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Lernerville Speedway

Sarver PA  August 20, 1999

     Two championships are down and there are still two to go at Don Martin’s Lernerville Speedway.  Shinglehouse driver Dave Norton secured a career first Friedman’s Supermarkets/Bi-Lo Foods Late Model point title with this evening’s victory. Joe Kelley of Mt. Pleasant clinched his second consecutive Dingbat’s Restaurant Pure Stock Championship with tonight’s win.  Jim Weller of Hubbard, Ohio wheeled to his second 1999 feature win  in the Ferrante Oldsmobile Modified class, creating a 13-point advantage over Brian Swartzlander going into the last night of the point chase.  Ed Lynch, Jr. of Apollo captured his fourth Agip Motor Oil Sprint main event.
     The “King of the Ring” in the Friedman’s Supermarket/Bi-Lo Foods Late Model class is Dave Norton.  Norton continued his banner year by carefully surviving a 20-lap, caution filled event with his superb driving skills.  Bob Puz and Bobby Bertges were guiding the field as Norton began from a sixth place start.  On the second lap, the racer’s of Bertges and Puz collided for one of the seven caution events.  Lynn Geisler inherited the top spot with Doug Crawford (subbing for Ben Miley) in second and Norton third.  Norton passed Crawford the next lap and shadowed Geisler.  It looked like Geisler had the race shagged when “Lady Luck” dealt him a bad hand and his rear differential broke, causing his premature exit.  Norton’s R.G. Beloti #24X now was the benefactor of first place.  Norton operates on a “shoe string” budget in a five-year-old Larry Shaw Chassis, but gets every single bit of horsepower to the ground outperforming the field.  He is the only person to claim three victories in one of the most competitive Late Model classes ever at the track.  In fifteen nights of racing there have been ten different victors.  Ken Schaltenbrand, Jr. had his best 1999 finish passing Doug Crawford with two laps to go for the runner-up position.  Dan Swartlander’s fourth place was his best showing also.  Jeff Henry was involved in a lap 2 collision and came from the rear of the twenty-four car field to place fifth.  Six through ten went to Bill Knepper, Bob Bertges, Scott Jenkins, Bob Puz and Chuck Sarver.  Geisler and Bertges won the prelims.
     Ed Lynch, Jr. tallied his fourth Agip Motor Oil win of the 1999 season.  From sixth place, Lynch’s Howard Concrete/Indy Equipment #2L darted by leader Scott Bonnell on lap five.  Once in front the smooth running Lynch was never seriously threatened.  In victory lane, Lynch said he was looking forward to the Earl and Dave Bauman Memorial All Star Race on September 3rd.  He said, “Knowing Earl and Dave, I still have them both here in my heart.  I promised Dave that I would win the Bauman Memorial Race and now I have to do it!”  Having won three-in-a-row, Jimmy Hawley had to start at the back of the pack.  He worked his way through the field passing Ralph Spithaler for the runner-up spot when the race ended.  Hawley has a 37 point lead over Ralph Spithaler.  Roger Bennett was fourth and coming from the rear of the field young Kevin Schaeffer had his best 1999 drive for fifth.  Sixth through ten went to Gary Kriess, Scott Priester, Daryl Stimeling, Charlie Holben and Scott Bonnell.  Leonard Ripper, Bonnell, and Spithaler claimed the heat events.
     Jim Weller’s well-timed second 20 lap Ferrante Oldsmobile Modified feature victory over Brian Swarzlander gives Weller the lead in the point race by 13 digits.  Weller’s Liberty Steel Product’s #31 came from third to pass leader Josh Skarzenski on lap two and sailed to his conquest.  Weller was the 1997 Point Champ and Swartlzander the 1998 and its anyone’s guess who will repeat the feat.  Kevin Bolland was third and was followed by Jeff Schaffer, Rodney Beltz, Tom Winkle, Josh Skarzenski, Steve Solari, Carl Murdick and Mike Sutton.  Swartzlander and George Hobaugh scored in the prelims.  Lou Blaney developed engine problems during warm-up laps and did not race the remainder of the evening.
     The spirited “smiling” Joe Kelley secured his second consecutive divisional point title by “cleaning house”.  Kelly began his ascent from twelfth and passed leader Randy Caldwell on lap 7.  Kelley drove an excellent race to garner his fourth win of the season over Mike Faas, Bruce Milbert, Jeff Walters Dave Harbaugh, Caldwell, Scott Bochek, Dan Pflueger, Butch Lambert and Chris Schneider.  Caldwell, Reges and Kelley won the heats.  Bochek was the B-Main victor.

