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   National Drivers List 


Information is as accurate as possible.Any information that is wrong or you would like to add information please contact me at  mstahl@innernet.net .

Drivers or anybody with all the information about the driver can  now fill out the Driver Profile Form. Information will be used for  profiles on the driver. Click Here to go to the form. 

Updated 10/9/99        Drivers:  93

No. Last Name First Name Hometown State Chassis
16 Abbott Bill Monticello Ind
81 Aber Blaine Wooster, Ohio Rocket
81B Aber Matt Wooster Ohio Mastersbilt
Abrams Jeff Rayburn
Abuman Clay  
Acker Shorty
Ackerman Darin
18 Adams Bob Jr. Racine Ohio Mastersbilt
Adams Brady
Adams Chris McIntire Iowa
8 Adams Jimmy Herndon,Pa Pa
1a Adams Ronnie Greenwood La GRT
88A Adams Tony Sunbury Pa
28 Adamson Ken Reynoldsville Pa
Addison Curt
28 Adkins James Jr. Waldorf Md Rocket
7 Adler Bill Butler Pa
91 Ahrens Donnie Inverness Fla Swartz
77 Aikey Jeff Cedar Falls Iowa GRT
12 Ainsworth Cale Greenwood Miss
Akason Steve
76 Akey Allen
7a Albrecht Tom Valley City ND
1 Albright Tony GRT
15 Alexander Bobby Jeffner Fla
Alexander Bobby Jr.
16 Alexander Chet Orrville Ohio RoughRider
 16A Alexander Dean Ohio Rocket
Alexander Eddie Ray
1 Alexander Ken
Alford T.J.
Allen Billy
Allen Steve
Allgeier Jerry
Allison Byron
Allison Marty
27 Allman Ted Jr Wadsworth Ohio
2 Altiers Jason Pickonton Ohio
80 Altobelli Mike Saxton Pa
71 Alverson Dennis Kingsport Tn
21 Amacher Stan Tullahoma Tn
Amason Zack Texarkana Ark
Ambern Jacky
A1 Amick Doug Rapid City SD
85 Ammon Mark
4A Amstutz Ed Swartz
25a Anderson Andy Winchester Va
81 Anderson Ashley Eau Claire Wisc MasterSbilt
Anderson Charles
Anderson Dan Jr
51 Anderson Eric Archie Mo
21X Anderson John Omaha Neb
6 Anderson Mark Lexington ILL Rayburn
0 Anderson Roy Winchester Va
92 Anderson Steve Grand Forks ND
104 Andresen Rob
38 Andrews Mark Marion La Shaw
1 Andrews Scott Hagerstown Md
42 Andrews Todd Eldred Pa GRT
54 Angelicchio Chris
32 Anvelink Terry Bonduel Wisc MasterSbilt
66A Applebee Dale Clymer NY MasterSbilt
Arman Jim
61 Armbruster Dan Erie Pa Rocket
15 Armel Tommy Winchester Va Rocket
21A Armistead Joe
Armistead Joe Jr.
Armstrong Charlie
Armstrong Wes
52 Arnold Jake Wetumpka Ala
11a Arnwine Anthony Stinger
11 Aronhalt Norm Warsaw Pa
31 Arp Skip Georgetown Tn GRT
17 Asbury Brian Mitchell Ind
09 Asel Travis Kane Pa
Ashby Steven
689 Ashcraft Jerry
14 Ashley David Gonzales La Warrior
5 Ater Brian Decatur ILL
31A Atherton Mike Ft. Loudon Pa
29 Atkinson Al Kenosha Wisc MasterSbilt
Atkinson Brad
21 Atkinson Ssott Little Falls Minn
5 Atwood Dale
Augspurger David
99c Aukland Rick Fargo ND MasterSbilt
1a Ault Doug Brownstown Ind MasterSbilt
Austin J.R.
Austin Marshall Jr.
Autry Scott
23 Avent Bill
70L Axtell Steve Severn Md
Aycock Michael