as Leggett engine research. Stuhler's win netted him $11,050 including earned lap money.

The elite starting field of 24 drivers, was pared down through six heats and two B mains. Rodney Franklin, the winner of the Roundhill Texaco/Texas Steakhouse Dash started on pole with Wayne Johnson at his side. Eventual winner, Gary Stuhler, sat in ninth. 

Franklin snared the early lead. The first caution occurred on lap 3. At that time, his suitors were Andy Anderson, Nathan Durboraw, Johnson, and Stuhler. When racing resumed, Anderson's designs on the leader were evident. By the end of the fourth circuit he was on point. Anderson was not in a comfortable position however, as Franklin, Durboraw, Stuhler, and Johnson continued dogging him. 

Andy was still in command as the third caution flew. The top three remained unchanged while Stuhler replaced Johnson in fourth. The leader looked strong as the talent behind him awaited the slightest bobble. Stuhler vaulted past Durboraw on the tenth revolution setting his sights on Franklin. 

Anderson stretched his lead over the contenders while Franklin and Stuhler were locked up in a fierce duel for second. Stuhler finally disposed of Franklin by lap fifteen, and set sail on the leader, who had gained a straightway advantage. Gary successfully reeled Andy in during the next 5 laps performing masterfully, holding Stuhler in check.

Stuhler was setting up the leader as the duo entered traffic on lap 29. Anderson held Stuhler off for one more round. Constant pressure from Stuhler found Anderson drifting to the middle groove opening the door on the low side. By lap 31, Stuhler restled the top spot away from Anderson by mere inches at the stripe. Andy was swarming around Gary just as had been done to him on the previous fifteen circuits. D.J. Myers, from tenth, appeared in the top five on lap 32. 

With forty circuits complete, Roy Deese, now sat in fifth. Anderson kept pace with Stuhler as the cool, smooth leader maintained the top spot to the fuel stop on lap 50. At the break, the top five consisted of Stuhler, Anderson, Durboraw, Myers, and Deese. 

Following a ten-minute break, Stuhler edged away from his rivals. Gary was closing the curtain, slowly but surely, as he entered traffic on lap 65, insulating his lead with real estate and lapped cars. 

With 30 laps remaining, Stuhler held a convincing lead over Anderson, Myers, Durboraw, and Deese. The top five remained unchanged as Gary, aided by a few cautions, had mostly a clear track in front of him. Stuhler caught the rear of the field with 7 laps remaining. To ensure victory, he picked off yet another lapped car. 

Gary sealed the final piece of the puzzle with just two laps to go. He cruised to a comfortable victory over Anderson, Myers, Durboraw, and Deese. 

Bob Close, from thirteenth, was involved in the caution on lap 4 and sent to the back of the pack. He fought and clawed his way forward and led the next flight of five drivers. Following him were Tom Myers, Scott Haus, from fourteenth; Kenny Irwin, from twenty-second; and Franklin. 

The final three MACS events include: Saturday, October 2, at Pete Cameron's Potomac Speedway, Budds Creek, MD, for the Southern Maryland Invitational. This 50-lap affair pays $6,000 to-win from a $32,000 purse. Tenth place is $1,000, with $500 going to start. Each driver not transferring to the A Main and, at the least, participating in the B Main, will receive $200.

Friday-Sunday, October 8-10, the Series alights at Jack and Donna, Lentz's Challenger Raceway , Indiana, PA., for Fall Fest V. This year, the purse has grown to $80,000 with one driver eligible to win $15,000. Friday night's show is a standard 35-lap, $3,000 to-win program. Saturday and Sunday is a two-day event including heats and the "Sweet 16 - King of the Hill" race paying $2,000 to-win. A pig and ox roast after racing has concluded, as well as musical entertainment. Sunday begins with a driver autograph session followed two B Mains and a last chance race (formerly called the Non-Qualifiers Race) and will conclude the '99 racing season. The 75-lap A Main, pays $10,000 to win. 

Calico Coatings gift certificate winners: Gary Stuhler $125.00; Richard Irwin (Hard Charger) $75.00; Rob Nichols $50.00 and Tim Booth $50.00 

MACS Junior Racer Club (JRC) winner Friday night winner was eleven-year old Brandon Himelright, Winchester, VA. Saturday's winner was twelve-year old, Kyle Symons, Winchester, VA. They each received t-shirts and hats from Hoosier and McCreary Tire. Brandon will receive an autographed photo of Friday's Dash winner, Rodney Franklin and Kyle will receive an autographed photo of "200" winner, Gary Stuhler, compliments of the Series.

Event: # 19
Winchester 200, Winchester Speedway, Winchester, VA

Hoosier Racing Tires/Stan Hover Racing
Heat #1 (10 Laps)

Car # Driver Hometown
1. 01 Rodney Franklin White Post, VA 
2. 50E Tom Myers Greencastle, PA
3.04 Bob Close Eldred, PA
4.7C Charlie Schaffer Hampstead, MD
5. 4S Steven Haight Stevens City, VA

Slavic Custom Racing Shirts and Decals
Heat #2 (10 Laps) 
Car # Driver Hometown
1. 25D David Williams Avenue, MD 
2. 44P Kenny Pettyjohn Georgetowne, DE
3. 1H  Scott Haus Hamburg, PA
4.112 Dave Padula Greencastle, PA
5.42B Scott Brode Keyser, WV

Lias Tire Racing Division/McCreary
Heat #3 (10 Laps)
Car # Driver Hometown
1.80 Mike Altobelli Saxton, PA
2. 19 Gary Stuhler Greencastle, PA
3. 05 Roy Deese, Jr. Odenton, MD
4. 1C Lynn Geisler Cranberry Twp., PA
5. 3 David Scott Garland, PA

