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The winner at TAZEWELL SPEEDWAY was the rain

Next week July 3, 1999 we will have THE TWIN 40'S, with the top 8 finishers in the 1st 40 lapped being inverted. This proved to be one of the best races of last year. When in the 1st 40 lapped we had to go to the video tape to make sure who won and it was Ogle by 8 inches over #84 Roger Best. Both drivers viewed the video, because they didn't know who had won. Come on out to THETAZ next Sat. Night and if Ogle wins the 1st 40 lapper, we will see if he can come from 8th to win. We will see just how good he is; can he win both of them?

On another note the local newspaper; Claiborne Progress sports reported names Stacy Boles #11b "THE SHIRIFF"…TO QUOTE: With #201 Billy Ogle Jr. better known as "Billy The Kid" out front kicking up dirt with #11b Stacy "The Sheriff" Boles in hot pursuit.