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Results for Interstate 79 Speedway  7-9-99
by Dixie Phillips  

It was a night full of racing at Interstate 79 Speedway as Automotive
Color Technology presented 14 heats and 7 features --  all being run
before the sprinkles began to fall at midnight.  Visiting the winner's
circle were Robbie Scott, Tim Senic, Shawn Davis, Jim Byers, Mike
Simpson, John Cogar, and Darrell Posey.

 A very popular win in the late model division as the young hometown
favorite, Robbie Scott took over the lead from early race leader Chuck
Harper and never looked back.  Scott drove his heart out to pick up his
first win at I-79 where he has raced for the past few years.  Racing
right around the bottom, Scott was not challenged until the final few
circuits by second place finisher, Nolan Dalton.  After starting in the
eighth spot, Dalton had to make his way through the traffic in order to
catch Scott.  However, time ran out on Dalton and he settled for
second.  The remainder of the top five were Harper, Mike Johnson, and
Mike Benedum.   Heat wins were taken by Harper, Benedum, and Scott.

 Two weeks ago, Tim Senic grabbed his first ever semi late win at I-79.
He continued his winning ways by notching number 2 on Friday evening.
Josh Adams, in only his second start at the track, gave Senic a good run
for the win but came home in the second spot.  Duane Moreland, Brian
Tonkery, and Shaun Poling rounded out the top five.  Tonkery and Senic
were the heat winners.

 Shawn Davis, driving the "Gold Diggers 29", made it two in a row in the
UMP modified division.  Davis held off Sonny Stutler who made several
attempts to get around.  Doug Thompson, Jason Ammons, and Robbie Michael
were the remaining top five.  Prelims went to Louie Krushansky, Dave
Groves, and Michael.

 The pure stock class found Jim Byers grabbing his 3rd win of the year
over Jeff Kesling, Ron Howard, Gary Britton, and Pat Frazier.  Byers
picked up the bonus of $50 for having a Winston Cup look-alike car.
Byers' brightly colored #36 M&M  machine is one of the nicest looking
cars at the track.   Heats went to Byers, Paul Watson, and Chad Rexroad.

 Mike Simpson is showing no mercy to the other 4 cylinder drivers as he
notched his 8th feature win and also won the heat.  Following Simpson to
the line were Jeff Pennington, Bill Robinson, Tom Simpson, and Dave

 Making their monthly appearance at I-79, the dwarf cars found John
Cogar crossing the line ahead of Eric Hay, Greg Shingleton, Jeff
Barclay, and Lynn Knepper.  Heat wins were taken by Shingleton and

 Darrell Posey won the 30-lap Enduro warm-up in preparation for Sunday's

 Next Friday, July 16, will be the fourth round of the West Virginia
State Championship for the late models paying the winner $1500.
Clinical and Pharmacologic Research, Inc. will be sponsoring the
evening's events where fans will pay regular admission of just $7
(children under 12 are admitted free).  There will be regular racing in
all other divisions.


     1. ROBBIE SCOTT,  2. Nolan Dalton, 3. Chuck Harper, 4. Mike
Johnson,  5. Mike Benedum,  6. Frank Wilson,  7. Mike Hawkins,  8. Doug
Horton,  9. Chad McDougal,  10. Mark McGill,  11. Scott Miles, 12. Duke
Pratt,  13. Gary Dalton,  14.Gary Tonkery,  15. Butch McGill,  16. Mark
 HEATS -  C. Harper, M. Benedum,  R. Scott

 1. TIM SENIC,  2. Josh Adams,  3. Duane Moreland,  4. Brian Tonkery,
5. Shaun Poling,  6. Jon Messenger,  7. Allan Teter,  8. Stanley
Sponer,  9. Rick Strickler,  10. Darrell Whitehair,  11. Doug Sankbeil,
12. Roy Gibson,  13.  Scott Chenoweth,  14.  Birch Hare
 HEATS - B. Tonkery, T. Senic

 1. SHAWN DAVIS,  2. Sonny Stutler,  3. Doug Thompson,  4. Jason
Ammons,  5. Robbie Michael,  6. Ray Perkins,  7.  Kevin Bernoski,  8. Ed
Reed,  9. Dave Defibaugh,  10. Ron Bartholow, 11. Joe Clutter,  12.
Charles Cochran,  13.  Louie Krushansky,  14. Ron Clevenger,  15. Vic
Vandergrift,  16. Brent Trimble,  17. Matt Rose,  18. Jerry Teter,  19.
Dave Groves     DNS - Ray Johnson and Sam Henderson
 HEATS - L. Krushansky, D. Groves, R. Michael

 1. JIM BYERS,  2. Jeff Kesling,  3. Ron Howard,  4. Gary Britton, 5.
Pat Frazier,  6. Frank Buzzo,  7. Roger Coffman,  8. Gary Yost,  9. Paul
Watson,  10. Dave Tonkery,  11. L P Roy,  12. William Shoemaker,  13.
Pam Coffman,  14. Randy Bohan,  15. Darrell Burkhammer,  16. Lloyd
Frazier,  17. Jon Wamsley,  18. Chad Rexroad,  19. Danny Staggers,  20.
Jay Martin,  21. Chad Green,  22. Gary Frazier    DNS - Ronnie Nichols
and Chuck Bloom
 HEATS - J. Byers, P. Watson,  C. Rexroad

 1. MIKE SIMPSON,  2. Jeff Pennington,  3. Bill Robinson,  4. Tom
Simpson,  5. Dave Summers,  6. Paul Summers, Jr., 7. Troy Kimbrew,  8.
Bruce Satterfield,  9. D. Jay Miller,  10. Sonny Crayton
 HEAT - M. Simpson

 1.  JOHN COGAR,  2. Eric Hay,  3. Greg Shingleton,  4. Jeff Barclay,
5. Lynn Knepper,  6. Terry Hall, 7. Steve Mason,  8. Bob Bolin,  9.
Tyler Hall,  10. R K Walker  DNS - Mitch Herrick
 HEATS - G. Shingleton,  J. Cogar