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Art Bean

The consi went pretty much caution free with Jeff Wolfenbarger #28 winning, followed by John Thompson #38, Greg Burchett #17, Carnell Parker #75. The SOUTHERN ALL STARS Provisionals going to Tim Roszell #25 and Stan Amacher #21. Fifth thru tenth went to Jason Trammell #90, Tim Roszell #25, Stan Amacher #21, Harold Simpson #h17, John Neal #41, Troy Eads #52.

Fast Qual. Steve Smith 12:17, Scott Sexton 12:19, Randall Chupp 12:25,

Ricky Rogers 12:29, John Llewellyn 12:31. The Qual. And race were run on D55 tires per SAS rules, and no courtesy laps for flat tires.

In the feature 3 starts before we got a lap in with Steve Smith #3 (yel/blk) beating Scott Sexton #52 on every start, and others bringing out a caution before we completed a lap. With one lap on the board it was again Smith taking the point. With Randall Chupp #114 moving by Sexton for 2nd. By lap 3 it was a Chupp moving up to take the led away from Smith, this went on for 3 laps. On lap 5 Roger Best #84 spun, on the restart Llewellyn slowed with a flat tire. The restart of lap 5 Chupp rook the led from S. Smith and Jamie Perry #p4 spun, collecting Roszell, Terry Wolfenbarger #3 (grn/wht), Bryan Hendrix #5, Glen Vanover #v20. SAS official sent Perry to the rear of the field and put the other back in the position they were running. By lap 8 Rex Richey #87, who started 14th moved up to take a position away from Rogers who started 4th. On lap 24 Richey moved by Sexton to pick up another spot. Richey was on a mission passing cars like he was giving driving lessons.

T. Wolfenbarger then spun in turn 4, On the restart it was Chupp who had the field covered at this point, S. Smith, Sexton, Richey, Jeff Smith #70. Jeff's Dad Freddy Smith had told Jeff he wasn't ready for the quickest track in the world THE TAZ and the highest banks. Lap 28 the low flying plane of Richey moved in to 2nd place. Lap 43 the leader Chupp broke and touched the wall making it to turn one collecting S. Smith and Vic Hill #1 spinning. Restart it was the UFO of Richey, Sexton and Jeff Smith in 3rd at the place his Dad had warned him about THE TAZ. Richey and Sexton door to door and on lap 46 Sexton took over the led, while behind them it was Hill, Mike head #54, Duayne Hommel #17 three wide racing for position. It took till lap 67 for Head to move in to the 4th place. The set up for the finish it was Sexton and Richey for the last 3 lap with katie bar the door and door to door. With Sexton taking the win by inches. With one fan going down to the flag stand to see just how close it was. SAS official told me that Sexton had run only 11 or 12 SAS shows and had won 9 of the races he had entered.

Carnell Parker was over heard on the radio saying that he sure wished they had a track like this (THE TAZ) around home.

Official Finish

  1. Scott Sexton #52/Stinger/J. T. Kerr Racing Equip.
  2. Rex Richey #87/Rayburn
  3. Jeff Smith #70/GRT/J & J Race Cars
  4. Mike Head #54/
  5. Vic "The Thrill" Hill #1/Stinger/Alpine Ind./Vol. Perf. Racing Engines
  6. Duayne Hommel #17/MasterSbilt/Hommel Excavating
  7. Jack Trammell #90/Stinger/Total Construction
  8. Jamie Perry #p4/GRT/Race Engine Design
  9. Bryan Hendrix #5/Stinger/Advanced Transmission
  10. Terry Wolfenbarger #3/Warrior/Armstrong Ref./National Auto Parts
  11. Greg Burchett #17/TNT/Kodak
  12. Jeff Wolfenbarger #28 (blk/yel)/Warrior/National Auto Parts
  13. Stan Amacher #21/
  14. Tim Roszell #25/GRT/T & K Auto Trim
  15. Randall Chupp #114/Bonaza Produce/ Fine Trucking
  16. Steve Smith #3 (yel/blk)/Warrior/Custom Engine/
  17. John Thompson #38/Warrior/App. Mach./Giles Ind./Long John Silvers
  18. Rick Rogers #144/Interceptor/Fast Race Cars/RaceScan
  19. Bill Reed #28 (yel) /Interceptor/UPS/DieCast Diegest/Hotsy
  20. John Llewellyn #90 (yel)/Stinger/Ken's Glass and Mirror
  21. Carnell Parker #75/GRT/Moose Creek Pepper Sause
  22. Tommy Kerr #4t/Stinger/J. T. Kerr Racing Equip.
  23. Glen Vanover #20v/Warrior/Vanover and Son Concrete Finishers
  24. Roger Beat #84/Warrior/Vol. Trucking