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 by Ray Welsh

Cumberland Wins to Stuhler, Bechtel, Gordon, Humberson 

CUMBERLAND, MD August 6- on a Friday night of racing at the Cumberland Raceway, Gary Stuhler, of Greencastle, PA, won the 25 lap Price Budweiser Late Model feature. In the Hoosier Tire Semi-late Double Feature, the 1st was won by Kelly Bechtel, of Leola, PA, his 1st ever win in racing. The 2nd was won by Bob Gordon. Point Leader, of Keyser, WV, his 8th win this year, and Tom Humberson, of Grantstville, MD, picked up his 3rd feature win this year in the Pro Stocks.

Gordon has now tied 2 records at the track. He is tied with Jim Deneen for 8 Semi-late wins in 1 year, and is tied with J.R. Keifer for 2nd place with 14 career wins at Cumberland. The record is held by Jim Deneen with 21.

In the Late Model feature Eric Zembower, driving the Jeff Miller #2, after having problems with his own car, went out in front. On lap 2 Chris Harr got upon the frontstretch wall and collected Andy Anderson, putting both cars out of the race. on the restart it was still Zembower the leader, but Gary Stuhler, Bob Salathe, and Jeremy Miller were moving up through the pack. After 6 more cautions, keeping the race close, on lap 18 Stuhler got by Zembower for the lead, and went oil to get the win. At the checkered it was Stuhler the winner, followed by Bob Salathe, Jeremy Miller, Eric Zembower, Todd Ritchey, Dave Troutman, Doug Horton, Jerry Foster, nave Hertz, Dave Hoover, Dave Bloss, Wayne Johnson, Jack pencil, Bill VanMeter, Chuck Clise, Larry Wright, Bo Feathers, Andy Fries, Duane Woolford, J.R. Keifer, Andy Anderson, and Chris Harr. Heat winners were Feathers and Stuhler

Former Bedford speedway Promoter, Jim Leidy, gave the 10th place finisher, Dave Hoover, a $25 Bonus.

In the 1st semi-late feature Kelly Bechtel led from flag to flag for the win. By holding off Wade Peer lap after lap, Bechtel got his 1st win ever, Peer was 2nd, followed by Brian Lowry, Jim Deneen, Bob Gordon, Allen Buckley, Gary Kimmell, Andrew Fertig, Lester Beal, John Crowfis, Jr., Mark Fost, Greg Fetters, Bill Buchanan, Seth Toner, and Barry Willison.

in the 2nd half of the Semi-late Double Feature, the complete field was inverted. Lester Beal led on lap 1, Gary Kimmell on lap 2, and on lap 3 Bob Gordon was the leader and on his way to win #8.Kimmell was 2nd, followed by wade Peer, Allen Buckley, Kelly Bechtel,Brian Lowry, Jim Deneen, John Crowfis, Jr., Lester Beal, and Andrew Fertig. Heats went to Gordon and Kimmell-.

in the 15 lap Pro stock feature Jason Black led for 9 laps.George Beckett was the leader on lap 10. Coming through the field,starting 11th, was Tom Humberson. On the last lap Humberson passed Beckett for back to back wins. Beckett was 2nd, followed by Kevin Weyandt, Mike Harvey, Adam Chamberlain, Matt Sponaugle, Jason Black,Rick Wright, Ralph King, Daniel Cornman, John Whitfield, Kevin Lint,Bob Lewis, Rodney Youmans, Bill Goss, Joe Fullerton, Kelvin Bernard,J,R, Bowers, and David Hall. Heat winners were Weyandt and Whitfield. Jim Leidy, former Bedford speedway Promoter, gave Humberson a $25 Bonus.

The Jr. Fan Club winner was Zack Snider, of Cumberland, Md, and the Hard Charger was Tom Humberson.

Before the races Promoter Ben Evans spoke to the fans, drivers, and Officials and thanked them for the past 9 years. Evans said Tonight the true fans and drivers are here, and I thank you." Evans said he and his wife, Nancy, had a long talk and will close the track on Friday, August 20. Evans said there is still hope that someone will take it over next year.

Next week is back to regular Saturday night racing. All 3 classes will run, plus the 3rd Pratts Tire Service 30 lap Enduro. The regular races will be sponsored by Fox’s Pizza Den.

The final race of the year is Friday, August 20, the 3rd round of the Coca—Cola Classic for Late Models, plus regular racing for Semi-lates and Pro stocks.