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Full Track Results

Bapst bests Bragdon for first win at Portsmouth

PORTSMOUTH, OH (July 17, 1999) - After making a late move to grab second a week earlier, Aaron Bapst put on another late charge Saturday to capture his first late model A main of the season at Portsmouth Raceway Park.

Tony DeHart started 17th after winning the B main and finally passed Eddie Harmon on the final lap to win his fourth modified A main of the season.

It was the same song, just a different verse in the street stock and bombers as both John Melvin and Bo Cox won their sixth feature in 11 races.



FEATURE: 1. Aaron Bapst, 2. Barry Bragdon, 3. Craig Leist, 4. Kenny Christy, 5. Shawn Holliday, 6. Steve Landrum, 7. Rod Conley, 8. Mark Frazier, 9. Delmas Conley


FEATURE: 1. Tony DeHart, 2. Eddie Harmon, 3. Andy French, 4. Tony Journey, 5. John Wright


FEATURE: 1. John Melvin, 2. Tim Robinson, 3. Tracy Edwards, 4. Vincent Bender, 5. Brian Conkel, 6. Mike Steele, 7. Rick Stringer, 8. Gary Childers, 9. Dana Ross, 10. Cecil McCane


FEATURE: 1. Bo Cox, 2. Phillip Kouns, 3. Adam Jordan, 4. Bubby McCarty, 5. Tom Taylor, 6. R.L. Lute, 7. Gary Blevins, 8. Junior Spillman, 9. Dave Stephens, 10. Bart Journey