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Potomac Speedway

Stuhler Dominates MACS Event to Win $6,000 at Potomac Speedway 

Potomac Speedway

October 3, 1999 

By:  Vicki Adkins 

Budds Creek, Md.,--Fifty-six cars attempted to qualify for the 24-car field Mid-Atlantic Championship (MAC) Series, a regional late model touring series, 50-lap late model feature this past Saturday night.  The event was Potomac Speedway’s biggest late model event of the season, paying $6,000 to the winner, with $500 going to drivers for just taking the green flag. 

Bille Timme Overflo Warehouse, Cliff’s Heating and Air and Gunter’s Honey sponsored the big event. 

            Gary Stuhler of Greencastle, Pa., who started sixth on the grid, came up the big winner, taking his third career checkered flag at the track.  It was Stuhler’s fourth win with the MAC series this year.

            During the post-race interview, Stuhler said, “Well, the credit goes to these guys right here (his pit crew).  They picked the tires.  I haven’t ran here in a while so we weren’t sure what the setup was going to be like.”

            “Jerry (Foster) was running a neat line, so I just watched him for a little bit and waited.  Then, I just got him on the outside.”

            Bo Feathers of Winchester, Va., and also a one-time feature winner this year at Potomac Speedway, was the True Value Hard Charger of the race award winner.  Feathers came from a 22nd place starting position, to move into the fourth place spot.  Feathers was then involved in an incident, causing to him to spin and putting him in the back of the field.  Feathers charged to the front again, finishing in the fifth-place spot.

            Also on hand for the first time ever at Potomac Speedway were the INX Legends cars.  Rick Utsman was the 30-lap feature event winner.

            Jay Dee Supply sponsored the children’s bike giveaway.  Nine-year-old Mark Davis of Highland, Md., was the lucky bike winner.

            Six different heat races determined who would qualify for the MACS event.  The top three finishers were automatically advanced.  Booper Bare, Jack Pencil, and David Williams advanced from the first heat, with Bare winning the event.

Ray Kable won the second heat followed by D.J. Myers and Les Hare in second and third.David Hill was the third heat winner.  Gary Stuhler and Rodney Franklin were the second and third place runners.The fourth heat winner was Carl Billet.  Along with Billet, Jim Bernheisel, and Chris Shuey advanced to the feature.Jerry Foster took the checkered flag in the fifth heat, with Scott Rhodes and Lynn Geisler finishing in second and third.James Adkins, Jr., was the sixth and final heat race winner.  Adkins was followed by Andy Fries and Andy Anderson in second and third.

            Drivers finishing out of the top three positions were then divided up between two more consolation heat races.  The top two finishers of each heat would then advance to the feature.  Allen Brannen was one of the consolation heat winners with Tommy Armel finishing second.  Nathan Durboraw was the second heat consolation winner with Bo Feathers taking second. 

            Since the 1999 Potomac Speedway Budweiser Late Model points champion, Jeff Pilkerton, experienced problems, hindering him from qualifying or starting the event, second-place points finisher David Hoffman received a special provisional starting position.  Hoffman and James Adkins, Jr., were the only Potomac Speedway regular drivers to advance to the feature event.

            Drivers then drew a pill number to determine their starting position.            When the field went to green flag racing, Ray Kable and Jerry Foster made up the front starting row.  Foster led the field to complete the first few laps.

            On lap five, the first of 11 cautions came out for Chris Shuey.  Foster led the way on the restart with Scott Rhodes making a bid to take over the top spot on the outside.  Foster was able to hold him off.

            By lap 10, Gary Stuhler challenged Rhodes for second.  The two ran side-by-side down the backstretch, with Stuhler making the pass in turns three and four. Stuhler then set his sights on Foster.  By lap 15, Stuhler was glued right to Foster’s rear bumper.  A caution came out on lap 19 for debris on the track. 

            On the restart, Stuhler went to the outside of Foster in turns three and four.  He was able to make the pass for the lead before they crossed the start-finish line. 

