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Portsmouth Raceway Park

                         By Gil Harris

PORTSMOUTH. Ohio - A lengthy rain-delay  certainly did not dampen the action Saturday ,July 24, as fans were treated to the most exciting action of the  season,

Both the late models and modified A mains came down to a sprint from turn four to the checkered flag.In street  the battle was for second as the 2 cars fighting for the position collided and slid across the finish line. All three of the victors took the checkered flag for the first time this season,

The only constant of the night was Bo Cox as he won for the third straight week and the seventh time this season in the bomber division. 

For the first half of the race, the late model feature showed few signs of  exciting finish.Jackie Boggs took the lead from the pole and opened up a huge lead as he went for his fifth win of the season.

On lap 18 however. Boggs broke and PRP points leader Craig Leist inherited the lead as he went for his first victory of the season.

With Delmas Conley on his rear bumper, Leist led until Conley stabbed the lead on lap 17, Conley was unable to shake Leist and they preceded to run side-by-side and to swap the lead back-and-forth over the final eight circuits.

Leist was back in front on lap 20, but it was Conley in front on lap 21. Lap 22 saw Leist back in  front, Conley inched in front on Lap 24, but Leist appeared to have a slight advantage as they went into turn three for the final time.

Conley was able to maintain more momentum has he  took the high line through the corner and just beat Leist to the finish line for one of the most popular victories  of the season.

Jason Montgomery was the Timberwolf Hard charger of the race. He started last and finished tenth.He credited a conversation with Conley after the B-Main with helping him run much better in the A-Main.


Late Model

A-Main: Delmas Conley, Craig Leist, Bill Bocook, Rod Conley, Shawn Holliday, Butch Dowdy, Greg Oliver. Nick Bocook, Brandon Smith. Jason Montgomery.

Dash: Jackie Boggs, Delmas Conley, Craig Leist, Brandon Smith, Rod Conley, Richard Jenkins

Heat 1: Shawn Holliday, Bill Bocook. Barry Bragdon, Greg Oliver.

Heat 2: Aaron Bapst, Tim Tribby, Nick Bocook, Chris Wilson.

Heat 3: Jim Leeth, Butch Dowdy, Randy Boggs. Bob Adams Jr.

B Mainí Kenny Christy. Jason Montgomery.

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