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The Challenger Raceway

August 7,1999
By Chris Schaeffer

        Over 110 cars overflowed the pits to compete on a great evening
at the Challenger Raceway. First on the evenings card of events were the 
three rained out features from July 31,1999. Capturing those wins were:
Texaco Late Model pilot Ron Davies, Coca-Cola Mid-Eastern Modified
driver Rich Logan, Amateur Strictly Stock driver Mike Hilla, and 4 Cyl.
pilot Don Bowers.
        With the make up features completed in less than an hour, the
regular program began. Tonight would end the points in all divisions. Several very close battles for the championships remained. When the dust settled, six winners remained. Taking home feature laurels were: Super Winged Sprint driver Scott Priester ,Dave Norton in the Texaco Late Models, Coca-Cola Mid-Eastern Modified pilot Chuck Kennedy, Pure Stock victor Joe Kelley,  Amateur Strictly stock winner Brad Shirey, with Roger Frost taking the 4 Cylinder win.
        The Texaco Late Models came trackside for their 25 lap Christmas 
Tree Capitol Challenge $1,500 to win feature with John Flinner and Dave
Norton pacing the field. Flinner jumped off to lead the field for lap
one.At the start of the second lap, Norton slid by, with Flinner and Jeff
Ferguson left to fight it out for the second spot. Ferguson held second through 17 laps,when Bob Wearing Jr.(up from 10th) made a strong move down the back stretch to take over the spot. Ferguson and Flinner got together on lap 23,putting them both to the tail. With the field realigned for the 2 lap dash,Norton remained strong, and cruised to a very popular victory. Bob Wearing Jr. nabbed second,with Glenn Ray, Dave Satterlee, and Rob Blair rounding out the top five.

The sixth through tenth positions were filled by: Jason Carnahan, Wally
Fox,Mike Blose, Rob King, and Bob Cessna. Taking the  heat wins were:
Satterlee and Wearing Jr.
        In one of the tightest points battles,  the Super Winged Sprints
feature would decide the Championship. The top two contenders, Scott Priester and Daryl Stimeling, started side by side on the third row. Jim Kennedy vaulted from the pole to take charge of the first 5 laps. Priester drove by to take the point on lap six.
Matt Wingard and Daryl Stimeling ran hard all the way to the checkers,
with Stimeling overtaking Wingard on lap 18 for the second spot. Wingard held on for third, with Marshall Whitesell fourth and Kevin Schaeffer(up from 10th),fifth. The win gave the Championship to Scott Priester. The bottom tier of five included: Jim Kennedy, Jeff Weaver, Ron Marks, Wayne McPeak, and Bob Cain. Taking the heat race wins were:McPeak and Weaver.
        Coming into tonight 1 point seperated the top two in the
Coca-Cola Mid-Eastern Modifieds. Multi-Track Champion Jeff Taylor held a one point advantage over multi-feature winner Chuck Kennedy. Kennedy insured himself of his first Challenger Track Championship by taking the feature win.Taylor did not have the chance to challenge Kennedy, as he was forced to pit with a flat tire, and finished a disappointing 17th. Following Kennedy to the checkered flag was, Jim Bertges, Kenny Hall, Fred Bratchie, and Paul Dominick. The sixth through tenth spots were filled by: Russ Dunn, Jeff Metsger, Ron Delano Jr., Bob Rougeaux, and Jim Fry.
Taking heat race wins were: Dunn, Dominick, and Bratchie. Kennedy
won the "B" Main.
        Joe Kelley captured another Track Championship along with
the evenings feature win. Kelley took over the lead on lap six, from
early leader Rob Kosecki when mechanical problems took Kosecki
out of contention. Kelley rolled into victory lane with Greg Hauger,
Butch Lambert, John Ponikvar, and Bill Lyons in tow. The rest of the
top ten included: Mike Turner, Randy Caldwell, Rob Shook, Phil
Leddon, and Trent Ogden. Taking the prelims were: Kelley and Lyons.
        The final features of the night were the Amateur Strictly Stock
And 4 Cylinders. Brad Shirey captured the Amateur Strictly Stock win,
with Roger Frost winning the 4Cylinders.

August 15th the Challenger Raceway will host the S.T.A.R.S.Late Models
for $5,000 to win. The York Triathlon Series Coca-Cola Mid-Eastern
Modifieds will also be on hand.  Mark your calenders for Fall Fest V
October 8,9,10.

Late Model Feature:Dave Norton,Bob Wearing Jr.,Glenn Ray, Dave
Satterlee, Rob Blair, Jason Carnahan, Wally Fox, Mike Blose, Rob
King, Bob Cessna, Tom Decker, Jeff Ferguson, Joe Johnson, Jack
Thornton, John Flinner, Bobby Bertges, Chris Conners, Ron Davies,
Nick Jones, Gene Kain, Chris Stewart,  Jake Shady.

Sprint Feature: Scott Priester, Daryl Stimeling, Matt Wingard, Marshall
Whitesell, Kevin Schaeffer, Jim Kennedy, Jeff Weaver, Ron Marks,
Wayne McPeak, Bob Cain, Chris Strait, Phil Mott, Sheila Rankin,
Charlie Holben, Ralph Engel Jr., Gary Rankin.


