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ROSSBURG, Ohio (October 2) -- Joey Saldana, Troy Green and Barney Craig won the All Star Sprint, Sunoco American Late Model Series and Stock Car features respectively Saturday at Eldora Speedway on a night that was marred by the tragic death of Bill Knisley. 

Knisley, from Loveland, Ohio, apparently had something break on his winged sprinter as he entered turn number three during the practice sessions, with the car veering head-on into the outer wall and flipping. Knisley was transported to Community Hospital in Coldwater where he was pronounced dead. He was 37 years old. 

Paul McMahan shot into the early lead of the 30-lap All Star finale and had things in control until lapped traffic came into play and Kenny Jacobs shot past him for the lead on lap seven. Running in third was Rodney Duncan, with Frankie Kerr and Saldana close behind. 

Jacobs was displaying his mastery of the one-half mile clay oval and was building a comfortable margin over the field when the event’s only caution flag appeared on lap 17 for a Jonathan Stevens spin in turn two. While trying to maneuver through the scene, McMahan clipped the wheel of Stevens and spun. In the process, Kent Wolters made contact with McMahan, who’s mount suffered enough damage to see his evening come to an end. 

On the restart, Jacobs shot back into the lead, with Saldana getting past Duncan for second spot. Butch Schroeder moved into fourth, with Kerr dropping to fifth. 

Saldana instantly closed the distance between himself and front running Jacobs and following a hectic battle through lapped traffic, was finally able to overcome Jacobs coming down for the white flag and held on through the final lap to take the $5,000 victory. Jacobs came home second, followed in order by Duncan, Dean Jacobs and Schroeder. Kerr slipped to sixth at the finish. 

The Sunoco sponsored Late Model event, dubbed the Johnny Appleseed Classic, showed Troy Green as the leader of every lap, but the battle behind him had the chilled crowd in a frenzy. 

Joe Johnson was the first to follow Green for runner-up honors, but gave up that spot to Brian Stinson on lap six, with Johnson dropping to third. Two laps later Matt Miller got by Johnson, with the top three cars running in close formation. 

As they got into lapped traffic in the non-stop event, Green wasn’t about to be denied and poured on the horsepower to charge into a commanding lead. Neither Stinson nor Miller were able to mount a serious threat and had to settle for second and third at the finish. John Mason came home fourth with Jerry Rice completing the top five. 

Entering the night’s action, Barney Craig maintained a slim two-point margin over Scott Bowersock for the season championship title. 

Knowing what he had to do to preserve that top spot, Craig went about his business and took the lead away from Rob Trent at the half-way point to cruise to the victory and championship. 

Trent hung on for second, with Kevin Gossard, Dan Wooten and Scott Bowersock completing the top five. 

Rounding out the evening was the season-ending Commercial Truck and Trailer Dash for the All Star Sprints, with Saldana taking his second win of the evening. He easily won the ten-lap affair over Kenny Jacobs, Dean Jacobs, Butch Schroeder and Frankie Kerr.  

All Star Circuit of Champion Sprints -

39 cars Fast Time: Joey Saldana 12.885

Heat 1: Joey Saldana, Chad Kemenah, Danny Smith, Dwain Leiber, Rodney Duncan, Jim Nier, Kent Wolters, Jason Dukes, Jerrod Hull

Heat 2: Kyle Sauder, Kenny Jacobs, Brian Carlson, Jonathan Stevens, Ed Neumeister, Andy McKisson, Eric Hysong, John Buchy, Paul McMahan

Heat 3: Greg Wilson, Dave Freed, Jimmy Hawley, Frankie Kerr, Ed Lynch, Jr., Brian Ellenberger, Blake Freese, Raymond Shank, Wayne Modjeski

Heat 4: Dean Jacobs, Rob Chaney, Kenny Jacobs, Butch Schroeder, Van Gurley, Charlie Fisher, Jimmy Stinson, Craig McGuire, Keith Baker

B-Main: Paul McMahan, Charlie Fisher, Jim Nier, Kent Wolters, Jimmy Stinson, Brian Ellenberger, Andy McKisson, Eric Hysong, Blake Freese, Raymond Shank, Frank McGuire, Keith Baker, John Buchy, Wayne Modjeski, Jason Dukes, Jerrod Hull

30-lap A-Main:

1)Joey Saldana 2)Kenny Jacobs 3)Rodney Duncan 4)Dean Jacobs 5)Butch Schroeder 6)Frankie Kerr 7)Jim  Nier 8)Kyle Sauder 9)Ed Lynch, Jr. 10)Danny Smith 11)Chad Kemenah 12)Jimmy Hawley 13)Rob Chaney 14)Dwain Leiber 15)Greg Wilson 16)Dave Freed 17)Ed Neumeister 18)Brian Ellenberger 19)Kent Wolters 20)Nick Nabor 21)Charlie Fisher 22)Paul McMahan 23)Jonathan Stevens 24)Van Gurley 25)Brian Carlson

Commerical Truck & Trailer Shootout:

1)Joey Saldana 2)Kenny Jacobs 3)Dean Jacobs 4)Butch Schroeder 5)Frankie Kerr 6)Paul McMahan 7)Danny Smith 8)Ed Lynch, Jr. 9)Jim Dunham 10)Jerrod Hull


