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K-C Raceway Results....7/10/99 Regular racing..

Chillicothe, Ohio-Due to the continued extreme weather conditions predicted for the K-C area, there will be no racing Saturday, July 17 so that the track crew can prepare for the twin $2,000-to-win Late Model/Sprint "Always Coca Cola" race on July 24 and the upcoming $10,000-to-win Freedom 40 for the All-Star Circuit of Sprint cars on July 31.

By Scott Wolfe

Chillicothe, Ohio-In three of the four racing divisions at the super fast K-C Raceway, new winners graced victory lane with Piketon, Ohio’s "No Fear" Jim Nier proving his nomenclature by lapping all but the first five cars in the Super Sprint feature. Mark Frazier of Chillicothe found a new set-up to his liking for a dominant run in the Late Model A-main, while Bob Crace, Jr.of Massieville ended a long dry spell in the modified division. Conard Newman of Frankfort claimed his sixth feature win of the year in the hobby stock main.

The tone for the evening was set when super sprint driver Chris Fraley of Portsmouth surprised his girlfriend Brooke with a pre-race marriage proposal on the front chute. She said "Yes" much to Chris’s relief.

In thirteen races, eleven different winners have graced both the Super Sprint and Late Model features at K-C Raceway’s high banks. Englewood’s Jimmy Stinson looked to be in line for his second win of the year as he jumped out to a huge lead in the Stinson Concrete #84. Just as he came around to complete lap three his quick change gears stripped out and handed the lead to Hud Horton. Two laps later, Jim Nier fed his George Fisher powered Intruder a can of spinach and he stormed past Horton for the lead, never to be seen by much of the field again.

Nier’s dominant rage ended a personal drought for the local chauffer, who historically is known for his good starts. Nier lapped the entire field except for the first five cars with his nearest competitor Scott Miller sitting more than a straight-away behind. Only one car (Stinson) fell from the event).

Miller completed a great run to finish second, while Beaver’s Craig McGuire in the Veach Trucking Stealth completed his best K-C run with a strong third ahead of Mark Keegan.

Rounding out the top ten were Al Roegke, Horton, James Fisher, John Wisbon, Mike Bowling, and Tony Broughton. Heats went to Miller, Nier, Newmeister, and Fisher.

Chillicothe’s Keith Baxter claimed his first win ever in the B-main.

Although Mark Frazier had finished near the top all season long, the season has been a struggle. He and his crew finally put it all together with a finely-tuned Jack James engine under the hood and a new set-up. Frazier got the jump on fellow Chillicothian Jeff Houser and was smooth and fast en route to his first victory of the year.

Mike Wilson put up a good fight for second with Houser claiming third ahead of Ryan Markham, Adam Stevens, Weasel Rhodes, Bobby Oney, Skip Watterman, Brett Foster, and Scott Edmisten. Heats went to Wilson, Watterman, and Willie Bingham.

Jimmy Gibbs has been one of the hottest drivers on the modified circuit this year, but Bob Crace, Jr. got the early jump and held off numerous challenges from Gibbs to post his first win of the year. Crace has been a consistent top five finisher, but the checkered flag eluded Crace until Saturday’s big win.

Following Gibbs across the line in third place was Joshua Shaw, Jerry Lawson, Bud Frazier, Jamie Lawson, Tim Brown, Bobby Kitchen, Tom Hammond, and Shane Throckmorton. Heats went to Gibbs and Bud Frazier.

Frankfort’s Conard Newman pounced on early leader Gary Park’s bad luck, then drove past a hard-charging Rodney VanOver to claim his sixth Hobby Stock feature win of the year. Gary Park took the early lead, but a flat tire and trip over the bank eliminated his bid for victory.

VanOver inherited the top spot, but after playing a game of cat-and-mouse with Newman, Newman’s role of cat proved victorious. VanOver finished a strong second ahead of

Matt Yates, Richard Gross, Dustin Barker, Autumn Nichols, Dave Fireball Pinkerton, Jerry VanOver, Dan Lewis, and Ryan Armentrout.

There will be no racing this Saturday, July 17, however, racing resumes with the

"Always Coca-Cola" twin $2,000 to win races July 24 and the Freedom 40 on July 31.

The Summary

Super Sprints

Heat 1-Scott Miller, John Wisbon, Jim Stinson, Jeff Barnhart

Heat 2-Jim Nier, Craig McGuire, Charlie Fisher, Tony Broughton

Heat 3-Ed Neumeister, Dave Steele, Hud Horton, JohnWebb

Heat 4-James Fisher, Mark Keegan, Al Roepke, Mike Bowling

B-Main:Keith Baxter, Shannon Jodrey, Eddie Slone, Landon Stover, Lonnie Darst, Dave Dickson, Rick Holley, Roger Mossbarger, Chuck Waddell, Randy Fink

Feature: fFJim Nier, Scott Miller, Craig McGuire, Mark Keegan, Al Roepke, Hud Horton, James Fisher, John Wisbon, Mike Bowling, Tony Broughton.

Late Models

Heat 1-Mike Wilson, P.S. Coyan, Jeff Houser, Brett Foster

Heat 2-Skip Watterman, Mark Frazier, Adam Stevens, Craig Gibson

Heat 3-Willie Bingham, Jerry Hemmings, Ryan Markham, Bobby Oney

Feature: Mark Frazier, Mike Wilson, Jeff Houser, Ryan Markham, Adam Stevens, Weasel Rhodes, Bobby Oney,Skip Watterman, Brett Foster, Scott Edmisten


Heat 1-Jim Gibbs, Josh Shaw, Tim Brown, Mike Gross,

Heat 2-Bud Frazier, Bob Crace, Jr.; Jamie Lawson, Jerry Lawson

Feature: Bob Crace, Jr.; Jim Gibbs, Josh Shaw, Jerry Lawson, Bud Frazier, Jamie Lawson, Tim Brown, Bobby Kitchen, Tom Hammond, Shane Throckmorton.

Hobby Stocks

Heat 1-Rodney VanOver, Conard Newman, Dwayne Ackley, Matt Yates

Heat 2-Jerry VanOver, Gary Park, Dustin Barker, Richard Gross.

Feature:Conard Newman, Rodney VanOver, Matt Yates, Richard Gross, Dustin Barker, Autumn Nichols, Dave Pinkerton, Jerry VanOver, Dan Lewis, Ryan Armentrout