Challenger Raceway Race Results
Race Date: August 7,1999
Texaco Late Model Rain /Out Feature  7-31-99         Started: 18 cars
1. V2 Ron Davies, Warren                                 25 laps Caution Free
2.  93x John Flinner, Zelienople                        Lap Leaders-
3.  34 Bob Bertges, Pittsburgh                         1-19 Bertges 20-25 Davies
4.  24x Dave Norton, Shinglehouse
5. 15n Nick Jones, Pittsburgh
6. 5 Mike Blose, New Bethlehem
7. 21c Bob Cessna, Cherry Tree
8. 55 Bob Wearing Jr., Renfrew
9. 43 Tom Decker Jr.,Tyrone
10. 90 Wally Fox, Cooperstown
Coca-Cola Mid-Eastern Modifieds Rain /Out Feature 7-31-99 Started: 26
1.  33 Rich Logan, Latrobe                                   20 Laps Lap Leaders-
2.  A1 Chuck Kennedy, Mars                               1-20 Logan
3.  3 Jeff Taylor, Saltsburg
4. 50 Jim Bertges, Pittsburgh
5. 0 Larry Kugel, E.Liverpool,Ohio
6. 1 Bob Rougeaux, Rochester Mills
7. 12 Ken Herman, Connellsville
8. 2j Jim Fry, Vienna,Ohio
9. 6m Carl McKinney, Cranberry Twp.
10. 62 Ron Delano Jr., Stoystown

Amateur Strictly Stocks and 4Cylinders Rain /Out Feature 7-31-99
Started: 20 cars
1. 00 Mike Hilla Jr.,Bairdford                                15 Laps Lap Leaders-
2. 73 Ray Mazzefero, Blairsville                            1-7 Brad Shirey
3. 55 John Mazey, Boliver                                      8-15 Hilla
4. 77 Mark Olechovski, Blairsville
5. 19 Jason Fausnaught, Bedford

1. 91d Don Rodgers  ( 4 cylinder)

Aug 7 Features

Texaco Late Model Feature                                 Started: 22 Cars
1. 24x Dave Norton, Shinglehouse                      25 Laps Lap Leaders:
2. 55 Bob Wearing Jr., Renfrew                          1 Flinner  2-25 Norton
3. sr1 Glenn Ray, Tyrone                                     Heat Race Winners-
4. 79 Dave Satterlee, Rochester Mills                 Heat 1- Satterlee
5. W11 Rob Blair, Centerville                              Heat 2- Wearing Jr.
6. 15 Jason Carnahan, Indiana
7. 90 Wally Fox, Cooperstown
8. 5 Mike Blose, New Bethlehem
9. K1 Rob King, Connellsville
10.21 Bob Cessna, Cherry Tree

Super Winged Sprints                                      Started: 17
1. 11x Scott Priester, Rimersburg                    20 Laps Lap
2. 30 Daryl Stimeling, Lewistown                   1-5 Kennedy 6-20
3. 49 Matt Wingard, Johnstown                       Heat Race Winners-
4. 707 Marshall Whitesell,                               Heat 1- McPeak
5. 9 Kevin Schaeffer, Kittanning                      Heat 2- Weaver
6. 7c Jim Kennedy, Everett
7. 7 Jeff Weaver, Lock Haven
8. 4m Ron Marks, Athens, Ohio
9. 1mc Wayne McPeak, Mineral Wells,W.Va.
10.36 Bob Cain, Weedsport,N.Y.

Coca-Cola Mid-Eastern Modifieds                 Started: 25 cars
1. A1 Chuck Kennedy, Mars                          20 Laps Lap Leaders:
2. 50 Jim Bertges, Pittsburgh                          1-10 Dominick
11-20 Kennedy
3. F7 Kenny Hall, Derry                                  Heat Race
4. V2 Fred Bratchie,Valencia                          Heat 1- Russ Dunn
5. 81 Paul Dominick, Hannastown                  Heat 2- Dominick
6. 47 Russ Dunn, Fenelton                               Heat 3- Bratchie

7. 4 Jeff Metsger, Cranberry Twp.                  "B" Main- Kennedy
8. 62 Ron Delano, Stoystown
9. 1 Bob Rougeaux, Rochester Mills
10.2j Jim Fry, Vienna, Ohio

Stewart Bus Line Pure Stocks                        Started: 20 cars
1. 66 Joe Kelley, Mt.Pleasant                         15 Laps  Lap
2. 1 Greg Hauger, Uniontown                         1-5 Rob Kosecki
3. 27 Butch Lambert, Mars                             6-15 Kelley
4. 16 John Ponikvar, Canonsburg                   Heat Race Winners-
5. 03 Bill Lyons, Shelocta                              Heat 1- Kelley
6. 6 Mike Turner, Butler                                 Heat 2- Lyons
7. 12 Randy Caldwell, Sarver
8. 64 Rob Shook, Cheswick
9. 5 Phil Leddon, Black Lick
10.72 Trent Ogden, Clearfield

Amateur Strictly Stocks and 4 Cylinders        Started: 19 Cars
1. 93 Brad Shirey, Ligonier               4 Cyl.  1. 83 Roger Frost,
Poland Oh.
2. 73 Ray Mazzefero, Blairsville                  2. 0 Joel Porter,
3. 67 Bill Sigafoes, Blairsville                      3. 91d Don Bowers
4. 55 John Mazey, Boliver                            4. 63 Darrell
Moody,Bristolville Oh.
5. 91 Don Rodgers, Homer City

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