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October 8, 1999



WOODSTOCK, GA – Ray Cook of Brasstown, NC earned the pole position for Saturday night’s $52,000-to-win 10th Annual United Dirt Track Racing Association Hav-A-Tampa Shootout at Dixie Speedway.

On Friday night, Cook turned in fast time honors among the 81 entries, and then won the first 20-lap Borla Muffler Heat Race driving the English Mountain Spring Water GRT/Mustang. Cook swapped the lead in the first heat with Steve Francis of Ashland, KY early in the race, but was able to take command by the fifth lap to go on for the win over Francis and Brian Birkhofer of Muscatine, IA. Cook earned the pole for the first heat race by turning a quick lap around the refurbished 3/8-mile clay oval was 14.392 seconds during qualifications.

The top three finishers in each of the six heat races made up the “Elite 18” for the starting positions in the first nine rows for The Shootout. Bill Frye of Greenbrier, AR will start The Shootout on the outside of row one after driving the UniFirst Uniforms Warrior/Grand Prix to victory in the second heat race. Following the 1995 Shootout winner in heat two were Scott Sexton of Pigeon Forge, TN and Skip Arp of Georgetown, TN.

The 1996 Shootout winner Billy Moyer of Batesville, AR won the third heat in the Petroff Towing GRT/Grand Prix and will start the big show on Saturday night from the inside of the second row. Following the 1997 HAT Champion in heat three were Jack Pennington of Winston, GA and Mike Balzano of Parkersburg, VA.

HAT point leader Wendell Wallace of Batesville, AR won the fourth heat driving the Monday Trucking GRT/Grand Prix and starts his quest for the title from the outside of the second row. Finishing behind the 1997 Shootout winner in heat four were Steve Shaver of Parkersburg, WV, and Ricky Williams of Fayetteville, GA.

Dale McDowell of Rossville, GA, who trails Wallace by 31 points in the HAT Championship standings, kept pace with Wallace by winning the fifth heat driving the Glenn’s Auto Parts GRT/Monte Carlo. With a Shootout win, McDowell will earn track owner Mickey Swims’ $20,000 Big Bonus. McDowell starts Saturday night’s main event from the inside of row three. Following McDowell in heat five were Donnie Barnhart of North Little Rock, AR and Billy Ogle Jr. of Knoxville, TN.

Freddy Smith of Knoxville, TN drove the Christenberry Trucking and Farms GRT/Monte Carlo to victory in the sixth heat race and will start The Shootout from the outside of the third row. Trailing the 1996 HAT Champion in heat six were Ronnie Johnson of Chattanooga, TN and Marshall Green of Dalton, GA.

Drivers finishing the heat races fourth on back will have another opportunity to make The Shootout on Saturday night in one of two 20-lap Consolation Races. The top three finishers from the Pace American Trailers 1st Consolation Race and the Polaris ATVs 2nd Consolation Race will fill in starting positions 19 through 24 in The Shootout.

Among the top drivers who have yet to make the show are the defending and three-time HAT Champion and two-time Shootout winner Scott Bloomquist of Mooresburg, TN, who is currently third in the HAT point standings. Other top entrants on the outside looking in are Rick Eckert of York, PA, who is sixth in the HAT points chase, Earl Pearson Jr. of Jacksonville, FL who is tenth in HAT points, Rick Aukland of Fargo, ND, Shannon Babb of Decatur, IL, Terry Phillips of Springfield, MO, Bob Pierce of Oakwood, IL, and Donnie Moran of Dresden, OH.

The 25th and 26th starting positions in The Shootout will be HAT Provisionals and go to the top two highest drivers in the HAT point standings that have not made the show through heat or consolation races.

Birkhofer outran a field of 17 1999 HAT Fast Qualifiers to take the $5,000 top prize in the 15-lap Isky Dash. Birkhofer driving the Seubert Calf Ranches GRT/Grand Prix took the lead from pole sitter Freddy Smith on the opening lap and never looked back.

On Saturday, a live band will be performing to greet race fans when the gates open at 2 p.m. At 4 p.m., there will be a HAT Drivers Autograph Session in the main grandstand area. Hot laps are scheduled for 6:30 p.m.

Dixie Speedway is located two miles west of I-575 on State Road 92. The race day information line is (770) 926-5315.

For additional information about Dixie Speedway and area motels go to the Internet at www.dixiespeedway.com. The latest Hav-A-Tampa news, information, points standings, statistics, season schedules, and television schedules can be found on the Internet at the Official UDTRA Web Site at www.havatamparacing.com.



