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HAGERSTOWN, MD. - Making his first visit to Hagerstown Speedway in over a
month, Gary Stuhler made it a tuning run for the upcoming STARS weekend by
capturing the 34th Annual Johnny Roberts Memorial 50-lap late model event
for the fifth time of his career. It was the third of the season and career
92nd at Hagerstown for the Greencastle, PA veteran.
"I was a little leery of it. We've been traveling and changing things so
much. We've had some good runs and some bad ones and it's been so long since
we've been here, we really didn't know what was going to happen, " Stuhler
said. "Huey had the car dialed in right. He's been working really hard, the
whole crew has. Dale's been giving me good stuff. All I have to do is finish
the job for them."
For 15 laps, Stuhler and Richard Irwin battled side by side and gave the
fans what they came to see and when it appeared Stuhler might have settled
for second, a little luck played into his hand.
"Richard was pretty awesome. I needed to be up where he was. My car was too
tight to run the bottom. I tried him there for awhile and wore myself out
and he started getting back ahead. I'd probably have run second if he wouldn
't have broke back there. Something just shut off, " Stuhler said. "I think
the good lord was with us tonight because I think we were racing second."
Other winners on the steamy holiday weekend memorial event included Wayne
Walls Jr., who captured his fourth late model sportsman and second
consecutive. After coming out of retirement and winning his first feature
the previous week, John "Smokey" Pharo of Shippensburg, PA, returned to
victory lane for his consecutive V8 pure stock victory. Hagerstown's Brian
Miller handed the Ernie's Salvage Yard four cylinders another upset by
recording his sixth consecutive win. His 22nd career win also makes him the
leading division winner, a record held by Scot Sipes since 1993. Vintage
cars were out in force and Oscar Fields of Bridgeville, DE charged through
the field to win their 12-lap feature.
David Williams led the late model field at the drop of the green as Rick
Workman and Jeremy Miller joined him and separated themselves a distance
ahead of Brent Smith and Irwin. Workman, the previous week's winner, made an
outside pass on Williams to lead the tenth circuit. Irwin slipped under
Miller for third on the next circuit and continued past Williams on the 14th
to continue his advance from eighth.
Following a 19th lap restart when Jeff Robinson slowed to a stop, Workman
had his hands full with Irwin and Stuhler, who came from 12th. The trio put
on a real battle as Irwin led the 23rd lap, but Workman charged back for the
next two before succumbing to Irwin's backstretch pass to put him on the
point for the 26th lap. Stuhler also followed along into second the next
Following a 30th lap restart, the lead battle intensified with Irwin and
Stuhler pulling away from Workman and putting on a side by side show for the
fans. Stuhler led the 35th and 38th laps, but Irwin was having his night
until suddenly he slowed on the backstretch. Stuhler hopped his left rear
wheel as Irwin coasted to a stop with an electrical problem.
>From the 41st lap restart, it was all Stuhler, who outpaced Workman by four
seconds at the checkered. Workman's second and Miller's third were again
good runs for both drivers. Nathan Durboraw and D. J. Myers rounded the top
five. Roy Deese Jr. finished sixth ahead of Marvin Winters who came from the
24th position to earn the Ernie's Salvage and Timber Wolf Racing Hard
Charger award. Next were Charlie Schaffer, Frankie Plessinger and Rodney
Heat winners were Myers, Stuhler and Franklin.
Mike Walls led the late model sportsman from the outside pole as Richard
Clipp moved past Travis Beaver for second and Walls Jr. advanced to third by
the sixth lap. Following a ninth lap restart, Wayne Walls went to the
outside to zip by both Clipp and his son for the lead. Clipp moved into
second two laps later and closed to within a length or two of Walls. An 18th
lap restart afforded Clipp a final opportunity, however, Walls maintained
his distance and led by two lengths at the stripe. Mike Walls was freight
trained on the restart as uncle, Richard Walls got by for third followed by
Darryl Burkholder, and Devin Fries. Mike ended sixth after having such a
good run for the first year driver.
Heat winners were Friese and W. Walls Jr. Walls earned the St. Thomas Towing
Hard Charger award.
Phil Madagan led the pure stocks as fifth starting Pharo advanced to second
on the first circuit. Staying outside, Pharo took the lead on the fourth lap
until Gene Conlee closed in and squeezed under two laps later. Pharo
continued the battle following a single restart on the ninth lap and went
ahead for good on the 11th as Conlee held tight, however settled for second.
