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                                                   October 2, 1999


STRONGSTOWN, PA- Bob Wearing, Jr of Renfrew won his second late model feature at Dog Hollow Speedway Saturday night, while J.R. Rowe of Mapleton won his third street stock feature.

New winners on D & D Wood Sales Trophy Night included: Ray Weaver of Home in the super stocks, Lou Gentile of Hubbard, OH in the small block modifieds, and Rick Caswell of Bellwood in the pure stocks.

Glenn Ray and Bob Wearing, Jr. lined up on the front row of the late model feature, with Wearing shooting into the lead, and holding off what efforts Ray could give him. Wearings performance was pretty impressive, as he worked his way through lapped traffic to pick up the win, with little pressure. The top five at the waving of the checkered were: Wearing, Jr., Ray, Dave Lyon, Rodney Phillips, and Tony Raneri. Qualifying heat race wins went to: Glenn Ray, Bob Wearing, Jr., Rodney Phillips, Tony Raneri, and Bernie Whiteford. Sam Stile and Paul Michny slpit the twin B-Mains.

Ray Weaver and George Dixon brought the super stocks down for the start, with Weaver taking the lead. As Weaver led, Dixon gave him all the heat he could handle, including nearly spinning the leader on lap 13, which caused a caution. Dixon then tailed the field. As Weaver continued to tour the oval, all eyes were on Shawn McGarvey, who started 16th, and was going to the front. With only a couple of laps to go, McGarvey moved into second, and tried to keep Weaver out of victory lane, but he came up about two car lengths short at the end. The top five were: Weaver, McGarvey, Mike Duck, Lou Parsons, and Kenny Howells. Preliminary wins went to: Ray Weaver, George Dixon, and Al Zuccolotto, while it was Shawn McGarvey who won the B-Main.

The Small block modifieds made their second visit of the year to the Hollow, with Lou Gentile taking the lead, after he and Bobby Roos went door to door the first lap. He then set pace, with Ross hounding him first, then it was Ray McClure trying to find some magic. Mike Stine finally worked his way into second and tried to despertly get the win, but Gentile was too tough on this night, and took the win. The top five were: Gentile, Stine, McClure, Carl Weatherby, and Roos. Bobby Roos and Lou Gentile won the heats.

The street stock feature saw J. R. Rowe take the lead at the start, from Jerry Timchek. Then, Timchek fell behind and Dave Kephart took over second and hounded him for the win, but then he fell to thrid, as Timchek battled back, and then came up short at the finish. The top five, following a post race inspection were: Rowe, Kephart, Jim Byers, Shawn Mogle, and Tom Beals. J. R. Rowe, Shawn Mogle, Bill Lyons, and Dave Kephart ended up as heat winners, with Leroy Pershing topping the B-Main.

George Scanlan and Tom Pomroy led the pure stocks to the green, with Scanlan taking the lead. Scanlan and Jim Kirsch swapped the lead many times, with it counting on lap 5 when Kirsch led, and then Scanlan regained the lead on lap 6, but two laps later Kirsch regained the lead, and took the win, BUT in a post race teardown, they were both Disqualified. Only fourth place finisher Rick Caswell was legal in the top five. The official top five were: Caswell, Daren Desch, Tony Himes, Andy Burns, and Mark Olechoviski. Heat race wins belong to Amy Hawk, Tom Pomroy, and Daren Desch.

DOG TRACKS: A new record for cars crammed the pits, as 161 cars squezed in. there were: 44 late models, 32 super stocks, 20 small block modifieds, 38 street stocks, and 27 pure stocks......Mike Ziner flipped his #409 on the backstretch in the first B-main, he was not hurt.....Paul Leary, Amy Hawk, and Val Johnson crashed hard at the start of the pure stock feature.....This week there will be school bus races, plus a regular show for the late models, super stocks, and street stocks. The pure stocks are racing for $250 and $50 to start....Starfire of Carroltown presented a beautiful fire works display. The best this writer has ever seen....The four cylinders will be run on October 23rd, along with the super stock special on that night....Pit gates will open at 3 PM with main gates opening at 4, and racing beginning at 6 PM.



October 2, 1999


LATE MODEL: 1. Bob Wearing, Jr., Renfrew; 2. Glenn Ray, Tyrone; 3. Dave Lyon, Warren; 4. Rodney Phillips, Punxatawney; 5. Tony Raneri, Johnstown; 6. Tom Eriksen, Hesston; 7. John Flinner, Zeilienople; 8. Ken Shaltenbrand, Jr., Sarver; 9. Sam Stile, Charleroi; 10. Matt Urban, Northeast


SUPER STOCKS: 1. Ray Weaver Home; 2. Shawn McGarvey, Coalport; 3. Mike Duck, James Creek; 4. Jim Parsons, Jr., Bellwood; 5. Kenny Howells, Marion Center; 6. Rick Lias, Smicksburg; 7. Tim Mullen, Ebensburg; 8. Dan Stormer, Brookville; 9. Tom Jobe, Cavode; 10. George Dixon, Huntingdon


SMALL BLOCK MODIFIEDS: 1. Lou Gentile, Hubbard, OH; 2. Mike Stine, Smithmill; 3. Ray McClure, Troy; 4. Carl Weatherby, Volant; 5. Bobby Roos, Hyde; 6. Mike Butterworth, Osceola Mills; 7. Al Shawver, Finksburg, MD; 8. Bob Garvey, Allport; 9. Cliff Ruffaner, Marion Center; 10. George Sankey, Osceola Mills.


STREET STOCKS: 1. J.R. Rowe, Mapleton; 2. Dave Kephart, Altoona; 3. Jim Byers, McClellandtown; 4. Shawn Mogle, Ernest; 5. Tom Beals, Altoona; 6. Bill Pluta, Jr., Carinbrook; 7. Scott Stein, Cherry Tree; 8. Tom Troxell, Plum Boro; 9. Bill Lyons, Shelocta; 10. Jeff Enos, Blairsville


PURE STOCKS: 1. Rick Caswell, Bellwood; 2. Daren Desch, Tyrone; 3. Tony Himes, Blacklick; 4. Andy Burns, Johnstown; 5. Mark Olechoviski; 6. Frank Little, Woodland; 7. Terry Nihart, Ebensburg; 8. Chuck Cook, Oliver; 9. John Kinsey, Spruce Creek; 10. CHarlie Records, III, Clearfield


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