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By Judy Gower

MARKLEYSBURG, PA. . . .The driving skills of Bob Wearing Jr., Renfrew, were put to the test as he narrowly defeated three time winner, Tom Myers,  in the thrilling Mid Season Championship late model feature Sunday at Roaring Knob Raceway Park.  Other 4th of July, Mid-season feature winners were Larry Kugel, E. Liverpool, OH in the E-Mods, Wayne Jordan, Dilliner (Pure Stocks), and John Cogar Sr,, Fairmont, WV (Dwarf Cars).

Current points leader Wearing and D. J. Myers led the field to the
green with Wearing jumping out into the early lead and D. J. settling in
right behind.   Fifth starting Tom Myers blasted by Jeff Thomas and Bill
VanMeter, and he quickly began to apply the pressure on son D. J.  for the
second spot.   As Wearing continued to lead, the duo behind him raced each
other hard until Myers was finally able to complete the pass around his son
on the eleventh circuit. As if that battle wasn't exciting enough, Myers then
set his sights on Wearing, and began to close in for what turned out to be an
even more thrilling second half of the race.  For the remaining laps Wearing
and Myers put on an awesome display of driving around the Markleysburg oval. 
  Myers tried the inside, and then the outside, pulling even with Wearing lap
after lap; but Wearing never faltered, and the two never touched.   Wearing
held on for the close win, his first of the season at the Knob.  Following
the checker, gentleman Myers gave a classy  "thumbs up"  to Wearing for the
great race.  Third went to D.J. Myers, with VanMeter driving a steady race
for fourth and Thomas was fifth.  Sixth through ten were Chris Conner, Dave
Troutman, Andy Fries, Garry Sisson and Jim Frost.  The two heat race winners were Wearing  and D. J. Myers.

Wayne Jordan increased his points lead, and upped his win total to
four, by remaining in front throughout the caution-filled Mid Season
Championship race for the Pure Stocks.   Jim Bendishaw ran second during the early stages before Jack Rosenberger was able to get by.  Rosenberger held on to take the runner-up spot over Bendishaw, Marshall Coleman and Brian Taylor. Completing the top ten were Joe Fullerton, Steve Sickles, Scott Herring,Mike Kepple, and Keith Regan.  Heat winners were Jordan, Bob Medved, and Bendishaw.

      Larry Kugel took off with the lead, and survived several early cautions
during the E-Mod feature, to become the third points leader to win his Mid
Season Championship race.  Ron Clevenger was second with rookie Bobby Watt third, D. J.Troutman, fourth and Charles Cochran, fifth.  Newcomers Mike Ross, Greg Wilt and Dana McIntyre were sixth, seventh and eighth while Renee Dean finished ninth, and Buck Goodwin completed the top ten.  Clevenger and Kugel won the heats.

     The pressure was on for current points leader John Cogar to wrap up the
evening's racing with a win.  Cogar showed he was up to the challenge as he
too led every lap of the Dwarf Car main giving him four wins on the year. 
Second through fifth were Barclay, Greg Shingleton, Jeff Davis and Eric Hay. The remainder of the top ten were Ron Nestor, W. L. Stile, Lynn Knepper, Tom Showman and Dave Full.  Heat winners were Jeff Barclay and Cogar.

     Sunday, July 11, is Banner Day at Roaring Knob Raceway Park along with
regular racing for the Ken Nicholson and Sons Lumber Late Models, Caney
Valley Marine E-Mods, Country Charm Pure Stocks and Stone House Restaurant
Dwarf Cars.    Gates open at 3pm with racing set to begin promptly at 5pm. 
For additional information call (724) 3290306 or (724) 329-8196.
Ken Nicholson and Sons Lumber Co. Late Models: 
Heat Winners - Bob Wearing Jr., D. J. Myers 
Feature - BOB WEARING JR., Tom Myers, D. J. Myers, Bill VanMeter, Jeff
Thomas, Chris Conner, Dave Troutman, Andy Fries, Garry Sisson, Jim Frost, Ron Reese, Rob King

Caney Valley Marine E-Mods:
Heat Winners - Ron Clevenger, Larry Kugel
Feature - LARRY KUGEL, Ron Clevenger, Bobby Watt, D. J. Troutman, Charles
Cochran, Mike Ross, Greg Wilt, Dana McIntyre, Renee Dean, Buck Goodwin, Paul Craft, Todd Dennis

Country Charm Pure Stocks:
Heat Winners - Wayne Jordan, Bob Medved, Jim Bendishaw
Feature -  WAYNE JORDAN, Jack Rosenberger, Jim Bendishaw, Marshall Coleman, Brian Taylor, Joe Fullerton, Steve Sickles, Scott Herring, Mike Kepple, Keith Regan, Mick Slaubaugh, Al Jenkins, Bob Nelson, Rich Apolito, Mike Jones, Scott Spade, Jason Gibbs, Chuck Capana, Chuck Bloom, Bob Medved

Stone House Restaurant Dwarf Cars:
Heat Winners - Jeff Barclay, John Cogar Sr.
Feature - JOHN COGAR SR., Jeff Barclay, Greg Shingleton, Jeff Davis, Eric
Hay, Ron Nestor, W. L.Stile, Lynn Knepper, Tom Showman, Dave Full