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Dog Hollow Speedway

Dog Hollow Speedway
Shunk, Petyak, and Sankey Star at DHS
August 6, 1999
STRONGSTOWN, PA - Marshall Shunk of Smethport topped the late models Friday night at Dog Hollow Speedway for his first career win at the track.  Other new winners included:  Denny Petyak of Gallitzen in the super stocks and Osceola Mills driver, George Sankey, in the small block modifieds.
Repeat winners included: Jerry Lower of Williamsburg, in the street stocks, Steve Diehl of Gallitzen, in the pure stocks, and Lynn Knepper of Somerset in the DWARFS.
Paul Michny and Marshall Shunk brought the full field of late models down for the start, with Shunk taking the lead.  While Shunk may have led the event from start to finish, Michny was on his bumper the entire distance.  Michny continually tried the low side of the track, but was slowed by cautions each time he made a run.  The final caution came with only four laps to go, and Michny once again tried the bottom of the track but simply could not find the extra power he needed to make the winning pass.  The final top five were:  Shunk, Michny, Bob Wearing, Jr., Scott Rhodes, and John Britsky.  Qualifying wins went to Jason Carnahan, Scott Rhodes, and Bob Wearing, Jr.  with John Yamrick winning the consolation.
Denny Petyak and Tim Mullen brought the super stock field down to the start with Petyak taking the lead.  Petyak held off, first Mullen, and then a determined Louie Jacoby, but this was Petyak's night to star and he held off all of Jacoby's efforts and took his first win of the season.  The top ten were: Petyak, Jacoby, Mike Shoemaker, Jim Parsons, Jr., Mullen, Al Zuccolotto, Randy Smithly, Rich Evans, Sam Gaston, and Todd Mathews.  Louie Jacoby and Mike Shoemaker won the heats. 
Craig Casher and George Sankey led the modifieds to the start for their first visit of the season with Sankey taking the lead.  Sankey held off Casher, then the pair of Mike Stine and Bobby Roos.  The top three ran for first with Mike Butterworth sitting in fourth waiting for someone to make a mistake, but the top three showed why they are the veterans of the division as they stayed in the same position to the checkered.  The official top ten were:  Sankey, Stine, Roos Butterworth, Spencer Husted, Lou Gentile, Carl Weatherby, Cliff Ruffaner, Tim Owens, and Steve Barr.  The heat race wins went to Carl Weatherby and Bobby Roos.
Fred Perkey, Jr., and Tom Troxell led the street stocks to John Replogle's green flag, with the field going into turn one four wide.  Troxell led the first lap and lost first to Perkey, who took the lead on lap two.  J.R. Rowe worked his way to the lead from 6th by lap five, and held the lead until lap twelve when Jerry Lower crossed the line out front.  From that point on, it was all Lower as he went on to claim his sixth win of the season.  The top ten were:  Lower, Rowe, Rich Britton, Bobby Roos, Bob Bean, Charlie Records, Shawn Mogle, Troxell, Joe Lidwell, and Steve Watkins.  Preliminaries were won by J.R. Rowe, Jerry Lower, and Rich Britton.  Bobby Roos won the consy.
The pure stock feature was led to the start by John Mazey and Henry Wilfong, with Mazey taking the lead.  He led the first lap with Kevin Clark taking the lead a lap later.  He led until a bumping incident between Clark and Steve Diehl, on lap five, relegated Clark to second.  He tried to make a move around Diehl for the lead the rest of the race, but Diehl held tough and took the win.  Clark was second, Brian Parsley was third, Mazey fourth, and Terry Nihart fifth.  Darren Desch, Brad Mease, Tony Himer, Amy Hawk, and Wilfong completed the top ten.  Heat race winners were:  Darren Desch and Jim Kirsch.
Lynn Knepper won the DWARF car feature over Eric Hay, Al Roach, a nameless driver, Ron Nester, Frank Dunkle, Bill Bauer, and Tim Russell.
DOG TRACKS: - 117 race cars were in the pits, including: 29 late models, 17 super stocks, 16 small block modifieds, 30 street stocks, 17 pure stocks, and 8 Dwarf cars...During a crash in the late model feature, the red flag came out to check on Jason Carnahan, who was racing with a broken wrist and re-injured it.  There was no report from the ambulance...The modifieds were a big hit, and will return at least two times before the season ends...This wk is the street stock Mid Season Championship...Don't forget in the event of a Friday night rainout, partial or complete rainout, the program will be re-run on Sunday at 7 PM...This week gates will open at 5 PM in the pits and 6 PM in the stands, and racing goes green at 8 PM

Top Ten Results
August 6, 1999


Late Model
1 Marshall Shunk Smethport
2 Paul Michny Pine Flats
3 Bob Wearing, Jr Renfrew
4 Scott Rhodes Somerset
5 John Britsky Clymer
6 Rodney Phillips Punxatawney
7 Tony Raneri Johnstown
8 Rick Singleton Hesston
9 Mike Blose Dayton
10 Tommy Kitchen Indiana

Super Stock
1 Denny Petyak Gallitzen
2 Lou Jacoby, Jr. Fernwood
3 Mike Shoemaker Hesston
4 Jim Parsons, Jr. Bellwood
5 Tim Mullen Ebensburg
6 Al Zuccolotto Johnstown
7 Randy Smithley Bolivar
8 Rich Evans Revlock
9 Sam Gaston Barnsboro
10 Todd Mathews Sanborn

Small Block Modifieds
1 George Sankey Osceola Mills
2 Mike Stine Smithmill
3 Bobby Roos Hyde
4 Mike Butterworth Osceola Mills
5 Spencer Husted West Decatur
6 Lou Gentile Hubbard, Ohio
7 Carl Weatherby Volant
8 Cliff Ruffaner Purchase Line
9 Tim Owens Shilo
10 Steve Barr Grove City

Street Stock
1 Jerry Lower Williamsburg
2 J.R. Rowe Mapleton
3 Rick Britton Johnstown
4 Bobby Roos Hyde
5 Bob Bean Emlinton
6 Charlie Records Clearfield
7 Shawn Mogle Ernest
8 Tom Troxell Plum Boro
9 Joe Lidwell Ashville
10 Steve Watkins Davidsville

Pure Stock
1 Steve Diehl Gallitzen
2 Kevin Clark Grassflat
3 Brian Parsley Brush Valley
4 John Mazey Bolivar
5 Terry Nihart Ebensburg
6 Darren Desch Tyrone
7 Brad Mease Clearfield
8 Tony Himer Black Lick
9 Amy Hawk Punxatawney
10 Henry Wilfong Sewickey

Dwarf Cars
1 Lynn Knepper Somerset
2 Eric Hay Somerset
3 Al Roach Washington
4 #10B...Did not register ............
5 Ron Nester Ligonier
6 Frank Dunkle Everett
7 Bill Bauer Cincinatti, Ohio
8 Rim Russell Appollo