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September 5, 1999



KNOXVILLE, TN – Marshall Green of Dalton, GA pulled off the clean sweep

Sunday night by winning the United Dirt Track Racing Association Hav-A-Tampa

Dirt Racing Series WIVK 100 at Atomic Speedway. Green’s sweep driving the

Hatfield Racing Engines Warrior/Monte Carlo was two-part.

The first part of the sweep was that Green’s third Hav-A-Tampa win of the

season came at the third of three East Tennessee tracks HAT has appeared at

during the 1999 season. Green’s other two HAT wins came in Tazewell, TN and

Bulls Gap, TN. With Sunday night’s $20,000 win, Green has earned $45,000 in

East Tennessee HAT competition.

The second part of the sweep was by Green earning fast time honors among

the 43 entries, winning his Borla Muffler heat race on Saturday night, and

then coming back and leading all 100 laps in the big show on Sunday night.

The score sheets may show Green leading every lap, but that counts and the

start-finish line. In between that spot of red clay, Green and Skip Arp of

Georgetown, TN swapped the lead back and forth several times in heavy lapped

traffic keeping the record standing-room-only crowd on their feet.

“My motto tonight was Refuse To Lose,” Green said. “Skip stayed with me

there for the first half of the race. My radios weren’t working, so I just

got in the wrong place at the wrong time on a couple of occasions, and Skip

slipped by me. We were able to come right back though and pass him back for

the lead.”

Green found himself a comfortable middle groove on the 1/3-mile high-banked

clay oval to race in, while Arp used the bottom groove to keep the nose of

his Curtis Equipment GRT/Monte Carlo tucked underneath Green.

Scott Bloomquist of Mooresburg, TN worked his way up to second spot by lap

68, and he could draw to within a car-length of Green, but several cautions

flags kept the battle from heating up. The defending and three-time HAT

Champion had to settle for second in the Miller Brothers Coal


“Marshall did a good job tonight, and I just couldn’t catch him in an open

track,” Bloomquist said. “When we would get to the lapped traffic, I could

reel him in, but then the caution flag would come out.”

Bloomquist’s second-place finish moved him up to third spot in the HAT

point standings, just 37 points behind second-place Dale McDowell of

Rossville, GA who finished ninth in his Glenn’s Auto Parts GRT/Monte Carlo.

HAT point leader Wendell Wallace of Batesville, AR finished third in the

Monday Trucking GRT/Monte Carlo for his 20th top five finish of the season.

Wallace now has a 102 point lead over McDowell with five races left in the

1999 HAT season.

Arp faded in the second half of the race to end up in fourth place, and

fifth went to Rick Eckert of York, PA in the Raye Vest Rocket/Grand Prix.

Earl Pearson Jr. of Jacksonville, FL took the sixth spot in the M&M

Transport Warrior/Monte Carlo.

The 1996 HAT Champion Freddy Smith of Knoxville, TN finished seventh in the

Christenberry Trucking and Farms GRT/Monte Carlo, and eighth went to Billy

Ogle Jr. of Knoxville, TN in the P&J Builders Warrior/Monte Carlo. Ray Cook

of Brasstown, NC rounded out the top ten in the English Mountain Spring

Water GRT/Mustang.

Green took the lead at the start of the race followed by Eckert, Arp,

Bloomquist and Scott Sexton of Pigeon Forge, TN in the True Value Hardware

Stinger/Grand Prix. Arp drove by Eckert for second on lap three, and then

closed in immediately on Green. The race was on.

The first of nine caution flags came out on lap five when 1993 HAT Champion

Clint Smith of

Griffin, GA tangled with Vic Hill of Knoxville, TN and Mike Gault of

Gaffney, SC in turn four. The pace of the race was slowed again on lap

eight when Ronnie Johnson stopped on the track with a flat left-rear tire.

Just after that restart, Gusty Christenberry of Knoxville, TN and Patrick

Duggan of Lenoir City, TN tangled in turn one to bring out the third caution

flag. After that restart, the field raced under green flag conditions until

lap 37 when a lose muffler on the track slowed the field.

During this green flag period, Arp went to bottom groove to challenge Green

for the lead, and once the leaders were in lapped traffic, they swapped the

point back-and-forth several times dodging in and out of the lapped cars.

The lap 37 caution flag showed Green leading Arp, Eckert, Sexton and

Bloomquist for the restart. When the green light came back on, Bloomquist

busted a move on Sexton and Eckert to move up to the third spot. By the

halfway mark, Wallace had moved into the top five after running in eighth

earlier in the race.

