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 15 August 1999

Steve Inch



SELINSGROVE, PA – Mike Erdley of Herndon wired the field for his first career Sprint Car win at Selinsgrove Speedway on Sunday night after a late-race duel with Middleburg’s Todd Hestor, who was also gunning for his first career Sprint win.

Erdley, 24, a former Daredevil champion at the track, captured his first checkered flag at the wheel of his own No. 117 Sprint Car sponsored by Lisi Texaco and Ink Spot Printing. He became the seventh different Sprint winner at the track this season.

Jeff Smith of Blain won the 13th Annual Bob Bender Late Model Memorial, a 25-lap tribute race in memory of the late car owner and driver. The win marked Smith’s first of the season and 21st of his career at the track.

Kyle Bachman of Selinsgrove powered to his third 12-lap Pro Stock win of the season, while Ricky Harper of Three Springs was the winner of the 10-lap Four Cylinder Pure Stock event.

The evening’s racing program was sponsored by Selinsgrove Ford.

Selinsgrove Speedway will present a regular three division show of Sprint Cars, Late Models and Pro Stocks on Sunday, August 22, followed by an appearance of the All Star Circuit of Champions Sprint Cars on Sunday, August 29.

Outside front row starter Mike Erdley "checked out" from the rest of the field when he powered into the lead at the start of the Sprint Car feature. Erdley’s early race lead was impressive until a caution for Mike Walter regrouped the field on lap four.

On the ensuing restart, Erdley was chased by third-place starter Brook Weibley, who passed fourth-place starter Ron Kramer on the previous lap.

By the completion of lap eight, eighth-place starter Todd Hestor began to show his colors as he moved into third. At the halfway point, Erdley was leading Weibley, Hestor, 11th-place starter Todd Shaffer and Kramer.

A caution flag on lap 20 was followed by a red flag for a fuel stop. With five laps remaining Hestor stormed past Weibley for second and reeled in Erdley. For the final three laps Hestor tormented Erdley for the lead and eventual win.

Hestor tried to sweep past Erdley on the high side in the second turn and the low side in turns three and four. On the checkered flag lap, Hestor’s last-ditch effort to take the lead and win in turns three and four came up short.

Erdley took the checkered flag, followed by Hestor, Weibley, Shaffer and Walter in the top five.

A seven-car pileup occurred on the first lap of the Bender Late Model Memorial, which sidelined Bobby Croop, the event’s only four-time winner.

When the race resumed, outside front row starter Carl Billet moved past polesitter Dale Kerstetter to take the early race lead. Billet was followed by third-place starter Chris Shuey for the first six laps before 12th-place starter Jeff Smith rocketed into second on a lap seven restart.

At the halfway point, Billet and Smith engaged in a close battle for the lead. It wasn’t until the 18th lap, racing off the second turn, that Smith was able to steal the lead away from Billet.

The event’s final caution flag unfurled on lap 20 and regrouped the field. Smith led Billet back to the flag while 11th-place starter Scott Haus began to show a lot of speed in the final laps. Haus shot past Billet for second and began to reel in the leader.

Haus’ efforts came up short when Smith took the checkered flag. Haus was second, followed by Billet, Jeff Rhine and Steve Campbell.

Following a first lap tangle involving some of the lead cars, original fourth-place starter Kyle Bachman found himself starting on the front row and moving into the lead at the drop of the green flag.

Bachman led wire to wire, while an intense battle for second unfolded between current point leader Dave Brouse and defending track champion Tim Krape. The event’s final caution flag unfurled on lap 11, setting the stage for a chase to the checkered flag.

On the last lap, Bachman maintained the lead as Krape cruised past Brouse for second. Brouse settled for third, while Jake Buck and Matt Johnson completed the top five.

Polesitter Ricky Harper powered into the lead at the start of the Four Cylinder feature and was chased down by 12th-place starter Craig Swartzlander. Then Swartzlander took the lead exiting the second turn on the sixth circuit, only to develop engine trouble.

Harper reclaimed the lead and was challenged by Ronnie Buck in the final laps. At the checkered flag, Harper was victorious over Buck, Lance Thomas, Jerry Doard and Tim Williamson.


Sprint Cars – 16 Entries

25-Lap A-Main: 1) 117 Mike Erdley 2) 7M Todd Hestor 3) 32 Brook Weibley 4) 88 Todd Shaffer 5) 88F Mike Walter 6) 29 Todd Gracey 7) 33 Ron Kramer 8) 17B Troy Whitesel 9) 87 George Suprick 10) 3 Bob Bennet 11) 77T Jess Thomas 12) 116 Mike Enders 13) 88L Larry Lamey 14) 6 Eric Mathiot 15) 8 Will Brunson 16) 1M Babe Mader (DNS)

Heat Winners: George Suprick and Brook Weibley

Late Models – 33 Entries

25-Lap Bob Bender Memorial: 1) 32 Jeff Smith 2) 1H Scott Haus 3) 43A Carl Billet 4) 2J Jeff Rhine 5) 2 Steve Campbell 6) 21 Chris Shuey 7) 17 Ken Dickson 8) 27 Jim Yoder 9) 06 Mike Lupfer 10) 7 Dale Kerstetter 11) 75T Terry Neitz 12) 5W Waylon Wagner 13) 77S Donnie Schick 14) 15 Scott Flickinger 15) 3 Tim Wilson 16) 00 Mike Bingaman 17) 21K Kory Sites 18) 77L Scott Lupfer 19) G3 Jim Gearhart 20) 77X Brett Schadle 21) 40 Chas Shellenberger 22) 45 Eric Hons 23) 98 Bobby Croop 24) 22 Brian Shuey

Heat Winners: Bobby Croop, Dale Kerstetter and Scott Haus

Consolation Winner: Ken Dickson

Pro Stocks – 23 Entries

12-Lap A-Main: 1) 99 Kyle Bachman 2) 07 Tim Krape 3) 6-pak Dave Brouse 4) 11 Jake Buck 5) 70 Matt Johnson 6) 77 Tom Krape 7) 39 Tom Clark 8) XR7 Jerry Blauch 9) 48 Matt Drum 10) 17Jr Kevin Imes 11) 25 Gerald Kratzer 12) 24-pak William Mitch 13) 00 Joey Keister 14) 8 Doug Hendricks 15) 44 Bruce Drum 16) 66 Scott Dorman 17) 28 Dave Inch 18) 1X John Wert, Jr. 19) 20 Tony Rocuskie 20) 19 Donnie Murphy 21) 1 Harry Bell Jr. 22) 85 Scott Dunham 23) 12-pak Gary Kerstetter

Heat Winners: Tim Krape and Kyle Bachman

Four Cylinder Pure Stocks – 22 Entries

10-Lap A-Main: 1) 75 Ricky Harper 2) 100 Ronnie Buck 3) 28 Lance Thomas 4) 26 Jerry Doard 5) 23 Tim Williamson 6) 14 Ralph DeShawn 7) 21M Donnie Mellinger 8) 24 Ed Williamson 9) 29 Lou Parson 10) 43 Frank Grubie 11) 17 Tom Gray 12) 51 Bill Ryland 13) 77 John Caldwell 14) 50S Sam Smith 15) 21K Ray Kratzer 16) 87 Scott Kunkle 17) 21R Bob Rush 18) 11S John Stoll, Jr. 19) 8K Brett Kline 20) 15 Craig Swartzlander 21) 54 Ronnnie Garlock (DNS) 22) 76 Sonny Williamson (DNS)

Heat Winners: Tim Williamson and Craig Swartzlander