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    National Drivers List 


Information is as accurate as possible.Any information that is wrong or you would like to add information please contact me at  mstahl@innernet.net .

Drivers or anybody with all the information about the driver can  now fill out the Driver Profile Form. Information will be used for  profiles on the driver. Click Here to go to the form. 

Updated 10/12/99       Drivers: 201

NO. Last Name First Name Hometown State Car 1
89 Cagle Jamey Canton Ga
Cagle Marvin Warrior
Cales Mark
Calhoun Brian
20 Callahan Tombo Weir Miss GRT
Callison Kenny
77 Calloway Jimmy
7 Calloway Marty Warrior
34 Campbell Carlos Jonesborough Tn
Campbell Joe
2 Campbell Steve Danville Pa
21 Campion Butch Spring Mountain Pa
Cannon Tom
Carder Tommy
7N Cardin Tony Greenbriar Ark
28 Carley Ed Freedom NY
18 Carlson Chad Jamestown NY
Carlson Chris
17 Carlton Tommy
15 Carnahan Jason Indiana Pa
3 Carpenter Darrell Ash Flat Ark
5 Carpenter Dean Olive Branch Miss GRT
Carpenter Freddie
Carpenter James
24 Carpenter K.C. Adairsville Ga Shaw
M00 Carr Joe
77 Carr Steve Rogersville Tn
16 Carrier Bobby Jr.
1 Carrier Eddie Jr. Hazard Ky Rayburn
Carson Tom
Carter Danny
Carter Mark
21 Carter Rod Jr.
12 Carty Brad Kingsport Tn
05 Carvell Jeff Pulaski Th
Carver Chad
9 Carver Dusty Knoxville Tn
C9 Casebolt Steve Richmond Ind Rayburn
42 Casey Terry New London Wisc
Castle Jeff Texarkana Ark
Cauthen Richie
35 Cecere Mike Baldwin Pa
21 Cessna Bob Cherry Tree Pa
31 Chamberlain Denny Lost Creek WVa Rocket
1 Chamberlain Duane Richmond Ind
Chambliss Rob
Chamernick Mark
09 Chamernick Mike St Croix Falls Wisc
Chance Alan
00 Chandler Jeff Minden La Wright
Chandler Mike
88 Chandler Vic Marshall NC Stinger
Chapin Mike
Chapman Dusty
Chappell Brett
Charles Tom
17 Chastain Johnny Murphy NC
15 Chastain Shawn Murphy NC GRT
7 Chenoweth Chad Huron SD
Chenoweth Scott
Childers Bill
Chilton Mike
Chrest John
Chrisman Ron
Chrisman Tim
Cv3 Christenberry Clayton Knoxville Tn GRT
Christenberry Gusty Seymour Tn
66 Christopher Mike Ellendale De
2 Christy Kenny
114 Chupp Randle Knoxville Tn GRT
20 Cisson Jason
24 Clark Butch
00 Clark Chad
Clark Dan
Clark Don
D7 Clark Doug Wichita Ks
Clark Jimmy
71 Clarke Dwayne Alexandria Minn
28 Claycomb Kevin Vincennes Ind GRT
Clemmons Bill
23 Cleveland Wade La
12 Clewell Courtney Cambridge Ohio MasterSbilt
8 Cliburn Don Star Miss GRT
888 Cliburn Jason Star Miss GRT
88 Cliburn Jimmy Star Miss GRT
59 Cliett John West Point Miss Rocket
1C Clifton Jim Ft. Morgan Colo
44 Cline Curtis
9 Cline D.J. St. Clairsville Ohio Bullitt
J3 Cline James Oxford Ala
24 Cline Ryan Washington WVa
5 Clise Chuck Frostburg Md
04 Close Bob Eldred Pa GRT
45 Clower Roy Romney WVa
21 Coates Frank Hodges SC
Coats Chris
11 Cobb Jimmy Charleston WVa
16 Cochran Brian
Cochran Jim
98 Cochran Kip Warrior
Cochran Ron
27 Cochrane Pete Mableton Ga MasterSbilt
Coffee Reese
89 Coffey Kevin Friendsville Tn Warrior
Coffman Clint
Coffman Jerry
3 Colbert Dean Port Maltida Pa
Cole Ronnie Jr.
21 Cole Benji Canton Ga Warrior
Coleman Carl
Coleman Michael Tyler Tx
Collins Gary
Collins Marty
21C Collins Matt S. Coffeyville Ok
Collins Mike
Collins Robin
11 Collins Tory Vernon Ind
Collins Trent
17 Coltraine Jody Canton Ga
1p Coltraine Phil Canton Ga Stinger
0 Combs Rodney Harrisburg NC Rocket
Comer Chris
95 Comer Kevin Morris Ala
10C Compton Kenny Cool Ridge WVa Rocket
21C Conkwright Mike Manhatten Ks Amer.Made
14 Conley Corey Wellsburg WVa
71 Conley Delmas Wheelersburg Ohio Rocket
51 Conley Don
71C Conley R.J. Wheelersburg Ohio Rocket
71R Conley Rod Wheelersburg Ohio Rocket
1x1 Conley Sonny Portersfalls WVa
27 Conley Tom Wooster Oh
Conn David
11 Conner Chris Far Chance Pa
Conner Ed Dubois Pa
1C Conner Eric
98 Conway Joe Lawton Ok
Cook Chris
Cook Randy
53 Cook Ray Murphy NC GRT
15 Cooke Doug Mechanicsville Md
49 Coomer Frank
Cooney Todd Des Moines Iowa
Cooper Gary
98C Cooper Phil
99 Cooper Tim Friendsville Tn Weeks
Cooper Tracey
Coover Junior
98 Copeland Tom
28A Copeman Rich Irwin Pa
3C Copp Don Brule Wisc
9 Corbin Rick Independence Ky
Corcoran Tom
4 Cordier Eddie Broadhead Ky
40M Corley Mel Jr.
2 Cornelius Steve Richmond Ky
57 Cory Larry Cookeville Tn
64 Cosgrove Sean Bristow Va
Cothron Mike
Cotton Larry
Cottorene Tony
Couch Tim
Coulson Duane
21 Coulter Jeff Harrodsburg Ky Rayburn
11 Courville Eric
15 Covert Jason Orbisonia Pa
Covington Lonnie
Cox Doug
48 Cox Mike
Cox Rusty
18 Cox Shane Guntown Miss Shaw
53 Coy Alan Montrose Pa
Coyan P.S.
5 Crabtree David Maryville Tn
Craft Keith
25 Craig Bob Spartansburg Pa
Cramer Scott
9C Crawford Doug Castle Shannon Pa
Crawford Gary Indepence Iowa
00 Crawford Kevin Cambridge Ohio
84 Crest John Plymouth Minn
98 Croop Bob Nescopek Pa Rocket
88 Croop Randy Berwick Pa Rocket
55 Cross Scott
Crowe Perry
Crowell Chason
7X Crowl Paul
05 Cruise Troy
51 Cryderman Joel Thunder Bay Ont
1a Cryer Jim Paducah Ky Amer. Made
Cullum Trey
SS1 Cummings Randy Stewart Miss GRT
Cummings Rusty Minden La
59 Cunningham Bill Jefferson Ohio GRT
3 Cunningham Gary
8 Curry Dennis
7 Curry Jim Norman Ind Rayburn
37 Cursey Paul Baltimore Md
Curtis Scott GRT
00 Cushing Jim Mansfield Ohio
23 Cusic Ron Mechanicsville Md