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                Full Track Results

Lernerville Speedway

Sarver, PA…July 16, 1999

     Don Martin’s Lernerville Speedway victory lane celebration featured representatives from fifteen states, Canada and Japan.  Receiving the accolades were the following: Agip Motor Oil Sprints-Jimmy Hawley, West Middlesex; Friedmans Supermarkets/Bi-Lo Food Late Models- Gary Lyle, Hyde Park; Ferrante Oldsmobile Modifieds- Brian Swartzlander, Leechburg and Dingbat’s Restaurant Pure Stocks-Joe Kelley, Beaver Falls. It was Big Foot/Little Foot Night, Cornwell Tools evening and Environmental Air Night. The Japanese baseball team here to play in Sonny Westerman’s Freeport International Baseball Tournament, July 20-24th and were the guests of the speedway. Pittsburgh Circle Track presented plaques to all feature winners.

    Jimmy Hawley jettisons to victory in the 20 lap Agip Motor Oil Sprint feature collecting win #5 in the Doc Crawford owned #CIII. Hawley came from fifth to run third behind leaders Ralph Engel and Scott Priester by lap three. On the same lap a strange happening occurred when Mike Sub’s racer spun in front of the leaders in turn two, collecting both Engel and Priester. Inheriting the top spot, Hawley guided the field to the checker, running a super race and padding his point lead. Hawley, who is of Japanese/American descent, had the Japanese baseball team join him in victory lane for the ceremonies. Runner-up Brent Matus kept Ralph Spithaler at bay with Jamie Smith and Davey Jones rounding out the top five. Six through ten went to Roger Bennett, Ralph Engel, Kevin Schaeffer, Tommy Marshall and Charlie Holben. Matus, Leonard Ripper, Gary Kriess won the prelims.

     Gary Lyle led the Friedman’s Supermarket/Bi-Lo Foods Late Models to victory earning his second big win of the season; however, runner-up Dave Norton remains on top of the points chart by six over Lyle. In a hotly contested battle, Lyle, Norton and Bob Wearing Sr drove side-by-side the majority of the race, Lyle led seven laps but Wearing crossed the line first the next six. Lyle came back to direct the field the last seven. On the final lap Norton passed Wearing for second.  Coming from tenth, Lynn Geisler placed fourth with Keith Zimmerman trailing. Bob Puz shook “the monkey” off his back to finish his first race of the season, earning sixth. Following him were Wally Stock, Ben Miley, Ken Schaltenbrand and Bill Knepper. Wearing Sr and Geisler won the heat races.

     Brian Swartlander beat the Ferrante Oldsmobile Modified competition to post conquest #3. The main event had Swartlander’s McCutcheon Enterprises  #83S hugging the inside groove with Jim Weller using the cushion. On lap10  George Hobaugh joined the twosome and made it a three-way battle. Driving his best race of the season, Hobaugh and Swartzlander traded the top spot four times before Swartlander claimed the victory. With two laps to go, Weller used the inside line to pass Hobaugh for the runner-up position.  Carl Murdick was fourth and was trailed by Tom Winkle, Clyde Gumpp, Mike Sutton, Frank Gudiace, Randy Chronister and Jim Faas. Weller and Rodney Beltz claimed the heat races. Weller took over the point lead in the absence of Lou Blaney.

     Joe Kelley cashed in on his second Dingbat’s Restaurant Pure Stock feature event defeating Bruce Milbert. Jeff Walters was in charge for four circuits until Milbert took control. Then it became a contest between Milbert and Kelley the rest of the race and  the ’98 defending champ Kelly  was triumphant. Mike Faas drove a solid third with Walters dropping to fourth and Dave Harbaugh fifth. Six through ten went to Chris Schneider, Randy Caldwell, Herman Bertolini, Scott Bochek, and Rick Burris. Kelley, Walters and Harbaugh garnered the preliminary events and Randy Caldwell claimed the B-Main.

     It was Glenn Noland’s first PCTC Zoresco Trailer’s Senior Series big win. After starting eleventh, riding the front wall, flattening his race car’s tire, having to pit and return to the back of the field, Noland overcame all obstacles to pass leader Bill Wheeling on lap 12 and win the event using the high line. Runner-up Wheeling held Don Gamble to a third place finish. Duane Mohney was fourth and Tom Knight Sr rounded out the top five. Six through ten went to Mike Faas, Bud Holben, Sid Haas Jr, Chester Carbo and T. Faas. Heats were checkered by Gamble and Noland.