Sunoco American Late Model Series -

76 cars Fast Time: Jerry Rice 16.261

Heat 1: Joe Johnson, Bryan Koebbe, Jerry Rice, Jim Watson, Bob Flinn, T.J. Dolhun, Harold Simpson, Phil Hendershot, Justin Paxton, Ryan Gorey, Kevin Mack

Heat 2: John Mason, Frank Reaber, Shane Yoder, Rick Corbin, Brian Ruhlman, Don Marcoullier, Terry Sroufe, Eric Spangler, Bill Wyrick, Jeff Robertson, Chip Freshcorn, Tom Brock, John Lawhorn

Heat 3: Bill Hahn, Kris Patterson, Randy Woodling, Mark Barber, John Rhoades, Jerry Bowersock, Jerry Sawmiller, Bruce Hogue, Joe Overmeyer, Don Seaborn, Tom Henry

Heat 4: Tim Sabo, Jeff Kohn, Matt Miller, Rick DeLong, Al Atkinson, Dennis Potridge, Richard Nieman, Jeff McCoy, Bruce Stuart, Sammie Halcomb, Mike Winters

Heat 5: Jesse Lay, Bubby James, Troy Green, Steve Casebolt, Keith Berner, Rob Sellars, Rod Schroyer, Mark Skelton, Mark Powell, John Whitney, John Gamber, Tracy Grimes

Heat 6: Brian Stinson, Scott Knepley, Jim Zdroik, Jeff Semmens, Mike McKnight, Todd Nuding, Derek Didone, Tom Beam, Adam Stevens, Ted Loomis, Patrick Barney

B-Main 1: Brian Ruhlman, Steve Casebolt, Rob Sellars, John Rhoades, Rod Schroyer, Don Marcoullier, Harold Simpson, Mark Skelton, Phil Hendershot, Bruce Hogue, John Gamber, Kevin Mack, Sammie Halcomb

B-Main 2: Jerry Bowersock, Todd Nudig, Terry Sroufe, T.J. Dolhun, Eric Spangler, Jeff McCoy, Jeff Semmens, Tom Beam, Richard Nieman, Derek Didone, Don Seaborn

B-Main 3: Keith Berner, Mark Barber, Audie McWilliams, Mark Powell, Bob Flinn, Ryan Gorey, John Whitney, Jerry Sawmiller, Joe Overmeyer, Scott Robertson

B-Main 4: Justin Paxton, Rick Corbin, Rick DeLong, Al Atkinson, Dennis Potridge, Jim Watson, Jeff Robertson, Patrick Barney, Mike Winters, Mike McKnight, Chip Freshcorn, Bruce Stuart, Tom Brock

30-lap Johnny Appleseed Classic

1)Troy Green 2)Brian Stinson 3)Matt Miller 4)John Mason 5)Jerry Rice 6)Joe Johnson 7)Jim Zdroik 8)Kris Patterson 9)Shane Yoder 10)Randy Woodling 11)Jerry Bowersock 12)Justin Paxton 13)Frank Reaber 14)Keith Berner 15)Jesse Lay 16)Brian Ruhlman 17)Tim Sabo 18)Bill Hahn 19)Jeff Kohn 20)Bryan Koebbe 21)Bubby James 22)Scott Knepley


Stock Cars - 56 cars

Heat 1: Barney Craig, Jerry Butler, Scott Bowersock, Mike Dirksen, Tony Anderson, Rick Wilt, Ron Jenskins, Jim Rinderle, Glenn Knick

Heat 2: John Phlipot, Randy Stevens, Jim Hatcher, Keith McDinc, Devin Combs, Jim Patrick, Tim Kiser, Brent Hole

Heat 3: Kevin Gossard, Doug Holheide, Troy Double, Steve Williams, Todd Sanders, Bob Kaffenbarger, Mark Kowarsch, Tom Wiebman, Jim Clark

Heat 4: Rob Trent, Jeff Eley, Ron Moore, Ernie Woodard, Billy Williams, Dan Hall, Anthony Goode, Matt Phlipot, Alex And rash

Heat 5: Mark Wooten, Travis Hole, Bill Leppla, Russ Wagner, Jr., Mike Hacker, Brent Vogel, Robbie Phlipot, Matt Hobbs, Rich Grim

Heat 6: Brian Foster, David Smith, Tim Cornett, Eric Morris, Bob McDaniel, Rex Wright, John Jones, Jody Burton, James Kepling

B-Main 1: Mark Kowarsch, Tony Anderson, Mike Dirksen, Bob Kaffenbarger, Glenn Knick, Tim Kiser, Devin Combs, Rick Wilt, Jim Patrick, Keith McDinc, Jim Clark, Steve Williams, Todd Sanders

B-Main 2: Ernie Woodard, Russ Wagner, Jr., Eric Morris, Bob McDaniel, Mike Hacker, Rex Wright, Matt Hobbs, James Kepling, Brent Vogel, Rich Grim, Matt Phlipot, Dan Hall, Anthony Goode, John Jones, Robbie Phlipot

12-lap A-Main:

1)Barney Craig 2)Rob Trent 3)Kevin Gossard 4)Dan Wooten 5)Scott Bowersock 6)Mark Kowarsch 7)Jerry Butler 8)Brian Foster 9)John Phlipot 10)David Smith 11)Ernie Woodard 12)Doug Holheider 13)Ron Moore 14)Travis Hole 15)Tim Cornett 16)Randy Stevens 17)Tony Anderson 18)Russ Wagner, Jr. 19)Bill Lepla 20)Troy Double 21)Jim Hatcher 22)Jeff Eley