                SHOW  (Orren Zook's Commercial Truck & Trailer Nite)
                Plus Pure Stocks - Racing at 8 PM - Gates open 4:30 PM

9/4         (Sat.) "BACK TO SCHOOL" BUS RACES Plus Plus Powder Puff
               Races and Ferraccio Family Supermarkets Kid's
               Nite (Bike Races - 12 & under) - HELMET REQUIRED
9/29       (Wed.) "World of Outlaws" Sprint Show $10,000 to win - plus Pure
                            Stocks - Raindate: Thursday, Sept. 30 - Racing 7 PM                                Gates open 4 PM (Preston Auto Group/MOPAR Night)

10/2        (Sat.) Automotive Fest '99 plus Bluebird Bus Races, Powder Puff
                            Races Auto Demo Derby, and "York Triathalon Series"UMP
                            Modifieds (NAPA Night) - 5 PM

Lernerville Speedway Race Results
Date: August 20, 1999
  Friedman's Market/Bi-Lo Foods
Late Model Feature:
1. Dave Norton, Shinglehouse
2. Ken Schaltenbrand, Sarver
3. Doug Crawford, Castle Shannon
4. Dan Swartzlander, Freeport
5. Jeff Henry, Butler
6. Bill Knepper, Clinton
7. Bob Bertges, Pittsburgh
8. Scott Jenkins, Smithton
9. Bob Puz, Rural Ridge
10. Chuck Sarver, West Sunbury
11. Tom Bateman, Scott Twp.
12. Spanky Dougherty, Freeport
13. Bill Adler, Butler
14.  Lynn Geisler, Cranberry Twp.
15. Gary Lyle, Hyde Park

Feature Race Notes:       Started: 6th
Wins: 3        Laps: 20
Lap Leaders: Geisler 1-10, Norton 11-20

Late Model Qualifying Race Winners:
1st Heat: Lynn Geisler, Cranberry Twp.
2nd Heat: Bob Bertges, Pittsburgh

Agip Motor Oil Sprint Feature:
1. Ed Lynch, Jr., Apollo
2. Jimmy Hawley, West Middlesex
3. Ralph Spithaler, Evans City
4. Roger Bennett, Evans City
5. Kevin Schaeffer, Kittanning
6. Gary Kriess, Connequenessing
7. Scott Priester, Rimersburg
8. Daryl Stimeling, Lewistown
9. Charlie Holben, Cabot
10. Scott Bonnell, Fairview
11. Bill Kiley, Cabot
12. Bob Walters, Pittsburgh
13. Brent Matus, Wampum
14. John Stickley, Bethel Park
15. Jerry Frew, Brighport, OH

Feature Race Notes:       Started: 6th
Wins:   4      Laps: 20
Lap Leaders: Bonnell 1-4, Lynch 5-20

Sprint Qualifying Race Winners:
1st Heat: Scott Bonnell, Fairview
2nd Heat: Leonard Ripper, Ellwood City
3rd Heat: Ralph Spithaler, Evans City

Dingbats Restaurant Pure Stock Feature:
1. Joe Kelley, Mt. Pleasant
2. Mike Faas, Creighton
3. Bruce Milbert, Cranberry Twp.
4. Jeff Walters, Evans City
5. Dave Harbaugh, Ellwood City
6. Randy Caldwell, Sarver
7. Scott Bochek, Cheswick
8. Dan Pflueger, Cabot
9. Butch Lambert, Mars
10. Chris Schneider, Tarentum
11. Bob Lipinski, Pittsburgh
12. Terry Faas, Creighton
13. Tom Truxell, Plum Boro
14. Roland Hall, Cabot
15. Brian Jakosh, Clarksburg

Feature Race Notes:       Started: 12
Wins:  4       Laps: 15
Lap Leaders: Caldwell 1-6, Kelley 7-15

Pure Stock Qualifying Race Winners:
1st Heat: Randy Caldwell, Cabot
2nd Heat: Harold Reges, Butler
3rd Heat: Joe Kelley, Mt. Pleasant
B-Main:  Scott Bochek, Cheswick

Ferrante Oldsmobile V-8 Modified Feature:
1. Jim Weller, Hubbard, OH
2. Brian Swartzlander, Leechburg
3. Kevin Bolland, New Brighton
4. Jeff Schaffer, Fombell
5. Rodney Beltz, Ellwood City
6. Tom Winkle, Zelienople
7. Josh Skarzenski, Erie
8. Steve Solari, Bradford Woods
9. Carl Murdick, Butler
10. Mike Sutton, Evans City
11. Rob Curtis, Greenville
12. Bobby Hoffman, Renfrew
13. Scott Bochek, Cheswick
14. Jim Faas, Creighton
15. George Hobaugh, Karns City

Feature Race Notes:       Started: 3rd
Wins: 2        Laps: 20
Lap Leaders: Skarzenski 1-2, Weller 3-20

Modified Qualifying Race Winners:
1st Heat: Brian Swartzlander, Leechburg
2nd Heat: George Hobaugh, Karns City