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Shady speeds to late model winners circle; Sankey, Luzier first time winners at HVS

By Terry Whetstone

CLEARFIELD, PA (June 26, 1999) - George Sankey of Osceola Mills and Jason Luzier of Clearfield took home feature wins in the Sids Subs Small Block Modifieds and Keystone Computer Four Cylinders respectively Saturday night at Hidden Valley Speedway, on Greenwood Lumber night.

Repeat winners on this night included: Jake Shady of Beech Creek in the Budweiser Late Models, Emory Rinehart, Jr. of Morrisdale in the Weisgarber Street Stocks, and Warren Casher of Black Moshannon in the NAPA Pure Stocks.

The late model feature came down to the line with Jake Shady and Duane Stiner on the front row. Shady took the lead at the start, with Stiner working the high side, and taking the lead on lap seven. Shady battled back, and re-took the lead on lap ten. Stiner began to fade, and fell to third, with Glenn Ray taking the runner-up spot, but Stiner was determined to make the outside work, and re-took second, and the lead by lap 23, but once again Shady battled back, and working the 24th lap, Shady was again in the lead. Stiner continued to work the outside, but came up two car lengths short at the finish. The official top five were: Shady, Stiner, Ray, Dave Matthews, and Luke Hoffner. Jake Shady and Duane Stiner topped the heat races.

George Sankey and Bobby Roos brought the small block modified feature down for the start, with Sankey taking the lead. While he may have led from start to finish, his first win of 1999 was not easy. Sankey had to hold off Roos and Ray McClure, and while he was doing that, Mike Stine was working his way towards the front from 14th. Stine was making it four wide at times as he worked his way through the field, and with five laps to go, he had moved by Roos, and set his sights on Sankey. Stine, like Stiner in the late model feature, was using the outside groove to perfection, but came up a little bit short at the waving of the checkered flag. the top five were: Sankey, Stine, Roos, Spencer Husted, and John Ritter. Spencer Husted and Scott Smith took the heat wins.

Pat Carfley and Scott Winslow led the street stock feature down for the start, and it was Carfley who led the field across the line at the end of lap one. He held the top spot for three laps, before Emory Rinehart, Jr. took the lead. Once out front, Rinehart was virtually un-touched. While he was off and hiding, Trent Ogden, Jerry Timchak, and Todd Mathews were vying for second, and the winner of that fight was Timchak. At the conclusion the top five were: Rinehart, Timchak, Ogden, Mathews, and Jim Gibson. Heat race wins were split between Emory Rinehart, Jr., and Gretchen Hamer.

A pair of cousins brought the four cylinder feature down for the start, with Chris Luzier on the inside and Jason Luzier on the outside. Jason beat Chris to the line, and led the first few laps easily. While he led, a battle of the Chris’ developed, between Chris Luzier, Chris Farrell, and Chris Peterson. Chris Farrell broke free of that fight, and began to work the outside of Jason Luzier, but at the finish, Farrell was unable to stop Luzier from getting his first win of 1999. The top five were: Jason Luzier, Chris Farrell, Dan Smeal, Chris Luzier, and Tim Sties. Qualifying heat wins went to Chris Luzier, Jason Luzier, and Cecilia Olson.

Warren Cahser and Dan London led the pure stocks into battle, with Casher taking the lead and London not far behind. London and Casher swapped the lead several times, but it never happened at the start finish line. the top five at the end were: Cahser, London, Gary Little, Shawn Lamoreau, and Frank Little. Heat race wins went to Warren Casher and Dan London.

HVS PIT NOTES: There were 86 cars in the pits, including: 14 late models, 18 modifieds, 19 street stocks, 23 four cylinders, and 12 pure stocks....Luke Hoffner defeated Jeff Braim in the Budweiser King of the Hill....The Hidden Valley Speedway pace truck and the Hidden Valley Farm Team will be in the Osceola Mills Firemens Parade Monday, July 5th at 11 AM. Several drivers from HVS are also expected in the parade....HVS was virtually dust free, and had several racing grooves, following a lot of hard work by the owners....This week Hidden Valley will present the 7th Annual Independence Day Explosion. The Budweiser Late Models will run NAPA Challenge Series Round II. The winner of the 35 lap event gets $2000, plus lap money. The small block modifieds, street stocks, four cylinders, and pure stocks will run a regular show. Gates open at 5 racing is set for 7.



1. Jake Shady, Beech Creek; 2. Duane Stiner, Houtzdale; 3. Glenn Ray, Tyrone; 4. Dave Matthews, Williamsport; 5. Luke Hoffner, Turbotville; 6. John Stine, Williamsport; 7. Kevin Zimmerman, Reynoldsville; 8. Kevin Lindemuth, Hazen; 9. Bobby Stokes, Milton; 10. Jeff Braim, Turbotville; 11. Tom Decker, Jr., Bellwood; 12. Yvette Hahn, Alum Bank; 13. Rick Neff, Strousetown; 14. Dean Colbert, Port Matilda


1. George Sankey, Osceola Mills; 2. Mike Stine, Smithmill; 3. Bobby Roos, Hyde; 4. Spencer Husted, West Decatur; 5. John Ritter, Stroudsburg; 6. Bob Garvey, Allport; 7. Fred Heiss, State College; 8. Luke Fidler, Avis; 9. Mike Butterworth, Philipsburg; 10. Cliff Rffner, Marion Center


1. Emory Rinehart, Jr., Morrisdale; 2. Jerry Timchak, Houtzdale; 3. Trent Ogden, Clearfield; 4. Todd Mathews, Sanborn; 5. Jim Gibson, Reynoldsville; 6. Denny Schmoke, Morrisdale; 7. Doug Tibbens, Curwensville; 8. Ray Billotte, Mineral Springs; 9. Sam Swauger, DuBois; 10. Gretchen Hamer, Port Matilda


1. Jason Luzier, Clearfield; 2. Chris Farrell, Clearfield; 3. Dan Smeal, Ramey; 4. Chris Luzier, Clearfield; 5. Tim Sties, St. Mary’s; 6. Dave Unch, Curwensville; 7. Dave Farrell, Clearfield; 8. Randy Luzier, Hyde; 9. Leo Bomboy, Howard; 10. Adam Nixon, Grampian


1. Warren Casher, Black Moshannon; 2. Dan London, Irishtown; 3. Gary Little, Woodland; 4. Shawn Lamoreau, Grampian; 5. Frank Little, Woodland; 6. Calvin Wallace, Clearfield; 7. Gary McElheny, Blandburg; 8. Bob Bowery, Clearfield; 9. Keith Bailey, Rockton; 10. Kevin Clark,