Jim Snyder was third with Steve Long and Rick Stouffer followed to complete
the front five.
Heat winners were Snyder, Bill Funk and Conlee while Kenny Dillon won the
consy. Dillon received the Turner Bowling Center Hard Charger award for his
17th to 7th place advance.
After three tries to get the four cylinders in motion, they were put in
single file as Andy Holmes led the first three circuits with Brad Jones
challenging. Jones went ahead for a single lap before Miller shot by and led
the final six laps. Jones finished second with Sean Dawson, Dean Holmes and
Larry Baker II next.
Heat winners were Tommy Jerin and A. Holmes. Terry Hamm received the Pit
Pass Hard Charger award for an 18th to 7th place run.
Lloyd Hockenberry led the vintage cars while Fields and Stony Steele charged
from the sixth row and presented a challenge for the lead. Hockenberry held
on until a fifth lap restart as Fields went by and then held off a closing
Doug Stine for the final four laps. Fields also won last year's event.
Next on the schedule is the summer classic, the 19th Annual Conococheague
100 STARS Dirtcar Racing League sanctioned event with $10,000 on the line.
Qualifications for the late models will be held Friday evening, July 9,
along with events for the late model sportsman and four cylinders. The V8
pure stock division will accompany Saturday's main event.  Gates open at 5
p.m. each evening.

RESULTS: LATE MODEL (50 Lap): 1.Gary Stuhler 2, Rick Workman 3.Jeremy Miller
4.Nathan Durboraw 5.D.J. Myers 6.Roy Deese Jr. 7.Marvin Winters 8.Charlie
Schaffer 9.Frankie Plessinger 10.Rodney Franklin 11.Brent Smith 12.Bill
Palmer 13.Doug Burkholder 14.Larry Wright 15.Mark Elksnis 16.Jimmy Adams
17.Richard Irwin 18.David Williams 19.Buck Tomblin 20.Jeff Robinson 21.Les
Hare 22.Buck Johnson 23.Steve Earnest DNS - Jim Stine, Alan Sagi
LATE MODEL SPORTSMAN (20 Lap): 1.Wayne Walls Jr. 2.Richard Clipp 3.Richard
Walls 4.Darryl Burkholder 5.Devin Friese 6.Mike Walls 7.Peter Weaver 8.Mike
Warrenfeltz 9.Robert Friese 10.George Farlling 11.Donnie Farlling 12.John
Giannone 13.Tony Daniels 14.Scott Palmer 15. Blake Haulsee 16.Daryl Kendall
17.Travis Beaver
V8 PURE STOCK (15 Lap): 1.John Pharo 2.Eugene Conlee 3.Jim Snyder 4.Steve
Long 5.Rick Stouffer 6.Jeff Bennett 7.Kenny Dillon 8.Ronnie Dennis 9.Bill
Funk 10.Keith Reed 11.Kim Ramer 12.Phil Madagan 13.Mike Cunningham 14.Hans
Stamberg 15.Kevin Price 16.Russ Moseley 17.Craig Carbaugh 18.Drew
Fitzsimmons 19.Kirk Evans 20.Jason Price 21.Randy Malott Sr. 22. Tyler
Horton 23.Bill Ecton 24.Bruce Leibowitz DNQ - David Stouffer Jr., Mike
Sanders, Chris Smith, Mark Shan, Frank Dibella, Dave Mikolajski
ERNIE'S SALVAGE FOUR CYLINDERS (10 Lap):1.Brian Miller 2.Brad Jones 3.Sean
Dawson 4.Dean Holmes 5.Larry Baker II 6.Cros Wangermam 7.Terry Hamm, 8.Billy
Ecton Jr. 9.Keith Bass 10.Andy Holmes 11.Robert Holmes 12.Marcus Van Meter
13.Ashley Gordon 14.Eric Mellott 15.Troy Horner 16.Tiffany Shoemaker DQ-
Tommy Jerin, Josh Angle
VINTAGE CARS (12 Laps): 1.Oscar Fields 2. Doug Stine 3.Curtis Neiman 4.Loyd
Hockenberry 5.Stony Steele 6.Charles Pobletts 7.Phil Barkins 8.Tom Martin
9.Clark Bartholamew 10.Frank Swift 11.Tom Sickler 12.John Dobish 13.Fred
Thomas 14.Peter Cobb  DNS -Tom Martin, Tom Swanger, Red Nininger