King=s Jewelry/ARTCARVED
Heat #4 (10 Laps) 
Car # Driver Hometown
1.25A Andy Anderson Winchester, VA
2. 19J D.J. Myers Greencastle, PA
3.31B Ernie Davis Martinsburg, WV
4. 5A  Brad Omps Winchester, VA
5. 48 Tim Booth Edgewater, MD

Fox's Racing Engines
Heat #5 (10 Laps)
Car # Driver Hometown
1.17W Wayne Johnson Hancock, MD
2.W11 Rob Blair Titusville, PA
3.4N Allen Brannon Winchester, VA 
4. 28 Ed Carley Freedom, NY
5. RG3 Bob Salathe Bedford, PA 

King=s Jewelry/ARTCARVED
Heat #6 (10 Laps) 
Car #  Driver Hometown
1.24 Nathan Durboraw Hagerstown, MD
2.83R Scott Rhodes Somerset, PA
3. 06 Wayne Dillman, Jr. Berryville, VA
4. 4* Richard Irwin Winchester, VA
5. 1A Scott Andrews Hagerstown, MD

Roundhill AMOCO/Texas Steakhouse
Dash (6 Laps)
Car # Driver Hometown
1. 01 Rodney Franklin White Post, VA
2.17W Wayne Johnson Hancock, MD
3.25A Andy Anderson Winchester, VA
4. 24 Nathan Durboraw Hagerstown, MD
5.25D David Williams Avenue, MD
6.80 Mike Altobelli Saxton, PA

PRO Shocks
B Main # 1 (20 Laps)
Car # Driver Hometown
1.7C Charlie Schaffer Hampstead, MD
2.3 David Scott Garland, PA
3.7N Rob Nichols Front Royal, VA
4.15A Tom Armel Winchester, VA
5. 99 Mike Hardy Winchester, VA
6. 11L Jeff Ferguson Brownfield, PA
7.119 Jim Bernheisel Lebanon, PA
8. 0 Roy Anderson Winchester, VA
9. 30 Skeet Reckner Wauseon, OH
10.42 Todd Andrews Eldred, PA

B Main # 2 (20 Laps)
Car # Driver Hometown
1.5A Brad Omps Winchester, VA
2. 4* Richard Irwin Winchester, VA
3.48 Tim Booth Edgewater, MD
4.5B Wes Bonebrake Hagerstown, MD
5. 112 David Padula Greencastle, PA
6. 1A Scott Andrews Hagerstown, MD
7. 42B Scott Brode Keyser, WV
8. 49 Eric Zembower Bedford, PA
9. 6F Jeff Fries Chambersburg, PA
10. 96 Shane Quattro Davis, WV

A Main (100 laps) Winchester 200
Car # Driver Hometown

1.19 Gary Stuhler Greencastle, PA
2.25A Andy Anderson Winchester, VA
3.19J D.J. Myers Greencastle, PA
4.24  Nathan Durboraw Hagerstown, MD
5.05 Roy Deese, Jr. Odenton MD
6. 04 Bob Close Eldred, PA
7. 1H Scott Haus Hamburg, PA
8. 50E Tom Myers Greencastle, PA
9.4* Richard Irwin Winchester, VA
10.01 Rodney Franklin White Post, VA
11.1C Lynn Geisler Cranberry Twp., PA
12. W11 Robbie Blair Titusville, PA
13. 5A Brad Omps Winchester, VA
14.28D Gerald Davis Delray, WV 
15. 44P Kenny Pettyjohn Georgetown, DE
16. 17W Wayne Johnson Hancock, MD
17. 4N Allen Brannon Winchester, VA
18. 06 Wayne Dillman, Jr. Berryville, VA
19.80 Mike Altobelli Saxton, PA 
20. 7C Charlie Schaffer Hampstead, MD
21 3 David Scott Garland, PA
22. 31B Ernie Davis Martinsburg, WV
23. 25D David Williams Avenue, MD
24. 83R Scott Rhodes Somerset, PA

Car Count: 61

Lap Leaders: 1 - 3 Franklin; 4 - 30 Anderson;31 - 100 Stuhler

Cautions: 3, 4, 8, 17, 34, 41, 48, 69, 75

Time of event: 1:08:01 

Hard Chargers
Start Finish Advanced

Richard Irwin 22  9  13
Lynn Geisler  23 11 12
Roy Deese, Jr.  15  5  10
Gary Stuhler  9  1  8
D.J. Myers  10  3  7
Bob Close  13  6  7

Upcoming Events

October 2
Potomac Speedway, Budds Creek, MD
$6,000 to-win
October 8, 9, 10
Challenger Raceway, Indiana, PA
$15,000 to-win possible

MACS Facts:
Series stats reveal 281 drivers participating in nineteen events from eleven states including: Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Michigan, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia 

Twelve of the top twenty Series points drivers were present.

Career Wins Todd Andrews - 11
Gary Stuhler - 10
Chub Frank - 8 

Top Ten in Points
1. 1C Lynn Geisler 1713 6. 11L Jeff Ferguson 1304
2. W11 Robbie Blair 1702 7. 112 Dave Padula 1245
3. 42 Todd Andrews 1489 8. 30 Skeet Reckner 1161
4. 83R Scott Rhodes 1456 9. 28 Ed Carley 1158
5. 42B Scott Brode 1381 10. 13 Jim Mazur 1119

Thanks for your continued support and cooperation.

Andy Geesey President 724.463.0255
Matt Geesey Secretary/Treasurer 724.463.0453
Jeff Geesey Public Relations 724.465.2222
FAX: 724.465.2529
E-mail: macs@mail.microserve.net 
Website: http://www.macsracing.com