            Once Stuhler took the lead, he never looked back.  He opened up his lead to a straight-a-way advantage at times.  The best battle on the track was the battle for second between Rodney Franklin and Booper Bare.  Franklin won the battle and finished second. Bare finished third, followed by Rhodes in fourth, and Bo Feathers in fifth. 

            In the INX Legends 30 lap feature event, Rick Utsman started third on the field, but made his way out to the front of the pack to lead lap one.  Utsman enjoyed a comfortable lead, easily showing the way through several caution flags, until a caution on lap 22, when Denny Rettermel spun in turn two.

            On the restart, second-place runner, Travis Dillman stayed glued to Utsman’s rear bumper.  Utsman went on  to lead the rest of the feature, unchallenged for the lead.  He dominated the event, by leading all 30 laps.

            Dillman was second, followed by Carey May in third, George Graker in fourth, and Dave Hendershott in fifth.  Utsman and Carey May won the heats.

            This coming weekend, October 8th and 9th at Potomac Speedway will be the Southern Maryland Nationals.  The Southern Maryland Nationals  is the annual big race for the pure-streets with the 40-lap $1,500 to win.  Along with the pure-streets there will be a 30-lap, $600 to win, semi-late feature and a 25-lap, $500 to win, four-cylinder feature.  Qualifying is set for Friday, with action starting at 7:30.  Features will get underway on Saturday at 6:00.

The Enduros and Classic Cars will have features each night also.  The raindate is set for October 10th. Sponsors for the big event are Jerry’s Roofing & Siding, W & W Racing Tires, and Jay Dee Supply.

For more information about any of these upcoming events, contact Potomac Speedway at (301) 884-4624 or check out the web site at www.potomacspeedway.com.


M.A.C.S - Late Models


1. Gary Stuhler-19, 2. Rodney Franklin-01, 3. Booper Bare-00B, 4. Scott Rhodes-83R, 5. Bo Feathers-00F, 6. Andy Anderson-25A, 7. Tom Armel-15A, 8. David Hill-75H, 9. Jim Bernheisel-119, 10. James Adkins, Jr.-28, 11. Lynn Geisler-1C, 12. Robbie Blair-W11, 13. David Williams-25D, 14. Jack Pencil-14, 15. Jerry Foster-5, 16. D.J. Myers-70J, 17. Andy Fries-82, 18. David Hoffman-15, 19. Allen Brannon-4N, 20. Carl Billett-33, 21. Ray Kable-15T, 22. Nathan Durboraw-24, 23. Les Hare-40, 24. Chris Shuey-21C


Failed to Qualify


Jeff Ferguson-11L, Dave Padula-112, Scott Brode-42B, Jerry Wierman-7J, Skeet Beckner-30, Lance Lauffenberger-6T, Jim Mazur-13, Mike Altobelli-80, Jeff Leiphart-8L, George Moreland-24M, Bill Daniels-89, Harold Dorsey-92,   DNS – Chuck Finch-16F, Doug Cooke-15D, Rick Hulson-18, Mike Warshaver-7W, Roy Deese-05, Kenny Pettyjohn=38, Deane Guy-44, Tom Rawlings-31, Paul Cursey-37, Bill Timme-31, Pat Wood-3W, Duane Wolford-33W, Scott Richwine-2G, Steve Radich-77R, Jack Bland-41, Butch Campion-21, Rob Nichols-7N, Timmy Booth-48B, Barry Lear-51K, 



INX Legends


1. Rick Utsman-18U, 2. Travis Dillman-22D, 3. Carey May-23, 4. George Graker-2C, 5. Dave Hendershott-2K, 6. Brandon Utsman-20, 7. Donald Potts-37, 8. Lawrence Garrison-29G, 9. Don Stevens-6D, 10. Denny Rottermel-7R, 11. Willy Raneow-41, 12. Don Serbo-29, 13. Jim Lowery-12JP