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The Challenger Raceway, Indiana Pa.
July 10,1999
By: Chris Schaeffer

Full Track Story
It was Twin State Fan Club Night at the Challenger Raceway, as
well as Scout and Little League Night. We also held our first
Bike Races of the season. Amidst all of the excitement, we did
manage to get in some superb racing. The evenings big winner
was Ron Davies in the Texaco Late Models

        The Texaco Late Models were brought trackside for their
25 lap feature by Rob King and Mike Blose. Blose vaulted to the
point and lead the first two laps, before a pass by Dave Satterlee
put him in charge. Satterlee and Blose ran door to door for 15 laps
with Ron Davies watching the action running third. Davies took
an opening to overtake Blose and remained poised to strike for
the lead. With the laps winding down, it was now or never for
Davies. Coming down the back shoot on the final lap, Davies made
the pass. Satterlee tried to regain his position coming out of turn
four, but Davies shut the door to score his first win of the season
at Challenger. He was followed to the checkers by: Satterlee,
Dave Norton(up from 11th), Mike Blose, and Rob King. The
bottom tier of five included: Gene Kain, Wally Fox, Jason
Carnahan, Bob Wearing Jr., and Shane Beegle. The Prelims
were captured by Satterlee and Fox.    

Late Model Feature:Ron Davies, Dave Satterlee, Dave Norton, Mike
Blose, Rob King, Gene Kain, Wally Fox, Jason Carnahan, Bob
Wearing Jr., Shane Beegle, Tom Decker Jr., Dale Zimmerman,
Mike Hawkins, Spanky Daugherty, Chris Stewart.

July 17 is a full five division Regular Show, plus the D.W.A.R.F.S.,
A mechanics race for the Sprints, bike races, and we welcome the
P.C.T.C. Fan Club night. It will also be United Way Night.
Thank you for your cooperation and support.