1 53 Ray Cook Brasstown, NC GRT Mustang 14.392

2 66 Bill Frye Greenbrier, AR Warrior Grand Prix 14.442

3 21 Billy Moyer Batesville, AR GRT Grand Prix 14.442

4 6m Wendell Wallace Batesville, AR GRT Monte Carlo 14.482

5 201 Billy Ogle Jr. Knoxville, TN Warrior Monte Carlo 14.509

6 00 Freddy Smith Knoxville, TN GRT Monte Carlo 14.541

7 15b Brian Birkhofer Muscatine, IA GRT Monte Carlo 14.543

8 31 Skip Arp Georgetown, TN GRT Monte Carlo 14.549

9 75 Terry Phillips Springfield, MO GRT Monte Carlo 14.57

10 17w Ricky Williams Fayetteville, GA GRT Monte Carlo 14.583

11 17m Dale McDowell Rossville, GA GRT Monte Carlo 14.588

12 5J Ronnie Johnson Chattanooga, TN GRT Grand Prix 14.631

13 99m Donnie Moran Dresden, OH MasterSbilt Monte Carlo 14.66

14 52 Scott Sexton Pigeon Forge, TN Stinger Grand Prix 14.663

15 01 Jack Pennington Winston, GA GRT Monte Carlo 14.684

16 46R Rex Richey Ringgold, GA Warrior Monte Carlo 14.688

17 11db Donnie Barnhart N. Little Rock, AR GRT Monte Carlo 14.702

18 89 Marshall Green Dalton, GA Warrior Monte Carlo 14.745

19 15 Steve Francis Ashland, KY Rocket Monte Carlo 14.748

20 0 Scott Bloomquist Mooresburg, TN Warrior Mustang 14.753

21 E1 Mike Balzano Parkersburg, WV Rocket Monte Carlo 14.778

22 54 Gusty Christenberry Knoxville, TN Stinger Monte Carlo 14.796

23 9 Frank Ingram Acworth, GA Warrior Monte Carlo 14.806

24 46 Earl Pearson Jr. Jacksonville, FL Warrior Monte Carlo 14.81

25 68 Tim Hitt Weston, WV Rocket Monte Carlo 14.831

26 81 Grainger Howell Cartersville, GA Rocket Monte Carlo 14.838

27 5k Greg Knight Cumming, GA Warrior Monte Carlo 14.853

28 84b Roger Best Maryville, TN Warrior Monte Carlo 14.89

29 32p Bob Pierce Oakwood, IL Rayburn Monte Carlo 14.908

30 3ss Steve Smith Powell, TN Warrior Monte Carlo 14.971

31 4 Vernon Smith Rome, GA GRT Monte Carlo 14.972

32 18b Shannon Babb Decatur, IL GRT Monte Carlo 14.982

33 29m Gary McPherson Dalton, GA GRT Monte Carlo 14.985

34 1w Ricky Weeks Rutherfordton, NC Barry Wright Monte Carlo 14.999

35 1vh Vic Hill Knoxville, TN Warrior Monte Carlo 15.016

36 32 Brandon Ball West Plains, MO GRT Grand Prix 15.033

37 C28 Kenny Merchant Ruston, LA Warrior Mustang 15.037

38 99c Rick Aukland Fargo, ND Rocket Monte Carlo 15.08

39 66k Wade Knowles Tyrone, GA MasterSbilt Grand Prix 15.106

40 11s Clint Smith Griffin, GA Swartz Monte Carlo 15.124

41 114 Randle Chupp Knoxville, TN GRT Monte Carlo 15.129

42 17g Mike Gault Gaffney, SC GRT Grand Prix 15.139

43 8 David Payne Murphy, NC GRT Monte Carlo 15.14

44 0s Craig Scott Cannon Falls, MN MasterSbilt Camaro 15.158

45 25 Jody Summerville Rome, GA Smoky Joe Mustang 15.175

46 30 Steve Shaver Parkersburg, WV Rayburn Monte Carlo 15.176

47 60 Gar Dickson Flintstone, GA Warrior Mustang 15.195

48 24 Rick Eckert York, PA Rocket Grand Prix 15.221

49 68r Eddie Rickman Columbus, MS GRT Monte Carlo 15.245

