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                                                                                             June 25, 1999


STRONGSTOWN, PA- Rich Britton of Johnstown in the street Stocks, and Henry Wilfong of Sewickley in the pure stocks each took their first feature wins at Dog Hollow Speedway Friday night. Tony Raneri of Johnstown and Shawn McGarvey of Coalport took their second victories of 1999 in the late model and super stocks, respectively, Friday.

In the late model feature, Yvette Hahn out ran Greg Mack at the start to lead the opening four laps of the race, before Tony Raneri made a move exiting turn four, and took the lead. Once out front, Raneri ran away and hid from his fellow competitors. The real race was for second, with Hahn trying to hold off Glenn Ray and Jason Carnahan. When John Replogals checkered flag fell it was Raneri winning, followed by Hahn, Carnahan, Ray, and Ken Bash. Jake Shady and Mike Blose captured heat wins.

Todd Mathews and Shawn McGarvey brought the 17 car super stock field down for the green with McGarvey taking the lead. once out front, he kept a nice gap between himself and second place. Louie Jacoby and John Saylor were in a torrid battle with each other and Denny Petyak and Pete Ivory for the runner up position. Saylor made contact with Jacoby, and Saylor went spinning. He tailed the field. On the restart Jacoby had one last shot at McGarvey, but the Coalport driver was too tough, and he took his second win of the season. Jacoby held on to second, with Petyak, Ivory, and Jim Parson, Jr. completing the top five. Kenny Howells and Denny Petyak split the heat wins.

Rich Britton and Mike Reiger brought the street stock feature down for the start, with Britton taking the lead. While Britton may have led from start to finish, he had to hold off several challengers, including Tim Krape and Jerry Lower. As the race was winding down, Lower got by Krape and set his sights on Britton, but he ran out of time, as Britton stopped Lower at two straight wins. Lower held on for second, with Krape third, Mike Faas fourth, and Fran Michny fifth. Charlie Records and Jerry Lower won the heat races.

Brain Parsley and Chuck Cook headed the front row of the pure stock feature, with Parsley taking the lead. He held on for three laps, before Jim Kirsch took control of the lead. He led the event for the next ten laps, before he went high in turn two. Once he did, Henry Wilfong moved to the inside and pressured Kirsch down the backstretch, and into the turn. Kirsch pushed into the turn hard, and went high, allowing Wilfong the extra room he needed to get his first career win. Terry Nihart was second, Kirsch held on to third, Parsley was fourth, and Steve Diehl was fifth. Steve Diehl and Neil Brandt won the heats.

DOG TRACKS: 66 teams were signed into the pits, including: 13 Late Models, 17 Super Stock, 19 Street Stocks, and 17 Pure Stocks....JULY 9th is the Big Late Model Special. The 35 lap event will pay $1,500 to the winner, with $200 to start, and a total purse of $8,800....The rain date for the special is July 11th, at 8PM....There is a regular show for the late models, super stocks, street stocks, and pure stocks this week. Pit gates open at 5 PM, grandstand gates open at 6 PM with race time set for 8 PM.



June 25, 1999


LATE MODEL: 1. Tony Raneri, Johnstown; 2. Yvette Hahn, Alum Bank; 3. Jason Carnahan, Indiana; 4. Glenn Ray, Tyrone; 5. Ken Bash, Clymer; 6. Eric Moore, Frenchville; 7. Ray Sgro, Indiana; 8. Jack Thornton, Johnstown; 9. Greg Mack, Ringgold; 10. Duane Stiner, Houtzdale; 11. Mike Blose, Dayton; 12. Rodney Phillips, Punxatawney; 13. Jake Shady, Beech Creek


SUPER STOCK: 1. Shawn McGarvey, Coalport; 2. Lou Jacoby, Jr., Fernwood; 3. Denny Petyak, Gallitzen; 4. Pete Ivory, Irvona; 5. Jim Parsons, Jr., Bellwood; 6. Kenny Howells, Marion Center; 7. John Saylor, Garrett; 8. Todd Mathews, Sanborn; 9. John Valentine, Stoystown; 10. Tim Hollowell, Reynoldsville


STREET STOCK: 1. Rich Britton, Johnstown; 2. Jerry Lower, Williamsburg; 3. Tim Krape, Bellefonte; 4. Mike Faas, Creighton; 5. Fran Michny, Pine Flats; 6. Bob Bean, Emlinton; 7. Leroy Pershing, Cookport; 8. Barry Lockhart, Dayton; 9. Fred Persky, Jr., Blairsville; 10. Andy Mock, Davidsville


PURE STOCK: 1. Henry Wilfong, Sewickley; 2. Terry Nihart, Ebensburg; 3. Jim Kirsch, Ebensburg; 4. Brian Parsley, Brush Valley; 5. John Mazey, Bolivar; 6. Steve Diehl, Gallitzen; 7. Dan London, Irishtown; 8. Sean Morgan, Hesston; 9. Chuck Cook, Olivar; 10. Bill Sigafoes, Blairsville