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July 30, 1999


  CALVERT CITY, KY - Steve Francis of Ashland, KY will start on the pole
position for Saturday night's United Dirt Track Racing Association
Hav-A-Tampa Dirt Racing Series 100-lap $15,000-to-win main event at Kentucky Lake Motor Speedway.

 The first "Sweet 16" starting spots for the Saturday night feature race
were determined through four 12-lap Borla Muffler Heat Races on Friday
night, in which the top four finishers in each heat race transferred to the
main event.

Francis drove his Action Auto Mart Rocket/Monte Carlo to fast time honors
and a Borla Muffler first heat race win to earn the pole in Friday night
action.  Francis out-qualified 42 other entrants with a lap around the
3/8-mile clay oval in 16.192 seconds.

After a four-wide battle for the lead in the opening laps of the first heat
race, Francis then pulled away from Hav-A-Tampa point leader Dale McDowell
of Rossville, GA, Rick Aukland of Fargo, ND, and Rick Eckert of York, PA to
win the first heat.

 Skip Arp of Georgetown, TN will start on the outside of the front row for
Saturday night's big show after winning the second 12-lap Borla Muffler heat
race driving the Curtis Equipment GRT/Monte Carlo.

Arp was the second fastest qualifier and outran 1996 HAT Champion Freddy
Smith of Knoxville, TN in heat two after a race-long side-by-side battle.
Bob Pierce of Oakwood, IL and 1993 HAT Champion Clint Smith of Griffin, GA
rounded out the top four.

Shannon Babb of Decatur, IL won the third heat race in the 10-10-220
Rayburn/Monte Carlo and will start the big show from the inside of row two.
Babb had to hold off a late-race charge from Earl Pearson Jr. of
Jacksonville, FL.  Third and four spots went to 1997 HAT Champion Billy
Moyer of Batesville, AR and Bill Frye of Greenbrier, AR.

The defending and three-time HAT Champion Scott Bloomquist of Mooresburg, TN drove his Miller Brothers Coal Warrior/Mustang to victory in the fourth heat and will start Saturday night's race from the outside of the second row. Second through fourth spots went to Wendell Wallace of Batesville, AR, Brian Birkhofer of Muscatine, IA, and Kevin Weaver of Gibson City, IL.

The 17th through 22nd starting spots for the main event will be determined
through two consolation races.  The 23rd and 24th starting spots will be HAT
provisionals and will go to the highest eligible drivers in the HAT point
standings that have not qualified through heat and consolation races.



1 15 Steve Francis Ashland, KY Rocket Monte Carlo 16.192
2 31 Skip Arp Georgetown, TN GRT Monte Carlo 16.202
3 18b Shannon Babb Decatur, IL Rayburn Monte Carlo 16.274
4 6m Wendell Wallace Batesville, AR GRT Monte Carlo 16.329
5 17m Dale McDowell Rossville, GA GRT Monte Carlo 16.432
6 00 Freddy Smith Knoxville, TN GRT Monte Carlo 16.436
7 87 Rex Richey Ringgold, GA Rayburn Monte Carlo 16.456
8 0 Scott Bloomquist Mooresburg, TN Warrior Mustang 16.482
9 24 Rick Eckert York, PA Rocket Grand Prix 16.587
10 32p Bob Pierce Oakwood, IL Rayburn Monte Carlo 16.594
11 21 Billy Moyer Batesville, AR GRT Grand Prix 16.613
12 33r Steve Russell Pontotoc, MS GRT Monte Carlo 16.625
13 99c Rick Aukland Fargo, ND MasterSbilt Grand Prix 16.647
14 28kc Kevin Claycomb Vincenes, IN GRT Monte Carlo 16.691
15 66 Bill Frye Greenbrier, AR Warrior Grand Prix 16.693
16 B12 Kevin Weaver Gibson City, IL MasterSbilt Monte Carlo 16.709
17 S9 Dan Schlieper Pewaukee, WI Rayburn Monte Carlo 16.769
18 11s Clint Smith Griffin, GA Swartz Monte Carlo 16.778
19 46 Earl Pearson Jr. Jacksonville, FL Warrior Monte Carlo 16.79
20 53 Ray Cook Brasstown, NC GRT Mustang 16.794
21 77 Robbie Starnes Starkeville, MS GRT Monte Carlo 16.806
22 75g John Gill Mitchell, IN MasterSbilt Monte Carlo 16.837
23 12s Jason Smith Laurel, MS Rocket Monte Carlo 16.931
24 89 Marshall Green Dalton, GA Warrior Monte Carlo 16.941
25 28 Dennis Erb Carpentersville, ILL Rayburn Monte Carlo 16.943
26 32 Brandon Ball West Plains, MO GRT Grand Prix 16.945
27 96e Terry English Benton, KY Rayburn Monte Carlo 16.957
28 1vh Vic Hill Knoxville, TN Stinger Monte Carlo 16.961
29 CV3 Clayton Christenberry Knoxville, TN GRT Monte Carlo 16.963
30 11db Donnie Barnhart N. Little Rock, AR GRT Monte Carlo 17.018
31 01 Greg Johnson Franklin, IN Warrior Monte Carlo 17.063
32 15b Brian Birkhofer Muscatine, IA Mastersbilt Monte Carlo 17.075
33 K5 Gary Keeling Paducah, KY Rayburn Monte Carlo 17.121
34 14jr Steve Rushin Poplar Bluff, MO Larry Shaw Grand Prix 17.153
35 94 Alan Rettig Sikeston, MO GRT Monte Carlo 17.232
36 3s Randy Sellars Mayfield, KY Rayburn Monte Carlo 17.298
37 26b Butch Barber Buffalo, KY Bandit Monte Carlo 17.351
38 I-1 Brett Davis Bloomington, IN Rayburn Monte Carlo 17.448
39 28r Bill Reed Knoxville, TN Fast Monte Carlo 17.453
40 7 John Tindall Fancy Farm, KY Rayburn Monte Carlo 17.459
41 T14 Tim Brown Calvert City, KY Rayburn Mustang 17.482
42 6 Sam Patrick Plaquemin, LA Larry Shaw Monte Carlo 17.501
43 5jr Billy James Sikeston, MO GRT Monte Carlo 17.615