50 90 Jack Trammel Lake City, TN Stinger Monte Carlo 15.253

51 11sb Stacy Boles Knoxville, TN GRT Monte Carlo 15.301

52 17L Lamar Haygood Douglasville, GA GRT Monte Carlo 15.303

53 18 Brandon Kinzer Allen, KY Warrior Taurus 15.31

54 28w Terry Wolfenbarger Knoxville, TN Stinger Grand Prix 15.313

55 92 Rodney Martin Cartersville, GA Warrior Monte Carlo 15.324

56 96e Terry English Benton, KY Warrior Monte Carlo 15.341

57 89B Buster Goss Rome, GA Warrior Monte Carlo 15.381

58 25b Dale Ball Limestone, TN Warrior Monte Carlo 15.399

59 CV3 Clayton Christenberry Knoxville, TN GRT Monte Carlo 15.407

60 22g Herman Goddard Knoxville, TN Warrior Monte Carlo 15.411

61 03 Jeff Monger Lenoir City, TN Stinger Monte Carlo 15.444

62 1pc Phil Coltrane Canton, GA Stinger Mustang 15.462

63 1s Johnny Stokes Columbus, MS GRT Mustang 15.463

64 19e Wayne Echols Cumming, GA Dominator Monte Carlo 15.48

65 28 Dennis Erb Jr. Carpentersville, IL Rayburn Monte Carlo 15.483

66 55 Terrance Nowell Phenix City, AL Barry Wright Monte Carlo 15.492

67 70 Anthony Rushing Columbus, MS Larry Shaw Monte Carlo 15.512

68 2F Dennis Franklin Gaffney, SC Barry Wright Monte Carlo 15.525

69 5c David Crabtree Maryville, TN Warrior Monte Carlo 15.537

70 99j Johnny Johnson West Burlington, IA GRT Mustang 15.55

71 4 Jason Smith Rome, GA Larry Shaw Monte Carlo 15.679

72 12 Jeffery Sanborn Shelbyville, TN Warrior Stratus 15.751

73 84h Steve Harrison Spring City, TN Stinger Monte Carlo 15.776

74 17h Dwayne Hommel Newport, TN MasterSbilt Monte Carlo 15.788

75 5bh Brian Hendrix Knoxville, TN Stinger Monte Carlo 15.878

76 B3 Mike Barfield Mendenhall, MS Rayburn Grand Prix 15.904

77 15m Marty Massey Winston, GA Warrior Monte Carlo 15.93

78 6j Kerry Jones Bristol, TN Warrior Monte Carlo 16.362

79 1a Jim Cryer Paducah, KY Amer. Made Monte Carlo 17.859

80 81i Ricky Ingalls Longview, TX Warrior Grand Prix NT

81 87r Derrick Rainey Powder Sprgs, GA MasterSbilt Grand Prix NT

BORLA MUFFLER 20-LAP HEAT RACE RESULTS (Top 3 Finishers Transfer To The


1ST HEAT: 1. Cook; 2. Francis; 3. Birkhofer; 4. Moran; 5. Hitt; 6. V. Smith; 7. Merchant; 8. Martin; 9. Payne; 10. Rickman; 11. Monger; 12. Harrison; 13. Cryer; 14. Rushing.

2ND HEAT: 1. Frye; 2. Sexton; 3. Arp; 4. Aukland; 5. Howell; 6. Babb; 7. Bloomquist; 8. Scott; 9. Trammel; 10. English; 11. Coltrane; 12. Franklin.

3RD HEAT: 1. Moyer; 2. Pennington; 3. Balzano; 4. Phillips; 5. Knowles; 6. Boles; 7. Stokes; 8. Knight; 9. Summerville; 10. McPherson; 11. Crabtree; 12. Hendrix; 13. Goss.

4TH HEAT: 1. Wallace; 2. Shaver; 3. Williams; 4. Best; 5. J. Johnson; 6. Weeks; 7. C. Smith; 8. Bairfield; 9. Haygood; 10. D. Ball; 11. Richey; 12. G. Christenberry; 13. Echols.

5TH HEAT: 1. McDowell; 2. Barnhart; 3. Ogle; 4. Pierce; 5. Ingram; 6. C. Christenberry; 7. Erb; 8. Dickson; 9. Massey; 10. Kinzer; 11. J. Smith; 12. Chupp; 13. Hill.

