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                                                                                     July 11, 1999

STRONGSTOWN, PA- John Britsky of Clymer won the first big late model show of the season at Dog Hollow Speedway Sunday evening. This was his first win of the season. Bob Kelly of East Freedom picked up his first win of 1999 in the street stock divison.

Repeat winners included: Al Zuccolotto of Johnstown in the super stocks, and Steve Diehl of Gallitzen in the pure stocks.

Jake Shady and Mike Blose led the late model field down for John Replogals green flag to start the event, with Blose leading the field into turn one. Blose held the position until lap fourteen when third place starter Lynn Geisler used an outside turn two pass to get the lead. Geislers time at the front was short lived, as 11th place starter John Britsky also used the outside, and went by Geisler exiting turn two. The pair were door-to-door entering turn three, as Britsky found the extra energy to power into the lead. Once out front, Britsky weaved his way through slower traffic, and then the field down for the checkered flag. It was Britsky’s first win of 1999 at Dog Hollow, and he picked the 35 lap $1500 night to do it. The top five were: Britsky, Geisler, Sam Stiles, Bob Wearing, Sr., from 15th, and Tony Raneri. Jake Shady, Mike Blose, and Lynn Geisler won the heats, Dave Lyon won the B-main.

Ray Bowser and Rich Evans brought the super stock feature down to the start, with third place starter Rick Lias making a great move and leading the field out of two. Lias held down the top spot until lap five, when Lou Jacoby made light contact with him, and Lias went spinning. He was down for the night, and Jacoby tailed the field. On the restart, Al Zuccolotto was handed the lead. He had to hold off a determined Denny Petyak, and Shawn McGarvey first, then a fast returning Jacoby, who worked his way back to the top five. As the race wound down, a crash sent McGarvey to the pits for the night. Jacoby then moved up to battle Petyak and Zuccolotto. ,Heading for the finish line Petyak made once last effort, and came up short, as he crashed in turn four. The official top five were: Zuccolotto, Jacoby, Pete Ivory, Denny Weisgarber, and Todd Mathews. Denny Petyak and Lou Jacoby, Jr. won the heats.

Bob Kelly and Charlie Records led the street stocks down for the start, with Kelly taking the lead. Records held tough and fought Kelly for the lead, but was soon joined by Trent Ogden, and Jerry Lower. the four were racing under a blanket, when Record began to fade, and Ogden and Lower continued to fight Kelly for the top spot, but Kelly was not to be denied, and he came up with his first DHS win of the season. Ogden was second, Lower was third, Tom Snyder, Jr., was fourth, and Records was fifth. Jerry Lower, Tom Snyder, Jr, and Rich Britton won the heats, while Shawn Mogle won the consy.

Paul Crynock and Charlie Records III brought the pure stocks down for a start, with Crynock taking the lead. He led until lap five, then Steve Diehl showed his strenth and took the lead on lap six. Once out front Diehl had to keep Crynock at bay. The the end the top five were: Diehl, Crynock, George Scanlan, Records, and Nathan Leeman. the race ended just as Bill Sigafoes was barrell rolling in turn four. He was no injured.

DOG TRACKS: There were 87 cars in the pits, including: 29 late models, 14 super stocks, 27 street stocks, and 17 pure stocks...This Saturday night the DWARF Cars return to the speedway....The speedway has announced that they will start holding a Sunday rain date with racing starting at 7 PM. We hope to see you at Dog Hollow, where you can see the big dogs "Howl!"



July 11, 1999


LATE MODEL: 1. John Britsky, Clymer; 2. Lynn Geisler, Cranberry Township; 3. Sam Stile, Charleroi; 4. Bob Wearing, Sr., Callery; 5. Tony Raneri, Johnstown; 6. Dave Satterlee, Rochester Mills; 7. Andy Fries, Mercersburg; 8. Dave Lyon, Surgar Grove; 9. Travis Fleegle, Alum Bank; 10. Tommy Kitchen, Indiana; 11. Ken Shaltenbrand, Sarver; 12. Rodney Phillips, Punxatawney; 13. Jason Carnahan, Indiana; 14. Jake Shady, Beech Creek; 15. Gene Kain, Johnstown; 16. Tom Decker, Jr., Bellwood; 17. Ray Sgro, Indiana; 18. Mike Ziner, Indiana; 19. Kevin Zimmerman, Reynoldsville; 20. Rick Davis, Indiana; 21. Mike Blose, Dayton; 22. Mike Stair, Brookville; 23. Ward Schell, Warren; Mike Blazavich, Indiana.


SUPER STOCK: 1. Al Zuccolotto, Johnstown; 2. Louie Jacoby, Jr., Fernwood; 3. Pete Ivory, Irvona; 4. Denny Weisgarber, Curwensville; 5. Todd Mathews, Sanborn; 6. Tim Mullen, Ebensburg; 7. Jim Parson, Jr, Bellwood; 8. Denny Petyak, Gallitzen; 9. George Sankey; Osceole Mills; 10. Shawn McGarvey, Coalport


STREET STOCK: 1. Bob Kelly, East Freedom; 2. Trent Ogden, Clearfield; 3. Jerry Lower, Williamsburg; 4. Tom Snyder, Jr., Mayport; 5. Charlie Records; 6. Rusty Martz, Brookville; 7. Rich Britton, Johnstown; 8. Tom Troxell, Plum Boro; 9. John Ponikvar; 10. Joey Pluta, Carin Brook


PURE STOCKS: 1. Steve Diehl, Gallitzen; 2. Paul Crynock, Cresson; 3. George Scanlan, Ebensburg; 4. Charlie Records, III, Clearfield; 5. Nathan Leeman; DAvidsville; 6. Gary Little, Woodland; 7. Mark olechoviski; 8. John Mazey, Bolivar; 9. Dave Korwitz, Seward. Brian Parsley, Brush Valley