Bloomquist passed Eckert for third spot on lap 54, and by lap 65, Green had

pulled out to a full straightaway lead over Arp. A caution flag on lap 66

for debris in turn four, however, closed up that advantage. Just after the

restart, Bloomquist passed Arp for second spot, and on lap 70, Wallace

passed Eckert for fourth. Four laps later, Wallace moved around Arp for

third spot.

Green stayed in his consistent middle groove of the track, while Bloomquist

worked the bottom groove and moved to within a car-length of the leader.

Just as the lead duo closed in on lapped traffic, the ninth and last caution

flag of the night was unfurled on lap 87 when Ronnie Johnson cut down his

second tire of the race.

The last 13 laps of the race were caution-free, and Green stayed in front

of Bloomquist for the win in front of the Speedvision television network


The next event on the HAT schedule will be on September 17-18 for a

$15,000-to-win event at Volunteer Speedway in Bulls Gap, TN. The latest

Hav-A-Tampa news, information, points standings, statistics, season

schedules, and television schedules can be found on the Internet at the

Official UDTRA Web Site at www.havatamparacing.com.



1. 1 89 Marshall Green Dalton, GA Chev. 100 $20,000

2. 3 0 Scott Bloomquist Mooresburg, TN Ford 100 $9,050

3. 7 6m Wendell Wallace Batesville, AR Chev. 100 $5,300

4. 4 31 Skip Arp Georgetown, TN Chev. 100 $3,800

5. 2 24 Rick Eckert York, PA Pont. 100 $3,300

6. 8 46 Earl Pearson Jr. Jacksonville, FL Chev. 100 $2,750

7. 11 00 Freddy Smith Knoxville, TN Chev. 100 $2,800

8. 6 201 Billy Ogle Jr. Knoxville, TN Chev. 100 $2,250

9. 14 17m Dale McDowell Rossville, GA Chev. 100 $2,300

10. 12 53 Ray Cook Brasstown, NC Ford 100 $2,050

11. 15 15 Steve Francis Ashland, KY Chev. 100 $1,800

12. 5 52 Scott Sexton Pigeon Forge, TN Pont. 100 $1,300

13. 9 66 Bill Frye Greenbrier, AR Pont. 100 $1,500

14. 24 84 Roger Best Maryville, TN Chev. 100 $1,100

15. 19 5 Ronnie Johnson Chattanooga, TN Pont. 100 $1,000

16. 10 8 David Payne Murphy, NC Chev. 100 $975

17. 21 22 Terry Shannon Pilot Mountain, TN Chev. 89 $950

18. 17 28 Dennis Erb Jr. (R) Carpentersville, IL Chev. 72 $925

19. 22 17g Mike Gault Gaffney, SC Pont. 71 $900

20. 16 114 Randle Chupp Knoxville, TN Chev. 65 $900

21. 23 54 Vic Hill Knoxville, TN Chev. 56 $900

22. 20 15d Patrick Duggan Lenoir City, TN Chev. 36 $900

23. 18 11 Clint Smith Griffin, GA Chev. 20 $900

24. 13 CV3 Gusty Christenberry Knoxville, TN Chev. 5 $900


HEAT RACE WINNERS: Green, Eckert, Bloomquist, Arp

LAP LEADERS: Green, 1-100


PROVISIONALS: Hill (2) and Best

HAV-A-TAMPA SHOOTOUT INVITEES: Shannon, Gault, Duggan, Christenberry, Steve

Harrison, and Jeff Monger (Promoter’s Choice)

CONSOLATION RACE RESULTS (12 Laps – Top Three Finishers Transfer To The Main


PACE AMERICAN TRAILERS 1ST CONSY: 1. Erb; 2. Johnson; 3. Shannon; 4. Steve

Smith, Powell, TN; 5. Steve Harrison, Spring City, TN; 6. Charles Hurst,

Knoxville, TN; 7. Rick Williams, Crossville, TN; 8. Ken Phillips, Loudon,

TN; 9. Hill.

POLARIS ATVs 2ND CONSY: 1. C. Smith; 2. Duggan; 3. Gault; 4. Best; 5.

Bobby Turner, Cumming, GA; 6. Jason Welsham, Maryville, TN; 7. Dan Duggan,

Lenoir City, TN; 8. Brandon Ball, West Plains, MO; 9. Jeff Monger, Lenoir

City, TN; 10. Lance Elson, Wellsburg, WV; 11. Jake Lowry, Georgetown, TN.