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OCTOBER 3, 1999



HAGERSTOWN, MD - Rick Workman of Stewartstown, PA scored the biggest win of his career as held off Rodney Franklin to win the 44-lap Ewing Oil Ronnie McBee Memorial at the Hagerstown Speedway Sunday afternoon. Ken Carberry of Levittown, PA, worked his way through the field from the 17th starting spot to record his first win of the season in the 35-lap super sportsman feature.

"This is the biggest race we ever won," said Workman. "It was real nice. I didn't want that yellow to come out there at the end. I was just holding on." Workman pocketed $2,500 for his second win of the year.

After three attempts to get the late model feature underway, Rick Workman lined up second in single file behind Larry Wright for the restart, but as soon as the green dropped, Workman had the lead as the cars raced into the first turn. Workman quickly pulled away from Wright and the field as Franklin began to work his way to the front from his ninth starting spot. On lap 17, Franklin passed Wright for second and two laps later Wright rolled to a stop with mechanical problems wiping out Workman's large lead. On the restart Franklin was unable to do anything with the leader as Workman pulled away to a 10-car length lead. Workman continued to increase the lead leaving the rest of the field behind, but a caution on lap 29 for Nathan Durboraw once again put Franklin on the leader's bumper for the restart.

Workman left Franklin behind again after the restart, but as Workman approached lapped traffic, Franklin quickly wiped out the large 15-car deficit. On lap 41, Workman found himself trapped down low behind slower cars going into turn three as Franklin went to the outside to pull in front momentarily. But Franklin went too high and lost several car lengths as Workman regained the top spot. With one lap remaining, Buck Tomblin brought out the caution giving Franklin another shot at the leader. During the caution, Gary Stuhler pulled into the pits with a flat while running in the top five. On the restart, Workman got a good start and pulled away leaving Franklin to work around a lapped car. Workman drove the final lapunchallenged and picked up the win by nine-car lengths. Franklin was second, but came a cross the scales light turning the runner-up spot over to Brent

Smith. Scott Haus was third with Roy Deese Jr. fourth and fifteenth starting Kenny Pettyjohn rounded out the top five. Steve Campbell charged from 22nd to finish sixth and the Timber Wolf Smokeless Tobacco Hard Charger Award. Charlie Schaffer, Wesley Bonebrake, Bill Palmer and Carl Billet completed the top ten. Stuhler, Durboraw, D.J. Myers and Franklin ran away with the heat wins and Campbell and Palmer won the consolations for the 40 cars.

Steve Wilbur shot out in front from the outside pole in the super sportsman feature with Ken Carberry buried back in the field in 17th. SteveCannon tried to stay with Wilbur as he quickly pulled away from the field. Carberry broke into the top ten by the 12th lap as Wilbur set the pace. A caution was waved on lap 14 when Pat Cannon and Mark Smith backed their cars into the first turn guard rail. During the caution, smoke rolled out of Wilbur's car ending his day and turning the lead over to Steve Cannon. On the restart, Don Beaver passed Bobby Howard for second and started pressuring the leader as Carberry broke into the top five on lap 18 right before the caution was waved for Bob Fannasy and Howard in the third turn.

Following a fuel stop, Cannon led the field on the restart as Carberry moved into third. On lap 26, Beaver slid sideways going into the second turn making contact with Carberry. Both cars were able to continue with Carberry now in second looking for the leader. On lap 28, Carberry tracked down Cannon and passed the leader on the outside going into turn one for the lead. Once in front, Carberry pulled away for the win. Cannon settled for second with Howie Locke and Beaver next across the line. Jim Shuttlesworth came from 19th to round out the top five. Twenty-first starter Carmen Perigo was sixth with John Stehman, Tom Haxall, J.R. Fry and Leroy Martin completing the top ten. Heat winners for the 32 sportsman were S. Cannon, Wilbur and Howard. Shuttlesworth won the consolation.

Next week, Sunday October 10th, the super sprints will join the late models in a double header program with $2,500 going to the winner of each 35-lap feature. Race time is 1:30 P.M. with gates opening at 11 A.M.

RESULTS: LATE MODELS (HEAT 1) 1. Stuhler; 2. Sagi; 3. Bonebrake; 4. Billet; 5. Urban. (Heat 2) 1. Durboraw; 2. Fitzgerald; 3. B. Smith; 4. Friese; 5. Tomblin. (Heat 3) 1. Myers; 2. Haus; 3. Workman; 4. Pettyjohn; 5. Schaffer. (Heat 5) 1. Franklin; 2. Deese; 3. Wright; 4. Plessinger; 5. Adams. (Consi #1) 1. Palmer; 2. R. Smith; 3. Sheckler. (Consi #2) 1. Campbell; 2. Crowl; 3. Paxson. DNQ: Burkholder; Elksnis; LaSalle; Wampler; Sites; Gray; Teets; Woolford; Matthews; Bryner; Burkheimer; DeHaven; Hons.

44-LAP RONNIE MCBEE MEMORIAL- 1. Rick Workman; 2. Brent Smith; 3. Scott Haus; 4. Roy Deese Jr.; 5. Kenny Pettyjohn; 6. Steve Campbell; 7. Charlie Schaffer; 8. Wesley Bonebrake; 9. Bill Palmer; 10. Carl Billet; 11. Paul Crowl; 12. Devin Friese; 13. Matt Urban; 14. Gary Stuhler; 15. Buck Tomblin; 16. Nathan Durboraw; 17. Jimmy Adams; 18. Frankie Plessinger; 19. C. S. Fitzgerald; 20. Larry Wright; 21. Alan Sagi; 22. D.J. Myers; 23. Robby Smith; 24. Jesse Sheckler; 25. Doug Paxson; DQ: Rodney Franklin.

SUPER SPORTSMAN: (Heat 1) 1. S. Cannon; 2. Martin; 3. Fannasy; 4. Locke; 5. Riden; 6. Carberry. (Heat 2) 1. Wilbur; 2. Beaver; 3. Hager; 4. Eichelberger; 5. Gutshall; 6. Mitten. (Heat 3) 1. Howard; 2. Herr; 3. P. Cannon; 4. Hake; 5. Fry; 6. Stehman. (Consi) 1. Shuttlesworth; 2. Reneker; 3. Perigo; 4. Berkheimer; 5. Haxall; 6. M. Smith. DNQ: Pritzman; Snellbaker; Schoffstall; Hammaker; Willey; Wentz; Templin; Heckert.

35-LAP SUPER SPORTSMAN FEATURE: 1. Ken Carberry; 2. Steve Cannon; 3. Howie Locke; 4. Don Beaver; 5. Jim Shuttlesworth; 6. Carmen Perigo; 7. John Stehman; 8. Tom Haxall; 9. J.R. Fry; 10. Leroy Martin; 11. Dave Berkheimer; 12. Russ Mitten; 13. Bob Gutshall; 14. Lanny Hake; 15. Danny Hager; 16. Bob Fannasy; 17. Frankie Herr; 18. Joe Reneker; 19. Rich Eichelberger; 20. Bobby Howard; 21. Steve Wilbur; 22. Pat Cannon; 23. Mark Smith; 24. George Riden.