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Cumberland Closes to Stuhler, Gordon, King 
by Ray Welsh

CUMBERLAND, MD. The Cumberland Raceway, under Promoters Ben and Nancy Evans for the past 9 years, Closed it’s ‘99 season.

The final races of ‘99 saw Gary Stuhler, of Green Castle, PA, win the 3rd round of the 30 lap Late Model Coke-Cola Classic Bob Gordon, of Keyser WV, won the 20 lap Hoosier Tire Semi--late feature for the 9th time this year. Gordon broke 2 more records on his way to his 2nd Track Championship in a row. Ralph King, of Keyser , WV, got his 4th win in the 15 lap Pro Stock feature.

The "Gang" gave Stuhler $100 bonus. Greg’s Auto Sales, of Keyser, gave King $100, and John Workmeister, of Coldwell Rankers, gave King $50.

This was both a sad and happy night at Cumberland. The sad news was that Ben Evans, who reopened a run down racetrack in 1991, rebuilt it to one of the most beautiful tracks around, has decided to close the track, even though he still has a year left on his contract.

The good news came after the Late Model feature, On the track, standing beside winner Gary Stuhler, Bob Salathe, who finished 2nd, took the mike and said "fans, you just saw me drive my last race at Cumberland." The crowd cheered when he said "I will be the new Cumberland promoter."

The 33 Late Model drivers in the pits will no longer have the 2 time Cumberland Track Champion, with 31 feature wins, competing against them next year.

In the Late Model feature, the 3rd round of the Coke- Cola Classic, Todd Ritchey took the lead . On lap 6 the yellow was out for Jack Pencil, who spun in turn 4. On the restart Salathe and Stuhler were on the move, On lap 10 Salathe had took the lead. By lap 15 Stuhler had moved to 2nd. On lap 17 Stuhler passed Salathe on the outside for the lead. Jack Pencil was moving through the pack, after his 6th lap spinout, with Jeremy Miller and Doug Horton. At the checkered flag it was Stuhler getting his 2nd win, followed by Salathe, Doug Horton, Jeremy Miller, Jack Pencil, Todd Ritchey, Brent Smith, Larry Wright, Scott Rhodes, Dave Troutman, Jerry Foster, Bill VanMeter, Mike Altobelli, Chris Harr, Andy Fries, Wayne Johnson, Dion LaSalle, Shane Beegle, Kenny Pettyjohn, D.J. Myers, Eric Zembower, Allen Brannon, Leslie Hare, and J.R. Keifer. Heats went to Fries, Salathe and Foster. Troutman took the Consy.

The Coke-Cola Classic ended with Bob Salathe the overall winner, followed by Doug Horton, Jack Pencil, Dave Troutman and Chris Harr. These top 5 will split the $15,000 from Coke-Cola.

Jack Pencil, of Bedford, PA, set a race track record at Cumberland in winning the Price Budweiser Late Model Track Championship. Pencil is the only driver In 9 years to win the Championship in all 3 classes..

In the Hoosier Tire Semi—late feature, Wade Peer led for 4 laps before Bob Gordon took the lead on lap 5. Gordon held off a charging Greg Fetters for the win. Fetters was making a move on Gordon on the last lap out of turn 4 and rode the wall past the flagstand. Peer finished 2nd, followed by Fetters, Allen Buckley, Jim Deneen, Kelly Bechtel, David Riley, Barry Willison, John Crowfis, Jr., Andrew Fertig, Bill Buchanan, Mark Fost, Dwayne Shultz, and Gary Kimmell. Heat winners were Deneen and Bechtel.

In the Pro Stock feature, Matt Sponaugle led for 5 laps before Ralph King took the lead, Tom Humberson, who started 11th, was on the move, and lap after lap it was the King and Humberson show, with bumper to bumper and side by side racing for 10 laps. King went on to get his 4th win of the year. Humberson, who finished 2nd, also has 4 wins this year. Third was Rick Wright, followed by Bob Lewis, George Beckett, Bill Goss, John Whitfield, JR Bowers, Joe Marple, Jason Black, Matt Sponaugle, Ken Lowery, Kevin Weyandt, Daniel, Cornman, John steward III, and Kelvin Bernard. Heats went to Cornman and Bockett.

The Buckley’s Towing Jr. Fan Club winners, who also received a special gift from Coke-Cola were Kelci Riley and Emily King, both of Keyser, WV.

The Cumberland Raceway Awards Banquet is set for Friday, October 15 For tickets call Nancy Evans at 301-463-6794.


 Cumberland Raceway Finishes
 August 20, 1999
Late Models--1. Gary Stuhler, 2. Bob Salathe, 3. Doug Horton, 4. Jeremy Miller, 5. Jack Pencil, 6. Todd Ritchey,7. Brent Smith, 8. Larry Wright, 9. Scott Rhodes, 10. Dave Troutman, 11. Jerry Foster, 12. Bill VanMeter,13. Mike Altobelli, 14. Chris Harr, 15. Andy Fries, 16. Wayne Johnson, 17. Dion LaSalle, 18. Shane Beegle,19. Kenny Pettyjohn, 20. Daniel Myers, 21. Eric Zembower, 22. Allen Brannon, 23. Les Hare, 24. J.R. Keifer
(Heats to Fries, Salathe, Foster)-(Consy winner- Troutman) DNS: Darras Deneen, Steve Radich, Alan Lafferty,Jeff Miller, Bill Phares, Rick Singleton,  Dave Bloss, Dave Hertz,  Chuck Clise)

Semi-Late Feature -1. Bob  Gordon, 2. Wade Peer, 3. Greg Fetters, 4. Allen Buckley, 5. Jim Deneen, 6. Kelly Bechtel,  7. Dave Riley, 8. Barry Willison, 9. John Crowfis, 10. Andrew Fertig, 11. Bill Buchanan, 12. Mark Fost,
13. Dwane Shultz, 14. Gary Kimmell  (Heats to Deneen, Bechtel)

Pro-Stocks-1. Ralph King, 2. Tom Humberson, 3. Rick Wright, 4. Bob Lewis, 5. George Beckett, 6. Bill Goss,
7. John Whitfield, 8. JR Bowers, 9. Joe Marple, 10. Jason Black, 11. Matt Sponaugle, 12. Ken Lowery, 13. Kevin Weyandt, 14. Daniel Cornman, 15. John Steward, 16. Kelvin Bernard (Heats to  Cornman, Beckett