Lernerville Speedway Race Results
Date: July 16, 1999

Agip Motor Oil Sprint Feature:
1. Jimmy Hawley, West Middlesex
2. Brent Matus, Wampum
3. Ralph Spithaler, Evans City
4. Jamie Smith, Economy
5. Davey Jones, Warrendale
6. Roger Bennett, Evans City
7. Ralph Engel, Sewickley
8. Kevin Schaeffer, Kittanning
9. Tommy Marshall, Beaver Falls
10. Charlie Holben, Cabot
11. Gary Rankin, Butler
12. Robert Altmeyer, Kittanning
13. Leonard Ripper, Ellwood City
14. Mike Shearer, Freeport
15. Bob Walters, Pittsburgh

Feature Race Notes:       Started: 5
Wins: 5        Laps: 20
Lap Leaders: Kriess 1-3, Hawley 4-20

Sprint Qualifying Race Winners:
1st Heat: Brent Matus, Wampum
2nd Heat: Leonard Ripper, Ellwood City
3rd Heat: Gary Kriess, Connequenessing

Friedman's Market/Bi-Lo Foods
Late Model Feature:
1. Gary Lyle, Hyde Park
2. Dave Norton, Shinglehouse
3. Bob Wearing, Callery
4. Lynn Geisler, Cranberry Twp.
5. Keith Zimmerman, Titusville
6. Bob Puz, Rural Ridge
7. Wally Stock, Ruffsdale
8. Ben Miley, Venetia
9. Ken Schaltenbrand, Sarver
10. Bill Knepper, Clinton
11. Joe Johnson, Monaca
12. Jeff Henry, Renfrew
13. Tony Burke, Sarver
14. Dan Swartzlander, Freeport
15. William Reges, Butler
Feature Race Notes:       Started: 3
Wins: 2        Laps: 20
Lap Leaders:  Lyle 1-7,14-20, Wearing 8-13

Late Model Qualifying Race Winners:
1st Heat: Bob Wearing, Sr., Callery
2nd Heat: Lynn Geisler, Cranberry Twp.
Ferrante Oldsmobile V-8 Modified Feature:
1. Brian Swartzlander, Leechburg
2. Jim Weller, Hubbard, OH
3. George Hobaugh, Karns City
4. Carl Murdick, Butler
5. Tom Winkle, Zelienople
6. Clyde Gumpp, Slippery Rock
7. Mike Sutton, Evans City
8. Frank Gudiance, Mercer
9. Randy Chronister, Slippery Rock
10. Jim Faas, Creighton
11. Dan Campbell, Ellwood City
12. Scott Bochek, Cheswick
13. Dave Murdick, Slippery Rock
14. Lonny Riggs, Volant
15. Josh Skarzenski, Erie
Feature Race Notes:       Started: 3
Wins: 3        Laps: 20
Lap Leaders:  Swartzlander 1-12,15,17-20
                         Hobaugh 13-14,16
Modified Qualifying Race Winners:
1st Heat: Jim Weller, Hubbard, OH
2nd Heat: Rodney Beltz, Ellwood City

Dingbats Restaurant Pure Stock Feature:
1. Joe Kelley, Mt. Pleasant
2. Bruce Milbert, Cranberry Twp.
3. Mike Faas, Creighton
4. Jeff Walters, Evans City
5. Dave Harbaugh, Beaver Falls
6. Chris Schneider, Tarentum
7. Randy Caldwell, Sarver
8. Herman Bertolini, Creighton
9. Scott Bochek, Cheswick
10. Rick Burris, Saxonburg
11. Dave Ferringer, Cochranton
12. Mike Ventura, Pittsburgh
13. Chuck Kremer, Gibsonia
14. Harold Reges, Butler
15. Lenny Wright, Kittanning

Feature Race Notes:       Started: 9
Wins: 2        Laps: 15
Lap Leaders: Walters 1-4, Milbert 5-8, Kelley 9-15

Pure Stock Qualifying Race Winners:
1st Heat: Joe Kelley, Mt. Pleasant
2nd Heat: Jeff Walters, Evans City
3rd Heat: Dave Harbaugh, Ellwood City
B-Main:  Randy Caldwell, Sarver

Zoresco Equipment Senior Series:
1. Glenn Noland, Beaver Falls
2. Bill Wheeling, Franklin
3. Don Gamble, Monroeville
4. Duane Mohney, Mars
5. Tom Knight, Sr., Pittsburgh
6. Mike A. Faas, Creighton
7. Bud Holben, Cabot
8. Sid Haas, Jr., Sarver
9. Chester Carbo, Mars
10. T. Faas, Creighton

Feature Race Notes:       Started: 11
Wins: 1        Laps: 15
Lap Leaders: Wheeling 1-11, Noland 12-15

Senior Series Qualifying Race Winners:
1st Heat: Don Gamble, Monroeville
2nd Heat: Glenn Noland, Beaver Falls