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The Challenger Raceway Race Results

September 19, 1999

By: Charlene George

Challenger Raceway hosted Winged Midget from American Auto Racing Club.This club races a circuit of 25 races from New York to North Carolina. The Winged Midget uses a four cylinder, 165 cubic inch engine. This club races both dirt and asphalt. Their own flagman, Ron Grater brought some of his own flags, and keeps the red and yellow handy at all times. Ray Bull #1 failed to make the feature because his engine blew during the heat. The race began with 21 cars.

There were cautions early in the race with stalled cars. The final caution was at lap 20 when a car stalled. The race continued to lap 25 and was finished under caution. The club brings the top three finisher to victory lane.First #49 Bryan Kobylarz also celebrated his second year as Points Champ as announcer Don Gamble read a note from Brian’s family and friends. In second place, #42w Rudy Boetticher Jr. stating he was hoping for first because he is “good in lapped traffic.” And third went to 8K, Kevin Bastian, a rookie who started 9th .

1. #49 Bryan Kobylarz, Birdsboro, PA

2. #42w Rudy Boetticher Jr., Trappe, PA

3. #8K Kevin Bastian, Emmaus, PA

4. #2 A.J. Ernesto, Reading, PA

5. #9 Bill Ertel, Toms River, NJ

6. #67 Jill Canuso, Cinnaminson, NJ

7. #12 Mark Wakefoose, Hopatcong, NJ

8. #18T Don Trent II, Honeybrook, PA

9. #28 Brian Suchy, Palmyra, PA

10. #29 Jim Knickerbocker, Lititz, PA

11. #6 Ed Stimely Jr., McVeytown, PA

12. #4 Mark Freeland, Ickesburg, PA

13. #11 Mike Piersig, Langhorne, PA

14. #25 Duane Mausteller, Bloomsburg, PA

15. #75 Fred Schell, Phoenixville, PA

The Strictly Stock Division winner was 17 year old John Novak of Derry, PA. Thirteen cars started and ran caution free until the 13th lap. Paul Leary #74, had pole position until spinning out in Lap 3, when Novak, #20, took  the lead. In lap 5, Novak passed lapped traffic and maintained his lead passing more lapped traffic in Lap 11. A caution was called in Lap 13 due to a tangle of cars. Novak maintained his lead with Brad Shirey, #93, bearing down in 2nd and John Mazey, #55, in 3rd.

Fifteen Laps:

1. #20 John Novak, Derry, PA

2. #93 Brad Shirey, Ligonier, PA

3. #55 John Mazey, Boliver, PA

4. #19E Bill Hebenthal, Blairsville, PA

5. #00 Mike Hilla, Jr., Bairford, PA

6. #7 Brian McKinney

7. #73 Ray Mazzafero, Blairsville, PA

8. #74 Paul Leary, Blairsville, PA

9. #77 Mark Olechovski, Blairsville, PA

10. #67 Bill Sigafoes, Blairsville, PA

11. #62 John Shumar, Star Junction, PA

12. #69 Rick Huffman, Jefferson Hill, PA

13. #11x Herb Leper, Bedford, PA

Car Count: Started 13 cars

Time: 8 minutes 20 seconds

Lap Leaders: 1-2 Paul Leary; 3-15 John Novak


The Late Models held two heats: In the 1st heat, #90 Wally Fox had pole position and held it until Lap 6 when #79 Dave Satterlee took the lead for the rest of the heat. All 12 cars finished. In the 2nd heat, #11 Chris Connor had pole position and held the lead for the entire heat. Bob Wearing, Jr. used his “Sunday” #26 car starting in last place and finishing 2nd passing #4 Mark Osburne in the final lap. All 11 cars finished while Ron Davies was in car #43.

 In the feature, #79 Dave Satterlee, Challenger Points Champ, had pole position and held it throughout the race. The 25 Lap race held 8 cautions that really mixed it up. The first five laps each held cautions bumping #8 Russ Koleser out of 3rd position, #65H out of fourth, giving #10 Gary Lyle the chance to move up to 3rd position. Sam Stile, #2s, started 10th and moved up to 3rd in the 6th lap and then spun while trying to overtake #10 Gary Lyle. By Lap 9, #ll Chris Conner was credited with his third caution and left the field. Starting 2nd was #26 Bob Wearing, Jr. who held that position until Lap 11 when he also spun. Throughout the cautions, Satterlee maintained his lead, widening the gap every chance he could. Sam Stile was a man on a mission coming from 22nd place in Lap 7 to 6th place in Lap 14 and finishing 2nd in the last lap. The winner was Dave Satterlee, followed by #2s Sam Stile,#10 Gary Lyle in 3rd with #26 Bob Wearing, Jr. in 4th moving up 18 positions in 14 laps.

Car Count: Started 22 cars

Time: 9 minutes 45 seconds

Lap Leader: Dave Satterlee 1-25

1. #79 Dave Satterlee, Rochester Mills,PA

2. #2s Sam Stile, Charleroi, PA

3. #10 Gary Lyle, Hyde Park, PA

4. #26 Bob Wearing, Jr., Renfrew, PA

5. #15 Jason Carnahan, Indiana, PA

6. #4 Dj Cline, St. Clairsville, OHIO

7. #90 Wally Fox, Coopertown, PA

8. #7 Travis Fleegle, Alum Bank, PA

9. #7D Ed Dunn, Beaver, PA

10. #8U John Valenti, Clymer, PA

11. #409 Mike Ziner, Indiana, PA

12. #76 Andy Kania, Erie, PA

13. #3H Steve Hollenbaugh, Grey Mills,PA

14. #00 Eric Moore, Frechville, PA

15. #5R Jerry Redden, Mahaffey, PA

16. #77 Barry Bragodon, Wheelersburg, OHIO

17. #11 Chris Connor, Fairchange, PA

18. #65H Bernie Whiteford, Mahaffey, PA

19. #3 Dan Swartzlander, Freeport, PA

20. #43 Rod Davies, Warren, PA

21. #8 Russ Koleser, West Mufflin, PA

22. #K1 Rob King, Connellsville, PA