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Full Track Results

The Challenger Raceway, Indiana,Pa.
July 17,1999
By Chris Schaeffer
       The hot and humid temperatures didn't deter the 120+ cars from
traveling to the Challenger Raceway on Saturday to present a full
evening of racing.
        Ron Davies made the trip from Warren worthwhile, as he backed
up last weeks win with another in the Texaco Late Models.
        Lewistown Pa's Daryl Stimeling led the final three laps to nab
another win in the Super Winged Sprints.
        Jeff Taylor captured another win in the Coca-Cola Mid-Eastern
        The big winner in the Stewart Bus Line Pure Stocks was John
Ponikvar, with John Novak capturing a career first in the Strictly
Stocks,and Eric Hay taking the D.W.A.R.F. laurels. The winner of the Sprint
car mechanics race was Brian Evans.
        The 21 car field of Texaco Late Models was brought trackside
by Jason Carnahan and Mike Blose. Blose vaulted to the point and
led through 12. A hard charging Bob Wearing Jr. took the reins
for laps 13 and 14, with Blose looking for an opening. Blose slid
by to regain control of laps 15-23. Ron Davies, who had started 12th,
was making his way through the field, and by lap 18 had tucked in behind to challenge the leader. Davies and Blose put on an awesome display of door to door racing all the way to the checkers. At the flagstand it was, Davies, Blose, Wearing Jr., Dave Satterlee, and Bob Wearing Jr. The rest
of the top ten included: John Britsky, Floyd Kline, Sam Stile, Jason Carnahan, and Dave Norton. The heats went to the 2 Wearings, Bob Sr. and Bob Jr.
        Marshall Whitesell and Matt Wingard brought the Super Winged Sprint 21 car field to the green flag. Wingard took command of the first 5 circuits. Whitesell made his move coming out of turn 4 low, to gain the point for the
next 11 revolutions. A heated battle for second was going on behind the leader , with Wingard and Daryl Stimeling (up from 12th), running nose to tail. Stimeling slid by Wingard and then set his sites on the leader. Whitesell
went high coming out of two and that was all Stimeling needed, as he grabbed the lead and never looked back. Whitesell held on for second, with Matt Wingard, Bob Altmeyer, and Kevin Schaeffer rounding out the top
five. The sixth through tenth spots were filled by: Scott Priester, Wayne McPeak, Charlie Holben, Mark Whitebread, and Gary Rankin. Wingard and Priester took the prelims.
        Jim Bertges took command of the Coca-Cola Mid-Eastern Modifieds at the drop of the green. Bertges held through 4, when Jeff Taylor was able to slide by to take control of the point. Taylor led all the way to the checkers,
with the real battle going on for the second through fifth spots. Bertges ran strong in second and held off a hard charge by last weeks winner Chuck Kennedy. Kennedy had to settle for third, with Paul Dominick and Ron Delano Jr. rounding out the top five. The bottom tier of five included:
Joe Kelley, Fred Bratchie, Rich Logan, Doug Glessner, and Jim Kennedy. The heats were won by:Taylor, Dominick, and Ron Roncaglione. The "B"Main win went to Ken Herman.
        John Ponikvar led all the way to take the Stewart Bus Line Pure Stock feature win. He was followed to the stripe by Bill Lyons(up from 8th), Charlie Holben, Rusty Martz, and Joe Kelley. The heat race wins went to:David Novak and Joe Kelley.
        John Novak scored a career first win in the Strictly Stocks, Roger Frost was the 4 Cylinder winner, with Eric Hay  taking home the D.W.A.R.F. car laurels and Brian Evans winning the Mechanics Race in the Sprint cars,.
        July 24th will be a full five division Regular Show, with the P.C.T.C. Senior Series making another stop at the Jacksonville oval. Sunday July 25th M.A.C.S. will cap of their 5th Thunder in the Mountians Tour, with a $5,000 to win Feature. The Stewart Bus Line Pure Stocks will also be on hand.

Late Model Feature-
Ron Davies, Mike Blose, Bob Wearing Jr., Dave Satterlee, Bob Wearing Sr., John Britsky, Floyd Kline, Sam Stile, Jason Carnahan, Dave Norton, Wally Fox, Rusty Whitemore, Gene Kain, Rob King, Mickey Wright, Travis Fleegle, Tom Decker Jr.,Chris Stewart, Shane Beegle, Ron Reese, Kenny Spencer

Sprint Feature-
Daryl Stimeling, Marshall Whitesell, Matt Wingard, Bob
Altmeyer, Kevin Schaeffer, Scott Priester, Wayne McPeak,
Charlie Holben, Mark Whitebread, Gary Rankin, Jeff Weaver,
George Garris, Chris Strait, Steve Kenawell, Jim Kennedy,
Denny Mellott, Dan Shelter, Chuck Kirk, Sheila Rankin,
Ron Corrdini, Ralph Engel.

Coca-Cola Mid-Eastern Modifieds          Started: 24 cars Total Cars-35
1. 3 Jeff Taylor, Saltsburg                        20 Laps  Lap Leaders:

2. 50 Jim Bertges, Pittsburgh                   1-4 Bertges 5-20 Taylor
3. A1 Chuck Kennedy, Mars                   Heat Race Winners-
4. 81 Paul Dominick, Hannastown          Heat 1- Jeff Taylor
5. 62 Ron Delano Jr., Stoystown             Heat 2- Paul Dominick
6. 66* Joe Kelley, Mt.Pleasant                Heat 3- Ron Roncaglione
7. v2 Fred Bratchie,Valencia                   "B"Main- Ken Herman
8. 33 Rich Logan, Latrobe
9. 17G Doug Glessner, Johnstown
10. 71 Jim Baker, Monroeville

Stewart Bus Line Pure Stocks                  Started: 21 Cars
1. 16 John Ponikvar, Canonsburg            15 Laps Lap Leaders:
2. 03 Bill Lyons, Shelocta                        1-15 Ponikvar
3. 19 Charlie Holben, Cabot                    Heat Race Winners-
4. 16m Rusty Martz, Brookville               Heat 1- David Novak
5. 66 Joe Kelley, Mt.Pleasant                   Heat 2- Joe Kelley
6. 12 Randy Caldwell, Sarver
7. 8 Brian Jakosh, Clarksburg
8. 21c Barry Kelley,Delmont
9. 21 David Novak, Derry
10. 06 Bill Finley, Jeanette

Amateur Strictly Stocks and 4 Cylinders         Started: 20 Cars
1. 20 John Novak, Derry                                  Lap Leaders:
2. 68 Joe Starcher, Apollo                                1&2 Wilfong
3&4 Shirey
3. 77 Mark Olechovski, Blairsville                  6 Hilla 7-10
4. 6 Chuck Cook, Aultman                               11-15 Novak
5. 62 Cliff Abbott, Star Junction

1. 83 4cyl. Roger Frost, Poland Ohio

D.W.A.R.F. Cars                                              Started: 14
1. 69EH Eric Hay, Somerset                             15 Laps Lap
2. 44 Greg Shingleton, Reedsville W.Va.          1-8 Lynn Knepper
3. 9 Ron Nestor, Ligonier                                   9-15 Hay
4. 14 Mike Hay, Somerset                                  Heat Race
5. 76 Jeff Barclay, Somerset                               Al Roach