6TH HEAT: 1. F. Smith; 2. R. Johnson; 3. Green; 4. Pearson; 5. Eckert; 6. B. Ball; 7. Gault; 8. S. Smith; 9. Goddard; 10. Sanborn; 11. Nowell; 12. Wolfenbarger; 13. Jones.


ROW 1:

53 – Ray Cook, Brasstown, NC, English Mountain Spring Water GRT/Mustang

66 – Bill Frye, Greenbrier, AR, UniFirst Uniforms Warrior/Grand Prix

ROW 2:

21 – Billy Moyer, Batesville, AR, Petroff Towing GRT/Grand Prix

6m – Wendell Wallace, Batesville, AR, Monday Trucking GRT/Grand Prix

ROW 3:

17m – Dale McDowell, Rossville, GA, Glenn’s Auto Parts GRT/Monte Carlo

00 – Freddy Smith, Knoxville, TN, Christenberry Trucking and Farms GRT/Monte


ROW 4:

15 – Steve Francis, Ashland, KY, Action Auto Mart Rocket/Monte Carlo

52 – Scott Sexton, Pigeon Forge, TN, English Mountain Spring Water

Stinger/Grand Prix

ROW 5:

01 – Jack Pennington, Winston, GA, B&B Quarries GRT/Monte Carlo

30 – Steve Shaver, Parkersburg, WV, Simonton Windows Rayburn/Monte Carlo

ROW 6:

11 – Donnie Barnhart, North Little Rock, AR, B&M Excavating GRT/Monte Carlo

5 – Ronnie Johnson, Chattanooga, TN, AFCO Race Products GRT/Grand Prix

ROW 7:

15b – Brian Birkhofer, Muscatine, IA, Seubert Calf Ranches GRT/Grand Prix

31 – Skip Arp, Georgetown, TN, Curtis Equipment GRT/Monte Carlo

ROW 8:

E1 – Mike Balzano, Parkersburg, WV, Balzano Racing Rocket/Monte Carlo

17w – Ricky Williams, Fayetteville, GA, AC/Delco GRT/Monte Carlo

ROW 9:

201 – Billy Ogle Jr., Knoxville, TN, P&J Builders Warrior/Monte Carlo

89 – Marshall Green, Dalton, GA, Hatfield Racing Engines Warrior/Monte Carlo

ROW 10:

Pace American Trailers 1st Consolation Race Winner

Polaris ATVs 2nd Consolation Race Winner

ROW 11:

Pace American Trailers 1st Consolation Race Runner-Up

Polaris ATVs 2nd Consolation Race Runner-Up

ROW 12:

Pace American Trailers 1st Consolation Race 3rd Place Finisher

Polaris ATVs 2nd Consolation Race 3rd Place Finisher

ROW 13:

HAT Provisional

HAT Provisional


CONSOLATION RACE LINE-UPS (20-Laps – Top Three Finishers Transfer To The



99m Donnie Moran – 75 Terry Phillips

32p Bob Pierce – 68 Tim Hitt

66k Wade Knowles – 9 Frank Ingram

4vs Vernon Smith – 11b Stacy Boles

CV3 Clayton Christenberry – C28 Kenny Merchant

1s Johnny Stokes – 28 Dennis Erb Jr.

92 Rodney Martin – 5k Greg Knight

60 Gar Dickson – 8 David Payne

25 Jody Summerville – 15m Marty Massey

68r Eddie Rickman – 29 Gary McPherson

18k Brandon Kinzer – 03 Jeff Monger

5c David Crabtree – 4js Jason Smith

84 Steve Harrison – 5h Brian Hendrix

114 Randle Chupp – 1a Jim Cryer

89b Buster Goss – 1c Vic Hill

70 Anthony Rushing


99c Rick Aukland – 84 Roger Best

46 Earl Pearson Jr. – 81 Granger Howell

99j Johnny Johnson – 24 Rick Eckert

18b Shannon Babb – 1w Ricky Weeks

32b Brandon Ball – 0 Scott Bloomquist

11 Clint Smith – 17g Mike Gault

0s Craig Scott – B3 Mike Bairfield

3 Steve Smith – 90 Jack Trammel

17h Lamar Haygood – 22 Herman Goddard

96 Terry English – 25b Dale Ball

12 Jeff Sanborn – p1 Phil Coltrane

46r Rex Richey – 55 Terrance Nowell

2 Dennis Franklin – 54 Gusty Christenberry

28w Terry Wolfenbarger – 17dh Dwayne Hommel

19 Wayne Echols – 6 Kerry Jones