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        Cedar Lake Speedway

by: Chris Stepan

The 1999 Season Championship was upon us with 145 cars jammed in the pit
area on Saturday night August, 28th. Heat races were lined up by points, with the high point drivers starting near the front and the features were lined up straight up out of the heats.

The Late Model feature was the final event of the night and Jon Kurshinsky and Steve Laursen sat on the front row. Laursen bolted into the lead at the drop of the green bringing Rick Egersdorf with into second. Laursen shot out to a large advantage and was running the low line around the track, so Egersdorf went to the high side and began to slowly reel Laursen in. Mike Nutzmann was securely in third trying to draw closer to the leaders. Behind him, Mike Chamernick, Lance Matthees and Pat Doar were engaged in a great three car battle for fourth with Doar running the high groove,Matthees in the middle and Chamernick down low. Doar was able to move into fourth and started his march toward the front. Meanwhile, back up front Egersdorf had reeled in Laursen and was able to blow by him  for the lead. As the two reached lapped traffic Laursen was able to close the gap a bit, but Egersdorf cleared the traffic first and set off into the night. Doar was flying around the high side and had reeled in Nutzmann and shot past into third, but was not done yet as he quickly caught Laursen and flew by into second with 7 laps remaining. Egersdorf held a half a straightaway advantage over Doar, but Doar was on the move as he cut into Egersdorf's advantage considerably as the laps winded down. Egersdorf was able to hold off the challenges and pick up the win ahead of Doar, Laursen,Chamernick and Matthees.

The Street Stock feature found 1999 track champ, Curt Myers and Cory Davis
sharing the front row. Myers shot into the lead at the start bringing Greg
Scheffer with into second. Myers used the low groove around the race track, but Scheffer and Rick Hanestad were closing in. The top five of Myers, Scheffer, Hanestad, Davis and Jay Kesan were running nose to tail around the track, but Myers held the preferred line and no one was able to sneak by him. The laps clipped away with Myers holding off the
heavy pressure from Scheffer to pick up the championship win. The win was Myers' 11th at the track and 21st on the season. Scheffer finished a very strong second with Hanestad third,Davis fourth and Kesan fifth. After post race inspection, however, Hanestad was found to be illegal and was stripped of his third place finish as well as his second place finish in the
track's point standings.

Mike Weber and Danny Olinger paced the field to the green flag in the Super Stock main event with Weber getting the jump and assuming the lead on lap 1.Olinger immediately slowed in turn 2 and was out of the event early with mechanical troubles.Weber retook the lead on the restart, but Dale Gangl wasted little time moving to the front and blew by Weber on the low side on lap 5. Gangl began to stretch his advantage over Weber, who now had his hands full with Paul Kletchka, Tim Borgeson and Chuckie
DeSmith who were all in a heated battle for third. Kletchka was on a mission as he moved into second on lap 7 and set off after Gangl. A bit further back, Dan Carlson and DeSmith were wheel to wheel for fifth. Borgeson began to pressure Weber for third and was able to make the high side work as he moved by on lap 10. Kletchka moved in on Gangl
and began to look for an opening for the lead as Borgeson also had reeled in the leaders and was trying to make it a three car battle for the lead. Kletchka and Borgeson put up a good challenge, but Gangl was too strong as he picked up the win. Kletchka finished a very strong second with Borgeson third, Weber fourth and Doug Gustafson, who for the second week in a row had to qualify through a b-feature and stormed to the front, in fifth.

Hotshots, Craig Thatcher and Ron Schreiner sat on the front row for the
Modified main. Schreiner blasted into the lead at the start with Thatcher in second.Schreiner was running along the cushion and began to pull away from Thatcher. Pat Doar was flying toward the front as he appeared in third on lap 5. A yellow on lap 6 bunched up the field,putting Thatcher right on the rear bumper of Schreiner. Schreiner again blasted to the high side with Thatcher and Doar dropping into the low groove. Thatcher was able
to pull even with Schreiner coming out of turn 4, but Schreiner was able to power back into the lead on the backstretch.  Thatcher and Schreiner battled nerf bar to nerf bar for the lead with Doar poised to make a move. Schreiner continued to fly around the high side with Thatcher hugging the tires. Doar moved to the cushion and was able to draw even with
Thatcher down the chutes. As the white flag flew, Schreiner held a three car length advantage over Doar and Thatcher, who were side by side for second.Schreiner went on to pick up the win as Doar was able to slip by Thatcher for second at the stripe.

Racing resumes at Cedar Lake for the 1999 WISSOTA 100 on September

HEAT 1: Jon Kurshinsky, Rick Egersdorf, Jeff Patchen, Ashley Anderson, John Kaanta
HEAT 2: Steve Laursen, Tony Bahr, Mike Goodremote, Joel Cryderman, Rob Halstead
HEAT 3: Mike Nutzmann, Mike Chamernick, Jim Bruggeman, Eric Pember, Mark Chamernick
HEAT 4: Lance Matthees, Pat Doar, Duane Mahder, Jerry Redetzke, Brent Larson
B-FEATURE: Barry Underdahl, Jerry Legatt, Brent Laursen, Terry Lanphear,Porky Brust
FEATURE: R. Egersdorf, Doar, S. Laursen, Mike Chamernick, Matthees,
Nutzmann,Goodremote, Cryderman, Bruggeman, Bahr

HEAT 1: Craig Thatcher, Rick Lofthus, Craig Brightbill, Dave Cain, Cliff
HEAT 2: Ron Schreiner, John Kaanta, Shawn Kelley, Jason Schill, Matt Durbin
HEAT 3: Rick Kobs, Pat Doar, Dave Lear, Owen Grube, Paul Bruggeman
HEAT 4: Steve Wik, Bobby Houston, Mike Kelley, Jr., Trent Follmer, Brett
B-FEATURE: Lance Burt, Brandon Kallenbach, That Stortz, Chris Riley, Rob
FEATURE: Schreiner, Doar, Thatcher, Kobs, Kaanta, Lear, Wik, C. Brightbill,
Durbin,M. Kelley, Jr.
HEAT 1: Mike Weber, Dale Gangl, Paul Kletchka, Casey Mincoff, Ferlin Miller
HEAT 2: Danny Olinger, Justin Fegers, Bruce Tourville, Dave Madsen, Brian
HEAT 3: Tim Borgeson, Chuckie DeSmith, Dennis Larson, Bobby Houston, Ted Marrs
HEAT 4: Jason Schill, Dan Carlson, Greg Nippoldt, Gary Nippoldt, Dan Lonsky
C-FEATURE: Larry Boumeester, Joey Jensen, Kevin Ayotte, Stewart Blair, Brian Wennen
B-FEATURE: Doug Gustafson, Kelly Anderson, Mike Hesselink, Steve Thomas, Bob Lick
FEATURE: Gangl, Kletchka, Borgeson, Weber, Gustafson, Carlson, DeSmith,
Miller,Greg Nippoldt, Gary Nippoldt
HEAT 1: Curt Myers, Greg Scheffer, Paul Berg, Todd Nelson, Shannon Logue
HEAT 2: Cory Davis, Charlie Weber, Jay Kesan, Steve Eggersgleuss, Arlin
FEATURE: Myers, Scheffer, Davis, Kesan, Chris Peterson, Steve Goodenough,Weber,Eggersgleuss, Mark Thomas, Vince Corbin