 1ST HEAT:  1. Francis; 2. McDowell; 3. Aukland; 4. Eckert; 5. Schlieper; 6.
Erb; 7. Starnes; 8. Keeling; 9. Christenberry; 10. Brown; 11. Barber.

 2ND HEAT:  1. Arp; 2. F. Smith; 3. Pierce; 4. C. Smith; 5. Gill; 6.
Barnhart; 7. Claycomb; 8. Rushin; 9. Ball; 10. Patrick; 11. Davis.

 3RD HEAT:  1. Babb; 2. Pearson; 3. Moyer; 4. Frye; 5. English; 6. Rettig;
7. Richey; 8. Johnson; 9. James; 10. J. Smith; 11. Reed.

 4TH HEAT:  1. Bloomquist; 2. Wallace; 3. Birkhofer; 4. Weaver; 5. Green; 6.
Cook; 7. Hill; 8. Russell; 9. Tindall; 10. Sellars.


ROW 1:
15 - Steve Francis, Ashland, KY, Action Auto Mart Rocket/Monte Carlo
31 - Skip Arp, Georgetown, TN, Curtis Equipment GRT/Monte Carlo

ROW 2:
18 - Shannon Babb, Decatur, IL, 10-10-220 Rayburn/Monte Carlo
0 - Scott Bloomquist, Mooresburg, TN, Miller Brothers Coal Warrior/Mustang

ROW 3:
17m - Dale McDowell, Rossville, GA, Dover Cylinder Heads GRT/Monte Carlo
00 - Freddy Smith, Knoxville, TN, Christenberry Trucking and Farms GRT/Monte

ROW 4:
46 - Earl Pearson Jr., Jacksonville, FL, M&M Transport Warrior/Monte Carlo
6m - Wendell Wallace, Batesville, AR, Monday Trucking GRT/Monte Carlo

ROW 5:
99c - Rick Aukland, Fargo, ND, 10-10-220 Mastersbilt/Grand Prix
32 - Bob Pierce, Oakwood, IL, Murphy Trucking Rayburn/Monte Carlo

ROW 6:
21 - Billy Moyer, Batesville, AR, Petroff Towing GRT/Grand Prix
15b - Brian Birkhofer, Muscatine, IA, Sponsor Needed GRT/Monte Carlo

ROW 7:
24 - Rick Eckert, York, PA, Raye Vest Rocket/Grand Prix
11 - Clint Smith, Griffin, GA, Turkey Creek Snacks Swartz/Monte Carlo

ROW 8:
66 - Bill Frye, Greenbrier, AR, UniFirst Uniforms Warrior/Grand Prix
B12 - Kevin Weaver, Gibson City, IL, Elrod Grain Service Mastersbilt/Monte



s9 Dan Schlieper - 96 Terry English
28 Dennis Erb Jr. (R) - 94 Alan Rettig
77 Robbie Starnes - 87 Rex Richey
K5 Gary Keeling - 01 Greg Johnson
CV3 Clayton Christenberry - 5jr Billy James
T14 Tim Brown - 12 Jason Smith
26 Butch Barber - 28r Bill Reed


75 John Gill - 89 Marshall Green
11b Donnie Barnhart - 53 Ray Cook
28c Kevin Claycomb - 1 Vic Hill
14jr Steve Rushin - 33 Steve Russell
32 Brandon Ball (R) - 7 John Tindall (R)
6 Sam Patrick - 3 Randy Sellars
I-1 Brett Davis

R - Denotes Rookie of the Year Candidate